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This event occurred on
April 23, 2017
9:00am - 6:00pm EEST
(UTC +3hrs)
Plovdiv, Plovdiv

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Dramatic Theater Plovdiv
ул. Княз Александър I 38
Plovdiv, Plovdiv, 4000
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Alexander Simidchiev

14 years academic pulmonary medicine; Board certified Specialist in Internal diseases, Pulmonary diseases and Master of Public Health. Over 60 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals and congresses. 1 invention, 1 Cochrane systematic review. Over 14 years of blended medico-marketing experience starting at product management level, and working through all aspects of the pharmaceutical product commercialization chain, including medical affairs, marketing, sales and market access. The first lecturer in Bulgaria leading a course on digital medicine at Plovdiv Medical University.

Dimitar Kalburov

Dimitar Khalburov or the modern fairy-tale writer ... It is interesting to introduce you how our hero, from TEDx's story, has attracted our attention. He is a former footballer, blogger, and one of the most popular storytellers in the "Fairy Tales" form. His debut novel is "Shit". It's a fun story about everything a person is subjected to in the name of love and sex. "Do you remember" is the second book of Autor, for which the following speaker: "In the book of papers and two sentences, I will try to show you an idiot. That's what we're going to do ... what we're doing for the road ... we're the best ... we just want to know what we're doing. "

Dimitar Petrov

Cartoon animator
Димитър Петров завършва анимация в Лондон. Той е автор на първия анимационен сериал, вдъхновен от българския фолклор – „Златната ябълка”, в който ще оживеят змейове, самодиви, горски духове, магически чанове, кукери… и още куп елементи от Балканските фолклор и легенди. Димитър е основният двигател на проекта и е успял да „запали“ по своя филм-мечта над 20 млади български аниматори, пръснати по целия свят, сред тях работещи в големи анимационни студиа като Walt Disney и Cartoon Network. В „Златната ябълка” Димитър и колегите му виждат проект с двойна кауза – да се представят най-интересните аспекти от нашата култура по съвременен начин и да се даде поле за изява, на талантливи български художници, и да се развие анимационната индустрия в България. На сцената на #TEDxPlovdiv Димитър Петров ще ни говори на тема за мечтите.

Georgi Burdarov

"There are no impossible things to do if you have the right people beside you who can give you so much of yourself and get you out of the darkness when it is black around you. There are no impossible things to do if you keep going when everything in you yells to stop. "The writer of these lines will stand on stage at TEDxPlovdiv to inspire all of us! Georgi Bardarov is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Geology and Geography of the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ". Deputy Dean of the Faculty and Head of the Department of Socio-Economic Geography. President of the Petanque University Club. Specialist in ethno-religious conflicts and author of the book "Immigration, Conflict and Transformation of Identities in the EU" and "27 Great Football Stories". He is the author of dozens of scientific and popular stories, including "About the Fifth rakia or how good is life" - the most read Bulgarian story on the Internet. Bardarov is a three-time winner of the Speaker, Speaker and Speaker Competition "Master of Words".

Hristo Ivanov

Христо Иванов е български политик, юрист, министър на правосъдието, както и служебен заместник министър-председател от август до ноември 2014 г. Завършва право в Софийския университет „Свети Климент Охридски“. Специализира във Fulbright/Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program, Washington College of Law, във Вашингтон, САЩ, в областта на правото на национална сигурност и процедурите по съдебни назначения в САЩ. Работил е като координатор на проекти в областта на законодателната и съдебната реформи в рамките на Инициатива за Върховенство на закона на Американската асоциация на юристите. Бил е програмен директор на Фондация „Български институт за правни инициативи“, където е ръководил проекти в областта на съдебната реформа, предотвратяване на корупцията и утвърждаване на върховенството на закона. Христо Иванов е посветил целият си професионален път на каузата за справедлива съдебна система в България – от 1996 година е координирал е и ръководил множество проекти в областта на съдебната ...

Hristo Kolev

Chemical Engineer / Artist
Hristo was born to be a chemist! Believes that modern science is multidisciplinary and requires scientists to be encyclopedists in all its fields and forms. Seven years ago, he understood that passing on knowledge and communicating scientific ideas was just as important as discovering a new molecule or a new physical law. Then, for the first time, he began using aesthetics and conceptual installations as instruments and carriers of scientific knowledge. So he began participating in artistic exhibitions and festivals with the sole purpose of making science part of the pop culture. The communicator of science has a number of difficult tasks in front of her, as the most difficult is to educate the mind of society about how to distinguish between science and pseudoscience. It turns out that this is one of the most valuable abilities that a modern man can be constantly bombarded with news about the new treatment for an incurable disease with a root dandelion root and pumpkin seeds. During TEXxPlovdiv, Hristo will tell how he can combine two apparently opposing philosophies, such as science and art, as well as telling about his latest conceptual installation.

Jordan Rusev

Spiritual Practisioner and Meditator
Jordan Rusev is 35 years old from Varna, Bulgaria. He is a little interested in Eastern martial arts by practicing Aikido, Karate Kyokushin, Ving Tsun Kung Fu, Chi Gong, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing and Yoga. He adheres to the Eastern philosophies of Dao (Tao) and Buddhism, and in his great interest in the second, he is unlocked a few years ago when he began meditating and working with the mind. After a while spent in a cohabitation and profound practice of meditation with the monks, from Terrawada Buddhism (a subdivision in Buddhism) to a monastery in eastern Thailand, where he gains a depth of awareness of the thought processes in our everyday life. He decides that in this direction he will develop for the future, namely as a meditation teacher. He emphasizes and works on two types of ancient meditation that have been used much longer before Gautama Buddha introduces them as the main practice in the teaching he disseminates, namely "Samatha" (from the ancient Sanskrit translation means (tranquility) and " Vipassana "(Deep Understanding).

Kaloyan Bozhanov

Kaloyan Bozhanov ... or an ordinary boy from town of Pavlikeni, with his great dreams, who for several years developed himself and his name as one of the first young consultants in the field of psychology, self-awareness and working with people and Pairs of homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual ortas or LGBT people. He goes through a lot of trainings and practices. In April he began his specialization in the field of family constellations because one of his greatest values ​​and dreams was the family.

Kameliya Djanabetska

Kamelia Janebetska is a researcher in the field of geography, environmental protection and sustainable development. Since 1995 he has been working as a leader, initiator and consultant in the creative teams of local, regional and international practice projects, supported by the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) The Global Environment Facility (GEF), the Phare Program of the European Union, the Dutch Government Matra Program, the US Peace Corps, the National Science Fund, the Enterprise for Environmental Protection Activities - MoEW, the Municipality Veliko Tarnovo, Operational Program Environment 2007 - 2013 and Cross-border Cooperation Program Romania - Bulgaria 2007 - 2013, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the State Budget of Republic of Bulgaria and others. Non-governmental sector activist with interests in the EU Structural Funds and programs. He has a long teaching experience in the professional fields "Earth Sciences" and "Tourism". Author and co-author of more than 40 articles with science-applied character and teaching materials.

Karina Karagaeva

Karina Karagaeva is a certified corporate trainer, Business development manager and ... musician. Beyond these definitions, she prefers to present herself as an experimentator and creator of her life and business. Her professional experience includes corporate giants such as Apple Inc., IBM, and Xerox, but she finds in time that she wants to support business by stimulating innovation and development through training that unleashes the human potential of employees more thoroughly and harmoniously, and that's why Returns to Bulgaria again. Carina is singing and playing the piano upstairs from the moment she has learned to read and write. It is inspired by sincere and boldly made music that has a gut and a mystery, and it is a pleasure to be lost. She's seen the world moderately seriously, but she's definitely not going to show us the video of her own Eurovision engagement, because humor has its limits. It will invite us to be more brave artists and use our creativity not only in art but also to create business masterpieces. Carina will offer us to combine doing a book-based business with a more creative approach and make a parallel between creating and structuring music and building successful organizations. We will answer the questions "How are the teams orchestrated and conducting?", "What is the difference between business noise and business music?", "Why do we sometimes need to stop thinking and start building our business?" Carina also explores the way the brain functions during a creative process and will tell us why it is important to use this ability to create the business of the future, enjoying the process as we enjoy our favorite song.

Maxim Behar

PR & Marketing
Maxim Behar is a founder and manager of M3 Communications Group, Inc., a leader in public communications and media relations in Bulgaria. He is President of the ICCO - World PR Organization. He is a member of the board of directors of the Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies, the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum, the Bulgarian Investment Forum. He is also a member of the Board of the World PR Museum in New York and Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles in Bulgaria.

Preslav MIhaylov

Software Engineer
Preslav Mihaylov is a funny (sometimes) type who has three faces. His colleagues know him as a software engineer who is involved in the development of the electronics of some of the most popular cars in Europe. His friends know him as a keen gamer who likes to play all sorts of computer games and a lot of board games lately. His students know him as a lecturer with dozens of programming lessons, who love to explain the writing of software with rabbits and turtles.

Radi Stambolov

Chef Chocolatier. Radi Stambolov and his recipe for a happy day: Make sure nobody is watching you. Relax your shoulders. Squeeze a piece of chocolate, from your beloved, between the tongue and the palate. Just do not hurry. It diffuses thick, thick as honey, elixir. And remember. It does not bite. Chocolate breaks with a hand. He graduated in Italy, specialized in Vienna, worked for prestigious hotels chains around the world, participated in a Guinness record. Known to the audience as a merciless jury in a culinary contest. For years, she has been working on the cause of EU mini Chefs - European Day for Healthy Cooking and Nutrition for Children! Vice President of the European Culinary Organization for Bulgaria and member of the Academic Board of the First Culinary Academy in Bulgaria. With selected teams, he has prepared food for over 50 prime ministers, presidents and royal officials. He works in tandem with Chef Chocolatier Borislav Ekzarhov, with whom they establish together Pastry Club Bulgaria. And all the more important, chocolate is flowing into his veins!

Slaveyko Djambazov

Health Manager/Entrepreneur
Dr. Slaveiko Dzhambazov: founder and managing partner in more than 20 companies, pioneers in healthcare. Over the last 6 years he has been working on various projects such as a private investor, consultant, mentor, expert and friend. He has an international experience in the field of hospital management, health insurance, pharmaceutical production, strategic planning and marketing. He graduated from the American University - MBA, and in addition to medicine, he also graduated from Health Management. Lecturer and author of textbooks on health technology assessment, brilliant in telemedicine.

Stefan Chekanov

CEO at Brosix
Stefan Chekanov is a co-founder and manager of Brosix, a business application chat, whose main purpose is to provide secure in-house communication. He is a proud Plovdiv citizen, married and has two wonderful children. He's a 15-year-old programmer, and his acquaintances usually call him "computer scientist," but he says he only understands software creation. Over time, however, he has also developed a good business flair for marketing technology products globally. He will tell us about the difficult road they are crossing with his brother to develop, improve, and successfully maintain his market place in the competition of giants like Skype and Slack for over 10 years, and to prove that when you think globally, The results match the scale you position yourself and the products you create

Teodora Georgieva

If she can not teach you, then no one can! Knowledge is her element and her passion for creating future leaders ranks her among one of the most certified trainer in Bulgaria. Teodora Georgieva is a senior L & D manager at TELUS International Europe's largest employer in the BPO industry. As part of the company's global L & D team, she is responsible for the development and deployment of a number of training programs. Theodora is certified on 3 continents for a number of different models of human management. She is Ken Blanchard's only master trainer in Bulgaria in Situational Leadership Experience. He is also an interpreter of types of people based on the Meier Brix (MBTI) model.

Teodora Vasileva

Business Development Manager
Doing what you want is freedom. To like what you do is happiness. "(Frank Tiger) Ten years ago, Teodora Vassileva left Bulgaria to seek freedom and happiness around the world. She completed her education in Germany, Singapore and France. She works as a manager of international business development for German and French companies. Accustomed to changing her placement a year ago, she decided to leave her comfortable life and look for the so-called happiness and freedom in the East. As paradoxical as it may be, answering to her existential questions, Theodora finds no one on the Shamanic islands in Russia, nor in the wilderness of Gobi, the sacred mountains of China, or the Himalayas; Neither in Buddhist temples in Burma, nor in Indian ashrams, but in their hometown of Plovdiv.

Valenta Valentinova

With a green mindset and a calling for teaching, Valenta creates solutions for organisational resilience: lean manufactoring, industrial automation and robotics, six sigma quality, engagement and shared knowledge. She feels as a child on a playground when in the factory, and has worked at, or studied about a hundred production sites worldwide. Valenta exchanges ideas with mechanics, engineers, statistitians, quality leaders. As a GE certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, she trains teams for research and development, as well as for high process capability. She also studies resilient networks for PhD in Law and Security. At TEDxPlovdiv, Valenta will speak about the role of the free man For homework, she recommends “Player Piano”, Kurt Vonnegut’s first novel.

Valeria Mineva

Valeria Mineva or Lira, as everyone calls her, is 24 years old and has a dream to do art. She finds the magic of the theater when she was 14 years old, in the troupe of the Youth Theater "Friends" in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. There she literally grew up on the stage and the unbelievable girl with great dreams became an even greater dreamer, determined to turn her student hobby into a profession. That is why in 2015 she graduated Acting for Dramatic Theater at the Paisii Hilendarski University in the class of Assistant Professor Leonard Kapon, thus managing to fulfill his childhood dream. She is currently part of the team of Drama - Puppet Theater Hend, Plovdiv, where she continues to get to know herself, to look for her personal art criteria and to develop. The dream she has today is to stop expressing its ideas through art and to be useful with it. On stage and behind the scenes, Valeria finds countless life lessons and challenges that make her not only as an artist but also as a person. In addition to her pink glasses, her theater gives her a few more pairs of different colors, through which the world really looks like a scene, and we all the actors who do not stop learning how to play.

Vlado Nikolov

Nothing makes us more united and feel together with our idols in sport. This man gives us a number of occasions to be proud. Here are some of his distinctions in volleyball: 5 times champion of Bulgaria (1997,1999,2000,2001,2002), 2 times winner of the Cup of Bulgaria - (2000 and 2001), Champion of France-2004, Winner of the Cup of France (2005 and 2006), Winner of the Supercup of France-2005, Gold medalist of the Champions League - 2005, Bronze medalist at the 2006 World Championship in Japan Bronze Medalist from the World Cup in Japan 2007 Champion of Italy 2008 with Trento, Bronze medalist from the European Championship in Turkey 2009 Winner of the CEV Cup - 2010 Champion of Italy 2010 with Bre Lanquette Kuneo Bank.

Yavor Yanakiev

R&B singer
Yavor Dimitrov Yanakiev is the Bulgarian rap artist "100 Killa", 5 times winner of "Rapper of the Year" award. He is from a socially weak family, grew up without parents from the age of 13, and left school at 10th grade secondary education. His biography is an example of how from the bottom, thanks to his own abilities and "hustle," one can conquer the top, for the purpose it is necessary to discover his talent, to dream very much and to believe, to work hard and through all the time to have fun. On the stage of TEDxPlovdiv, Yavor Yanakiev will talk about the process of helping people by identifying and achieving personal goals, or in other words, his practise as Life coach.

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Varna, Bulgaria


  • Tsvetelina Yordanova
  • Vicky Petkova