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Theme: Moments

This event occurred on
October 14, 2017
12:00am - 12:00pm EEST
(UTC +3hrs)
Patras, Achaïa

One moment can change the world, history, civilization, a science, a country, an era, a relationship, a life or many lives. One moment is enough to determine a course of action, to lead to developments, to complete something or to define a new beginning to the unknown. One moment is all it takes to turn a defeat to victory (or a victory to defeat), to determine an outcome, to end a battle but also to begin a war.

One moment is all you need to form an opinion or a worldview, to reset targets, to envision a better future, to find (or lose) solitude, faith, passion, balance, hope or even life itself. One moment is enough to enable you to create and negotiate a new identity, to form new relationships, to create new realities.

Reversals, inventions, discoveries, births and deaths all once resulted -and continue to result- from one single moment. One moment can shape or change the course of everything, of many or some, other important or less important events.

Besides, it only took a moment -somewhere in the very distant past- for the universe to be created. Who knows what the next defining moment will be that could alter the course of humanity, of history or the life of each and every one of us?

And quoting Nikos Kazantzakis “We have only a moment at our disposal. Let’s make this moment an eternity. There is no other immortality”.

Moments is the theme of TEDxPatras 2017.

Royal Theater
3 Akti Dimeon
Patras, Achaïa, 263 33
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Bike Travelers
On the stage of TEDxPatras 2017, Tiphaine and Marco urge us to think whether a simple question could change our life? “Do I like what I do? What do I like to do?” Marco asked himself. “Can I achieve what I really want to do?” Tiphaine asked herself. The answers brought them to a long and slow journey of 3 years and 3 months by bicycle through Europe and Asia. What pushed them to leave? What pushed them to keep going and to eventually come back? They will bring us behind the scenes and share with us all those moments of questioning, doubts, joy, and of adventure that they faced during their long journey.

EAR Art Studio

Dance Group

Jazz Quartet of the Conservatory of the Polyphonic Choir of Patras

Jazz Quartet
The Jazz Music Quartet of the Conservatory of the Polyphonic Choir of Patras consists of the professors Vassilis Tziatzias, Haris Pegiazis, Sergios Soiles, and Konstantinos Kondylis.

Achilleas Chatzinikos

CEO & Co-Founder of Geotag Aeroview

Aimilios Chalamandaris

Co-founder and CEO of Innoetics LTD
Dr. Aimilios Chalamandaris is a co-founder and CEO of Innoetics. He holds a BA and a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the NTUA, as well as a master’s degree in Telecommunications and Digital Signal Processing from the Imperial College of London. He has authored more than 30 original scientific papers, and is one of the founding members of the team, which developed one of the world’s leading synthetic speech technologies. From 2008 until today, as head of the company, he has led to the establishment of Innoetics as one of the most important companies of synthetic speech internationally, culminating in its acquisition by Samsung Electronics in 2017, which was one of the most important moments of the year for Greek entrepreneurship.

Anna Pantelia

Anna Pantelia is a Greek photojournalist based in Greece. She holds a master’s degree in International Communication and Development (City University London), as well as a bachelor’s degree in Photography and Audiovisual Arts (Athens Technological Educational Institute). Her photographs and interviews have been published in major media organizations worldwide, such as the CNN, the Al Jazeera, the BBC, the Newsweek, The Telegraph, The Guardian, and the Vice News, as well as in major Greek newspapers, and TV channels. What is more, she has cooperated with various Non-profit Organizations. From 2012 to 2014, Anna had been the official photographer of CERN, while in 2015 she was acclaimed as one of the best photographers under the age of 30 by the international photographic cooperative “Magnum Photos”. Her work focuses on immigration and political issues in Europe.

Bart Preneel

Cryptographer & Cryptanalyst

Costas Varotsos

Costas Varotsos was born in Athens in 1955. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, and at the Pescara University of Architecture. In 1990, he went to study in New York as a Fulbright scholar. He is currently living in Athens, and works as a professor of visual arts at the University of Thessaloniki. He has performed in more than twenty solo exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus and in Italy, and has participated in more than fifty group exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Belgium, and in Germany. In 1987, along with other Greek artists, he represented Greece at the Biennale of Sao Paulo, and participated in two consecutive Biennale of Venice in 1993 and 1995, as part of parallel exhibitions of the central event. In 1999, he represented Greece (along with two young artists, D. Stratou and E. Tandila) at the Biennale of Venice.

Dimitris Mpourantas

Professor of Management & Human Resources – Author
Dimitris Bourantas is Professor of Management and Executive Director of both the Executive MBA and the MSc. in Human Resources Management at the University of Economics and Business in Athens. He has published a large number of articles in valid international scientific journals. In addition, he has written 10 books, of which the following have become best sellers: “Management”, “Human Resources Management”, and “Leadership: The Way of Perpetual Success”. His novel “I have taught you everything but I forgot a word” won the Reader Prize, and had been in the best-selling listings for four consecutive years. In addition, his books “On the stage without rehearsals”, “The Letter of Hope”, “Talking to my children about the truly successful professional and personal life”, “The great philosophers and the personal Management”, and his book “Scream of Silence”, had been found in the best-selling listings for several months.

Foteini Konstantopoulou

Foteini Konstantopoulou is a policeman and author of children’s books. She lives and works in Athens. In her spare time, she helps the heroes of her stories in their sweet and salty ‘missions’. She loved fairy tales as a child; as a teenager, she always travels using her dreams as a compass. She started to capture the images and feelings, which she derived from her trips, in her first short story “Moments”. Her second book, “A Sugar Recipe”, is the first Greek book to be published under the auspices of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. The author has received honorable recognition for this, as well as for her valuable contribution to the global “Back2School” campaign, which supports refugee children’s access to education. Indeed, in February 2016, she became the first woman in Greece to receive the title of “High UNHCR Supporter Profile”. What is more, she has organized important actions for refugees with the support of social actors in Greece. Amongst them, the most important ev

Menios Sakellaropoulos

Journalist & Novelist

Nikos Ververidis

Growth Hacker & Serial Entrepreneur
Nikos Ververidis is an entrepreneur and owner of several media production and communication companies. He is the Founder and Managing Director of ελculture, a multi-faceted digital branding agency, providing solutions for integrated digital campaigns, innovative communication strategies, and media content for Internet platforms and TV. Moreover, he is the developer of Aegeanale, an international art and culture platform in the Aegean Sea, and of Shoot_it, a mobile film and photos festival, both of which reflect Nikos’ vision of social development through art and culture at large. He is also the co-founder of, which aspires to become a world class fully fledged incubator for very early stage startups developing any product or service conducive to sustainable development, as well as of Blue Growth, which aims to inspire and help young entrepreneurs realize innovative concepts related to marine and freshwater resources. He is also the founder and managing director of Sol’nRo

Savvas Hiridis

General Surgeon Laparoscopic - Robotic - Bariatric Surgery
Dr. Savvas C. Hirides was born in Athens, but he was bred in Cyprus. He studied medicine in English at Charles University (Czech Republic). He worked as a surgical resident in Children’s Hospital “P. A. Kyriakou”, in General State Hospital “G. Gennimatas”, and in General State Hospital “Sotiria”. What is more, he received extensive training in the whole spectrum of classic “Open” General Surgery, Emergency and Trauma Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, and in Basic Laparoscopic Surgery. He subspecialized in Robotic Surgery and advanced laparoscopy next to Dr. K. M.Konstantinidis, Chief of Surgery in Athens Medical Center. From January 2007 to August 2017, Dr. Hiridis actively participated in the First Greek Robotic Surgical Program in the country, while simultaneously completing his training in Advanced Laparoscopy, Robotic Surgery, as well as in Bariatric Surgery in centers of excellence around the world. In addition, he holds an MSc. in Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery from Athens Medical Sc

Sotiris Kovos


Theoklis Zaoutis

Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology
Dr. Theoklis Zaoutis is Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology at the Perelman School of Medicine, and Director of the Graduate Clinical Epidemiology Program at Pennsylvania University (UPENN). He is also Chief of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Philadelphia Pediatric Hospital (CHOP). He has published more than 230 articles in leading international journals. The goal of Professor Zaouti from the post of director of the Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness (CPCE) is the discovery, dissemination, and the implementation of the best practices for more effective care of hospitalized children. He also participates in many advisory committees in the United States and in Europe, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institute of Health (NIH), the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the European Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases. He has recently been selected as a member of the “Presidential Advisory Committee on the Treatment of An

Vassiliki Danelli-Mylona

President of the Board of Directors of Hellenic Road Safety Institute – RSI “Panos Mylonas”
Vassiliki Danelli-Mylona studied Economics in the Athens University of Economics and Business Sciences. She also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and in New Telecommunications Applications and Telematics Applications. She worked in the Greek Telecom industry since 1979. As the Director of the department of Development of New Services at OTE, she undertook responsibilities ranging from the introduction of services and facilities in the digital exchanges to business planning and investment plan for ISDN in Greece, as well as to the exploitation of applications and value added services. She was Head of Value Added Services and Product Manager and Director of OTE’s Telematics and New Service Applications Project. In 1995, she was the chairperson for the ISDN MOU Implementation and Management Group (IMIMG), and she led her counterparts from 32 Telecoms Organizations in 28 countries, making a substantial contribution to promoting the European standard internationally. Sinc

Voula Kosta

Actor & Dubber
Voula Κosta is an actress and dubber. Se has studied at Theodosiades School of Drama. She has participated in numerous TV series, theatrical plays, and films. In particular, she has taken part in the following TV series: “Atromitoi”, “Plaka mou kaneis”, “Trito Stefani”, “Strava ki Anapoda”, “Alma Libre”, “Astinomos Papathanassis”, “Emeis kai oi Alloi”, “Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven” (educational television) etc. As far as her theatrical career is concerned, Voula Kosta has played important roles in the following plays: “Fonissa”, “Omfalios Loros”, “Eleni”, “Antigone”, “The Alchemist”, “The Aunts of Elpiniki”, “Electra”, “The Little Prince”, “Momo”, “Mary Poppins”, “Puss in Boots”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “The Queen of Snow”, and “The Little Match Girl”. Voula Kosta loves the 7th art as well, since she has been in two films, namely “The Heights of Haramada” and “The Destiny”. She has also created radio spots, and has participated in two radio shows, namely “The Theatre of Monday” and “The

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Patras, Greece


Patras, Greece