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This event occurred on
May 12, 2017
Encinitas, California
United States

TEDxCardiffbytheSea is being held on May 12th.

575 S Coast Hwy 101
Encinitas, California, 92024
United States
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Bianca Heyming

Community Leader
Whether designing ecologically inspired environments or navigating the terrain of government policy, Bianca Heyming joins Emersus with one mission- inspiring collaboration through community empowerment. She received her Advanced Permaculture Teaching Training Certificate through Midwest Permaculture, and has a featured speaker at events including: Bioneers (Los Angeles), Permaculture Convergence (Malibu), TEDX (Riverside), Evolver (Los Angeles), and The Environmental Leadership Academy (Riverside). In addition she is a published author of “Guide to Starting a Community Garden.” She currently resides on a 9-acre intentional community, The Emerald Village, which she cofounded in 2010. There she enjoys managing the food forest, aquaponics systems, honey bees, and four loving goats and too many chickens. Her number one passion in life is spending quality time with her community mates and her loving husband and son.

Brandon Hawk

Hailed by one of his CEO client’s as “some sort of hybrid between Tony Robbins and Martin Luther King Jr,” Brandon is an expert in human potential. After joining the U.S. National Tennis team at the age of 15, Brandon seized the opportunity to play and win a round in the main draw of the U.S. Open before his senior year of High School. As a little boy he had a dream of playing in the mecca of tennis, Wimbledon, and was able to accomplish that goal by the age of 21. Experiencing the double-edged sword of success at a young age, he retired from Professional tennis in his early 20’s due to injury. The following 10 years began a personal journey of studying, developing, and testing principles of personal transcendence and human connection. This included expanded his parents family business by 1000%, building and selling companies for millions of dollars, creating a School of Transformation, and speaking weekly to audiences of 100-500 individuals. Today, Brandon speaks and works exclusively with CEO’s and elite professionals who use his perspectives to develop a deeper connection with themselves, increased productivity in their businesses, and a life that feels connective and fulfilling. Brandon is an expert in the field of emotional intelligence, heart connection, and creating honest and emotionally connected cultures. From an inspirational one hour key note to a 3 day conference, Brandon’s ability to dramatically shift people to see a whole new way of living life remains his genius. You can find him at

Brooking Caldwell Gatewood

Brooking has been in conversation with the world through poetry since age five. Years later — after much schooling and unschooling — she has woven her love of language, meditation, and the natural world into a deeper way of listening that now guides her daily life.

Claire Wineland

Claire Wineland has been living with cystic fibrosis her entire life. At the age of 13 she founded Claire’s Place Foundation, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization providing support to children and families affected by cystic fibrosis (CF). Now 20 years old Claire’s unique inspirational model for people living with this disease has led her to be a TEDx Speaker and receive multiple awards including being named one of Seventeen Magazine’s “17 Power Teens” of 2016, Fox Teen Choice Awards 2015, the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes, and winner of Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Small Nonprofit of the Year” among others. She has been featured on CNN, Inside Edition, The Dr. Oz Show, Huffington Post, ABC News, Cosmopolitan, People, Ladies’ Home Journal and more. Claire’s Place Foundation is a way for Claire to give back with hope, strength, and joy and make meaning of what she has had to go through. For more information and make a donation, please visit

Forrest Landry

Forrest Landry a philosopher, founder, writer, researcher, scientist, engineer, and craftsman. He has a unique set of skills in large scale systems design and worked on many software projects in the business and government sectors. His most original and insightful work is in the area of metaphysics – the study of what is, what is the nature of being, what is the nature of knowing, and by what means we make good choices. His foundational work “The Immanent Metaphysics” reflects a decades long effort to restore legitimacy to the practice of metaphysics and construct a rigorous, coherent and precise statement of Ethics.

James Schmachtenberger

Social Entrepreneur
James Schmachtenberger is a San Diego area tech and wellness entrepreneur, filmmaker, political activist and former director of a holistic health college. James' broad and accomplished background stems from a unique education emphasizing the interconnected nature of large scale problems. This has driven James his entire life to approach societal challenges with solutions that account for the entirety of a problem rather than solving for one issue while creating another.

Jennifer Russell

Visionary Leader
As a speaker, author, leadership consultant and coach to the people shaping our world, Jennifer works with empowered people that want to create an evolutionary shift in our planet and already find themselves in decision making positions personally and professionally.  She teaches them how to connect to their inner most truth, as well as the clarity, focus, power, and raw manifestation power to create mass coordinated action toward a cause that's universally relevant, leaving all people and the planet better than we found it . She’s held the title of President at both an environmental science company and a personal development company. In those roles, she’s helped bring more than 40 new technologies to market in dozen different industries.  Jennifer has also created and led almost a decade of transformational and professional development programs designed to empower conscious leaders by liberating them from self-imposed beliefs and the underlying assumptions that create what is possible.  Her programs are designed to develop human beings with advanced capabilities, universal values, a community of unprecedented support, and a conviction of purpose. Jennifer embodies a new brand of feminine leadership, one that goes beyond just helping others feel connected, beautiful, and good enough. Her work isn’t just about feeling good about yourself and the future, it’s about leadership, influence, and collaborative systems:  Discovering the keys to incorruptible power--especially for women--and bringing feminine values to the forefront of our culture.

Joel Sprechman

Hailed by his colleagues as a visionary, inspirational , servant leader, and committed to his mission to cure Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis , reduce human suffering and grasp the microbiome. Joel Sprechman fulfilled his childhood dream of living the American Dream. His dreams were shattered when he was forced to resign to figure out his own health as doctor after doctor would shrug their shoulder, unable to help, or worse, offer treatments that only hindered his health. After becoming a yoga and meditation teacher, health coach and medical researcher he explored numerous western and alternative treatments. Joel implemented Integrative medicine to almost fully heal his Ulcerative Colitis. Health is a lifelong journey and Joel educates and inspires through his #savejoelscolon campaign. Joel is the CEO and Founder of One Great Gut, a B-Corp for impact company serving the IBD community. A community of like minded humans navigating their own personal gut health journey. #YouAreNotAlone Learn more about Joel and his commitments to humanity at and

JP Sears

JP Sears is an emotional healing coach, YouTuber, author, international teacher, speaker at events, world traveler, and curious student of life. His work empowers people to live more meaningful lives. JP is the author of “How To Be Ultra Spiritual,” (Sounds True Publishing, released March 7th, 2017). He is very active with his online videos where he encourages healing and growth through his humorous and entertainingly informative videos, including his hit Ultra Spiritual comedy series, which has accumulated over 250 million views. You can learn more about JP and his work at

Kamala Devi

KamalaDevi McClure is an author, coach and international speaker. Her many media appearances include Showtime’s hit docu-series, Polyamory: Married and Dating, and the award-winning documentary Sex Magic. KamalaDevi travels the world as faculty for the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and is the founder of San Diego Tantra Theater and Poly-Palooza. Her mission is to awaken artists, healers, and visionaries around the world to become love leaders. She is currently enjoying a rich home life by the beach in San Diego with her husband of over 15 years and 10 year old son. More at

Kevin Gilbert

Kevin Gilbert is a traveling live streamer, speaker, and documentarian dedicated to providing in-depth coverage of efforts across the USA and abroad to ensure clean water and a healthy planet. Check out to help support Kevin's work.

Scott Steele

Community Organizer
Scott is the manager of Eve, a community center and restaurant in Encinitas, California.

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