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This event occurred on
March 4, 2011
New Zealand

Our theme was based on one of the Deloitte values which we call 'Play to Win'.

What we got out of it was a different perspective of what Play to Win means to our speakers and the relevance of this signal in the day to day lives of people as opposed to Deloitte related projects. Based on the feedback we received, all the live speakers were exceptional and very inspiring. The event will hopefully help us think differently about our signals and apply them in our normal lives.

A doctor, a nun, a banker and the head of the Auckland City Mission (amongst others) recently turned up in the Auckland and Wellington offices as presenters in our first ever TEDx events.
Deloitte presenters included Kirsty Raubenheimer who’s studying for her PhD, Alex Mitchell who’s figuring out what drives us to Play to Win and Geoff Walmsley who’s looking at developing a writing award for prison inmates. Ollie Farnsworth presented on his charity rickshaw race across India and Simon Gillingham shared his experiences of overcoming a brain stem tumour.

The other speakers who spoke about Playing to Win included Dr Lynne Coleman, Health Team Leader for the Kiwi Olympic and Commonwealth teams; Nick Astwick, Kiwibank’s Group Head of Personal Markets; and Gary Scott, writer, director and producer of prime-time factual TV programmes. The Head of the Auckland City Mission, Dianne Robertson and 88 year old Queen’s Service Medal recipient and nurse, Sister Loyola Galvin also shared their inspirational stories.

New Zealand
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Ollie Farnsworth

While most of us were ringing in the New Year with champagne and fireworks, Ollie Farnsworth was halfway across the world, manically racing cross-country. In 2010, Ollie, along with two friends, took part in a charity event, where they raced 1,400km across India in an infamous Indian Rickshaw. Hear from Ollie as he recounts how he got up close and personal with rural Indian culture, the difference he has made to the local schools of the subcontinent, and the lasting impact of a road trip “off the beaten track”.

Simon Gillingham

Simon has always been someone that has always challenged himself and tried new things. In 2001, Simon encountered the most surprising and difficult challenge yet – He was diagnosed with a brain stem tumour. As the reality of the situation slowly sunk in, Simon realised that this was the fight of his life, and not one that he was planning to lose. Hear about his remarkable story and the determination that made it all possible.

Dr. Lynne Coleman

In her capacity firstly as team doctor since 2004 and then as Health Team Leader since 2006 for the NZ Olympic and Commonwealth Games Teams, as well as multiple sports Medical Director roles, Lynne has experienced how to ‘Play to Win’ on the sporting world stage. Hear from Lynne as she draws from the experience of these pinnacle sporting events to provide some personal insight into how ‘winning performances’ are achieved.

Diane Robertson

Diane Robertson is the voice of those who sleep rough, have little to eat and not much in the way of warmth. She has been the Missioner of Auckland City Mission since 1998 – the first woman and the first from outside the ranks of the clergy to take the role. She reconnects individuals to the community through the provision of integrated services. Hear how Diane advocates for the less fortunate and encourages herself, and others, to “Play to Win”.

Kirsty Raubenheimer

Kirsty is well known for her official role within the Corporate Finance service line. However, a lesser known fact is that she has been actively studying towards a PhD simultaneously. While this is a complicated balancing act, she has managed to challenge, develop, and learn more about herself as part of this journey. Hear about Kirsty’s experience and how she has discovered that sometimes the best things in life aren’t perfect – they require passion, motivation and persistence.

Geoff Walmsley

Geoff has been actively investigating and identifying opportunities for developing a writing award for inmates of New Zealand Prisons. His belief is that there are a relatively high number of prisoners in this country, and it is likely that there are at least a handful of individuals who may have some latent talent for writing. Hear from Geoff how he plans to identify such persons and potentially reward them for their creativity.

Gary Scott

Gary Scott is a well known producer, director and writer of prime-time factual programmes and is currently with the Wellington’s Gibson Group as a Senior Media Producer. Gary is eager to translate his passion and experience into real life lessons. Hear Gary share his lessons about how non-conformism, stunted emotions, and sometimes being “willing to get kicked in the head” are good for business especially in a recession.

Sister Loyola Galvin

Sister Loyola was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal in 1996 for her long standing service to the community. Since the age of four, Sister Loyola has been passionate about nursing. She spent several years lobbying the rights of parents of still born babies, providing compassion and support to refugees and the disabled, and caring for the elderly. At the age of 88, she leads a busy, active, and joyful life by still giving back to the community. An inspiration to all, hear about her experiences and the differences she has made to society.

Nick Astwick

Nick Astwick has over 14 years experience in investment and retail banking both in NZ and in UK. He is currently the Group Head of Personal Markets at KiwiBank. He has held various marketing and strategy roles in UBS Warburg in UK, National Bank of New Zealand and ANZ/EFTPOS NZ. Hear from Nick as he shares his experiences and how he thinks we can “Play to Win”.

Alex Mitchell

Alex believes that “Play to win” is not something that you learn, it’s an attitude that you develop from a combination of a number of experiences throughout your life. Hear from Alex as he draws from his numerous experiences both from within Deloitte and external, as he tries to figure out what really makes us want to "play to win".

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  • Wendy Lai
    Curator (on stage)
  • James Dowle
    Curator (on stage)
  • Sonali Nidamarty
  • Edward Matheson