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Theme: Enisled Yet Connected

This event occurred on
March 31, 2017
9:00am - 2:00pm IST
(UTC +5.5hrs)
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

We all often come across the universally known adage “united we stand, divided we fall”. How often do we stand up to it? There are over hundreds of religions, divided into casts, further divided into community. Though we all wish to live up to our identity, when it comes to global competence, we are one. This aspect of the world and it’s richness in ‘unity in diversity’ brings us to the very theme of our TEDx Event, “Enisled Yet Connected”. We bring together the significance of being united not just within our community, but across the world through inspiring talks, through language. We, the students of CIRS are putting in our own effort in a small scale to contribute to the big cause, to be connected. And we present this theme on TEDxYouth@CIRS. By believing that by delivering talks that tug millions of heart, we find language the best way to communicate this prevalent theme. We bring together pioneers with profound talents in various fields to express their ideas in the most innovative and engaging ways in hopes to spark the fire which will bring about a revolution.

Chinmaya International Residential School
Nallur Vayal Post
Siruvani Road
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641114
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Youth (What is this?)
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Anirudh Belle

Social Worker
Founder & Editor-in-Chief at You Speak India, an NGO working towards creating civic and social awareness among the urban youth of India through simplified political literature.Anirudh is presently reading for a bachelors in law (LL.B.) at the Jindal Global Law School. A proud alumni of CIRS, we are extremely jubilant that a revolutionary young mind who grew up in the foothills of our institution, inspires the youth of our nation through his constant efforts and endeavours . A born leader who cultivated and nurtured his skills as the student dean of his time, we are proud to present him as the youngest speaker of this event.

Ankur Mishra

Writer, Social Activist
It is very easy to curse your luck, lack of resources and blame it all on fate when you’re faced with arduous situations that life throws at you. It takes a man of character to rise above it, to defy all odds and pave the way. That is exactly what Ankur Mishra did. ​ Born and brought up in a small village in UP, life has not always been a bed of roses for Ankur Mishra, a 25 year old Entrepreneur, Writer and Social Activist are just some of the terms that give us an insight into the life of this ambitious person. If this is not enough Ankur also educates his community, gives TED Talks and has written four novels. Ankur speaks as a grassroots expert on politics, technology, and society, and has been a part of numerous seminars. At the end of it, all Ankur has to say is “If I, a predominantly Hindi speaker, can now speak on big stages, write books, blogs and more on such a wide level, anyone can. Alone in an alien city, with barely enough funds to keep me fed, I survived so can you."

Danesh Kanagaraj

An idealist and an aspirant Danesh Kanagaraj instituted his own Transportation and Earth Mover company at a very young age, running and managing it by himself while battling muscular dystrophy. With great conviction and aspiration he supplies machinery and equipment to civil and mechanical companies across India. Danesh was known and recognised as a sensational entrepreneur back in his campus. Being a self motivated and optimistic person, Danesh has a history of owning startup and working for the world’s most distinguished companies such as Google, Dell, Samsung, Mahindra, while pursuing his graduation. Even though his disability has confined him, he is one of the most enthusiastic and dynamic person that you can meet. Through the years he has developed his experience, aiding him where there are many different personalities and learning styles. His generosity, robustness, and confidence keeps a motivated aura, thus inspiring his family, friends, and staff.

Parul Pareek

Dr. Parul Pareek is the Director of ROPE, an organisation which strives to foster an ideal living condition for young girls around the nation. She conducts workshops across the nation, especially schools. empowering and enlightening girls across the nation. A girl-teen expert , a psychologist and a motivational speaker, She is a beacon of light to the plethora of underprivileged girls in our nation as well. She conducts various workshops on adolescence, obesity and other grave issues From a simple middle class down to earth family of Gurgaon, she is a dentist by profession.

Rakesh Saha

Programming Director, MAD
Rakesh Saha is a member of an organisation named Make A Difference which works to ensure equitable outcomes for children in orphanages and street shelters. He is part of MAD’s Education Support Team which is responsible for ensuring that children in shelters are able to achieve the grades necessary for them to progress into further education or vocational training. Rakesh’s primary focus is to analyse needs, identify necessary learning interventions and develop, pilot and prove learning, educational and teaching methodologies that can be scaled up across the MAD network. Rakesh also identifies, engages and manages partnerships with experts in the field to ensure that we are deploying proven methodologies and aren’t losing time reinventing the wheel. Rakesh discovered his love for teaching at MAD and firmly believes that every child has a right to quality education, and that it is our duty, as citizens, to step up and deliver where the state has failed to do so.

Tushar Joag

A dominant and influential artist Tushar Joag, combines a satirical look at the urban classes with mock corporate identities. One of the best public intervention artist he believes that art is responsible for maintaining cultural continuity. His art works indulge in addressing current social issues that are rampant in our social order. His works carry a convictive message, yet are meticulous and mesmerising in nature. His drawings to the naked eye are not confined to their frames but their very soul is in a constant flow. These master pieces completely break away from conventional means and have a life of their own beyond the confines of the canvas.

Vishnu Sharma

Mr Vishnu K. Sharma, a passionate and dynamic educator, an effective administrator has had an illustrious career for 14 years. As a leader his vision is to impart holistic education and create a meaningful impact on todays generation. Armed with a Masters degree in Applied Biological Science from Oxford University, UK, Bachelor’s degree from GB Pant University, Mr Sharma has worked as Assistant Professor for 4 years prior to his calling into School education. Unique style and all-encompassing attitude towards modern day education led him to become the backbone of Mount Litera School International, Mumbai. He holds various certification modern pedagogy, special needs and counselling. He has done a certificate course on School Leadership from IIM, Ahmedabad. A firm believer in modern education, teacher training and nurturing relationships at all levels with students, parents and teachers with his excellent interpersonal skills has won him many accolades.

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