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Theme: We Can We Do

This event occurred on
May 20, 2017
10:00am - 5:00pm +03
(UTC +3hrs)
Baghdad, Baghdād

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

AlRasheed Hotel
Green zone
Baghdad, Baghdād
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Ahmed Troy

Ahmed didn’t just choose music. He chose a style of music that conveys much more meaning – rap. Ahmed Mohammad, better known as Ahmed Troy, is an Iraqi rapper born in 1995. He chose rap because he thinks it holds a meaning more relatable to the situations we see and hear of everyday.

Ali Abd-alghani

A true challenge, and a great overcoming… this story of success originates in Baghdad, after losing his sense of sight. Ali Abd-Alghani, one of this year's speakers at TEDx Baghdad, will tell us his inspiring story of breaking the barriers of disability and surpassing hardships. He was born in Baghdad and he acquired his bachelors degree of English literature from Al-imam Al-sadiq university.He speaks more than 3 languages ( Arabic, English and French and a little Spanish and Italian), plus more than 20 programming languages. He works as a programmer, a UNIX developer and an active programmer in the Free Foundation (FSE). He has several certificates from international websites and universities like a Compile Design certificate from Stanford University, a certificate in Introduction to Programming in Python from MIT institute and many others.

Ali Najem

Ali is a rising star in his mid-twenties, practicing his own style in singing and plays a different tune than what is typical. He participated in the second season of Arab Idol, but was was rejected for lack of experience… but that was not the end of him. He built up his strength, and with a little hard work, he came back stronger on the next season of the show to prove to the judges what he can do.

Ali Yaseen

"New technology, if it isn't used for serving humanity, could lose most of its meanings," says Ali Yaseen Ahmad, an Iraqi engineer with a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering. Ali has made a robot to help handicaps and patients of paralysis go about their daily lives. Its other use of importance is to help the military carry heavy equipment. More on Ali Yaseen's creation will be disclosed in the convention. #TEDxBaghdad2017

Amal Hussein

A great model of the striving, struggling and intelligent Iraqi mother. She is a mother of three, the youngest being the departed extraordinary artist, Jenat. Jenat was burdened with semi-paralysis, meaning she couldn't move at all, except for a single foot. Along with her mother's support, love, and skill-developing from her mother, she got past the hurdles, the young artist has put forth gorgeous paintings, spreading her story, her story of overcoming disability, and, most importantly, her message of hope.

Humam Ibrahim

Rising up to the stage, and for the first time in Baghdad after several years, known for his appearance in Arab Idol 2017. Many other accomplishments include: Collaborating with Ragheb Alama on Olympia theater, being the second Iraqi star after Kadhom Al Sahir to appear there. Earning the first place on the arab region on the show Star Club in 2004 Being Nominated for the BAMA international music award.

Huseen Samah

Despite his young age, Huseen has already picked music as his career of choice, and his great passion for it has led him to wonders on the piano as well as singing. He descends from an artistic family, thus the musical talents. He was born in Baghdad, 1999, and has performed in many cultural Iraqi music festivals. His career goal is to present traditional, cultural music in a new light.

Khaldoon Mostafa

humanitarian activist
A humanitarian activist who has contributed in saving refugees from the dangers of sea by establishing an emergency group for humanitarian relief that works through social-media websites. He coordinated with the Turkish and Greek coastguards and the relief organizations which are located in the islands to help refugees. His signature touch is how he is able to do so through only social media.

Malak Scandar

Malak, being only of 22 years old, has drawn her entire career ahead of her with her sweet voice. She was born is Baghdad, and is currently a 4th year college student, department of translation. She chose that path because of her love of the English language that she excelled in since an early age.

Muhammed Abd-Alkareem

To help his country's army in their battle against terrorism, Mohammed Abd-Alkareem, a graduate of the department of applied sciences (University of Technology), has designed an electronic-based military uniform. The goal is to help make a virtul-reality program come into a real-life battlefield.

Munjed Al-Muderis

From a travel of life and death as an escaping refugee, to a life-saver as one of the most brilliant orthopedic surgeons in the world, Dr. Munjed Al Muderis (born 1972) is an Australian Associate Professor in orthopaedic surgery, author and human rights activist. His pioneering work on prosthetics and patents on titanium devices that he designed places Australia at the forefront of osseointegration technology. Al Muderis was born in Iraq and became a surgeon under the regime of Saddam Hussein. He was a medical student in Basra at the start of the Gulf War. As a junior surgeon, he fled from Iraq following an incident in which he refused to mutilate the ears of army deserters. He traveled through Indonesia and Malaysia and reached Australia where he was kept in at the Curtin Detention Center. He was released after 10 months and carried on his career in medicine, eventually specializing in osseointegration surgery.

Murtaja Lateef

The photographer interacting with his surroundings is no less of a poet. We are more than proud to present our next speaker, Mortaja Lateef Jasim. Born in 1991 is a photojournalist who has covered many battlefields and military operations, including the military operations in 2014 with task force of fast counter strikes and and liberation battles od Dyala, Amirli, Aldhluiya, Dore, Alalam, Tikrit, Baigi, Alnabai, Althathar, Al-Fallujah, island of Samarra, island of Alkhalidiyah, and the operations for the liberations of Mosul's western bank by the people's mobilization force which is continuing to this very day.A war photographer is threatened to lose his life or be injured at anytime , dealing with this requires a professional conduct, and every experience he lives is a lesson of war. His belief is that in every fraction of a second that he captures, lies a story. He has endured all the bitter stories as well as the joyful ones, alongside the courageous army of his country.

Sally Najeeb

Despite the warnings, Sally Najeeb paved her way into athleticism championships, specifically weightl-tossing. An award-winning athlete, with many well-earned medallions and trophies. Sally Najeeb is the Iraqi champion of weight-tossing and the holder of the world record for it across Iraq and Kurdistan. She has earned first place in Iraqi championships ever since 2011 and up till now. Her legacy doesn't end in Iraq, as she holds 6th place in the Arab region, alongside 84 gold and silver medallions and 15 cups all in five years. Other than her athletic achievements, Sally is a 4th year college student in the Language College, the Turkish department.

Samar Al-Mafraji

Business Woman
A bright name in the Arab business world with a diploma English Linguistics, a diploma in International Politics from the American University and a third in Leadership Autonomy from Oxford University. Samar has her presence known in the business world, climbing the steps gradually towards success, starting in Dubai. She has contributed a lot, being the Director of Marketing at Emar, the leading enterprise in the United Arab Emirates, to bring the Dubai Metro project to life. And now she works as General Manager of AMS/ Iraq ( scaffolding and training company ) and she is business development Director of Access Made Safe Scaffolding & Training Group (AMS) which is considered one of the most professional scaffolding companies in the region. she is also a board of director for the Iraqi Business Council in Abu Dhabi ,as well as the board of the Iraqi Women group.

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