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Theme: ROMPER - Break up

This event occurred on
August 26, 2017
4:00pm - 9:40pm -03
(UTC -3hrs)
Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará

TEDxGiradouroPark is the first to happen in Cariri Cearense, where through this pioneerism it seeks to BREAK with the barriers that prevent ideas from being shared and disseminated. The Giradouro has a representation for local society, being a point of connection between the culture, the economy, the religiosity and the development of the population.

Romper brings in the subjectivity of the term everything that can compose, integrate and represent the change that is possible from discussions that provoke the opening of the mind for all those who are part of this event. So, break, change, transform, and BREAK down everything that holds you back in the quest to build a better society through shared experiences.

Colina do Horto
Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará, 63012020
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Aldineide Oliveira

Born and raised in settlement In the interior of Paraíba, Aldineide de Oliveira Barriers and took the reins of their destiny. In The researcher in the master's degree, she Reflects on social technologies that coexist with the Semi-arid region, exemplifying from its history as Another look at the backlands can change life and Narratives of the men of our land.

David Negrão

Pediatric surgeon, teacher University student, building entrepreneur and a militant Environmental awareness. Multitasking, restless and Successful, makes a point to remember that it is above Everything, a man with his feet on the ground. In its trajectory, it reflects About the act of undertaking without losing the sensibility With social causes.

Glauber Oliveira

At the age of 31, the photographer Glauber Oliveira dedicates his time to projects Coordinated voluntarily in Brejo Saint, proving that nonconformity, passion and Creativity can move mountains. As Dog Life, rescued more than 600 animals Abandoned With the Sunset Syndrome, Public policy battle for people with Albinism.

Jakeline Duarte

Is the founder of the largest social project Of Brazilian Nursing, writer, researcher and Lecturer In 2003, Jakeline created the Angels Nursing, which is present in 15 states and helps Millions of patients hospitalized through ludoterapia With play, theater and music, drawing smiles and Humanizing medical care.

Lilianny Pereira

Pioneer in the introduction of the Padovan in the hospitals and offices of Cariri, Dra. Lilianny Pereira, pediatrician and neonatologist, was and is a Sigh of hope to parents of children with Microcephaly of the region during the zika virus outbreak in 2016. She is one of the most active Padovan in the country, Techniques and the results of the method at large events National and international scientists.

Renato Castro

Consultant, speaker and Moderator in world congresses, Renato de Castro is what we can call a global traveler. Its list of countries visited exceeds 51, only in In 2016 there were 34 international lectures, in Countries. Fluent in more than 5 languages ​​and more 20 years of professional experience in the Development of strategies for penetration of Market and project management in various Countries, Renato is the founder and member of the Council of the City SmartUp project, theme Which will address in your talk.

Ricardo Fonseca

Chermical / Teacher
Winner of the Teacher Award Brazil highlighted by Febrace, the biologist, chemist and High school teacher Ricardo Fonseca, makes his True young students award-winning scientists at fairs In all world. Colombia, United States, Spain and United Arab Emirates are just a few already visited.

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Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil


Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil
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  • Iliana Barreto Moraes Parente
  • Jean Rhicelly
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