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Theme: Horizons

This event occurred on
March 11, 2017
2:00pm - 11:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Horizons is the new theme of TEDxIESEGLille. It will be held on March 11th at IESEG Lille. Amazing speakers will speak about the upcoming future and its challenges.
Before the TEDx conference, you will have the opportunity to test new innovations, learn how to code, try meditation...

3 rue de la Digue
Lille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, 59800
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University (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.


#MaVoix is a political experience aiming to 'hack' the French Parlement through a new innovative way of doing politics.

Alexandre Leroy

Passionné de sport et d’éducation, Alexandre a passé plusieurs années à former et accompagner des sportifs, des associations et des professionnels vers leurs objectifs. En 2014 il intègre une grande entreprise française qui lui permettra de s'épanouir dans le développement de projets qui lui tiennent à coeur. Depuis, il tire son énergie de ces projets porteurs de sens et de la richesse des équipes et organisations qui y travaillent. Mais le parcours de l'entrepreneur est semé d'embûches ... « Aider chaque Homme à accomplir ce qui fait sens pour lui » est son ambition aujourd’hui !

Benjamin Van-Hyfte

Raconter une histoire, c'est partager notre univers, notre vision du monde. Benjamin Van-Hyfte, étudiant à l'IESEG, et auteur de deux romans policiers, est convaincu que les histoires et les contes ont le pouvoir de faire évoluer les mentalités de chacun. Dans son talk, il nous propose de passer de l'autre côté du miroir et de découvrir comment se construit un récit.

Camille Srour

The lie
Camille Srour's journey is classical. He studied in Engineering and became consultant for an American corporation. He once heard "If you can spot the bluff during a negotiation, it is a gift. Scientists are studying very seriously how to detect the lie". This only sentence was the beginning of a new journey for him, where he studied this subject and made his own research and get a PhD on behavioral sciences. To share his discoveries with the uninitiated he created Othello which help to decode scientifically people.

Christophe Cabanne

Founder of Humanis Step
In 2009 Christophe founded Humanis Step, a coaching and consulting company. By helping managers and teams to develop their behaviors, Christophe contributes to the creation of more open, serene and lively contexts where performance can be achieved with both agility and well-being. Based in Toulouse, Christophe shares his time between his clients, his family, his practice of Sonmudo (Korean zen martial art) and his passion: growing citrus trees! By cultivating these trees (lemon, orange, mandarine, lime, yuzu…), he learned everything to keep plants healthy including how to feed, how to prune and how to pot them on. This passion also offered Christophe another way to learn about nature including human nature! What if these brightly coloured and vitamin-packed fruits were the key to a path towards a happier and more harmonious life! What if a citrus pit-stop were enough to get us all moving towards a tomorrow filled with simplicity and self-awareness.. a zest of a happier horizon!

Dominique de Saint Mars

Dominique is an engaged writer that gives children a chance to speak through the heroes of her books: Max & Lili.

Gregoire Demange

Student & Entrepreneur
Passionné de sciences et attiré par tout ce qui peut pousser l'être humain dans la bonne direction, Grégoire viens nous parler d'un thème qui nous concerne tous mais que l'on a tendance à négliger: le sommeil. Nous évoluons dans un monde ou tout s'optimise, et le sommeil n'est pas une exception.

Jean-Christophe Bonis

The future is the basis of his career, yet he is never without his trusty backpack as he travels across the globe. With a passion for innovation and technology, Jean-Christophe is an adventurer of modern times. Lecturer, writer, nomad, blogger, coach, PhD candidate, eternal hunter of innovative projects, tireless traveler… Jean-Christophe is a confirmed expert who travels the world, pitching his tent and advocating a new world focused on user experience. An expert in new technologies, he worked for more than 15 years on behalf of investment funds and then as a consultant. He has devoted his professional life to analyzing the consequences new technologies have had on consumer behavior and strategic implications in organizations. A true futurist, he is totally committed to his clients through the prism of user experience and brand values. Whether it is for the creation of new products, customer relationship, digitization of businesses or the anticipation of new technological breakthroughs, his unrivalled vision supports the teams involved throughout the various business sectors. Jean-Christophe also provides coaching in management and branding, advising major companies and startups in France and abroad. Acting as a mentor in Europe, Russia and Asia, he also is involved in several business-incubator and booster programs.

Jean-Paul Pinte


Julien Vidal

Founder of Ca Commence par moi
Julien was born in Grenoble (France). He studied management of Humanitarian aid. He worked for NGO in Bogota and in Philippines in the reinsertion field. He came back in France looking for his place in a society he did not know as adult. He used this opportunity to start from scratch and to take a step back on any of his decision. He follow the way a life he thought he should follow rather than doing what the society expected him to do.

Nina Potier

Ma Voix

Organizing team