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Theme: Momentum

This event occurred on
April 20, 2017
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States

Momentum is an American passion - moving, achieving, building, developing. We prize starting new things - whether they are social movements, technological developments, design achievements or political efforts. Once started, how are they sustained?

TEDxGreensboro will feature ten speakers; entertainment; and TED Talks. Speakers will be announced in February.

Tickets are on sale for the holidays until January 3rd.

Van Dyke Performance Space at Greemsbprp Cultural Center
200 North Davie Street
Greensboro, North Carolina, 27401
United States
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

McKenna and Magill

Paul McKenna and Finn Magill are a dynamic world-class Celtic duo. Paul McKenna was the 2012 "Scots Singer of the Year" and known for his vocal style and guitar work. Finn Magill is a multi-genre fiddler/violinist who has made a name in Celtic, American, and Brazilian music.

Somos Mambo Dance Company

Share the passion and beauty of Latin music through Mambo.

The BBoy Ballet

The BBoy Ballet unifies contemporary and Street Dance. The objective is to inspire to see beyond specific styles and never back to an all-encompassing perspective to dance as a whole. The BBoy Ballet reinforces the notion that dance us everywhere, not limited to a theater or studio.

Alyzza May

Community public arts advocate
Co-founder and core member of the Greensboro Mural Project, a community arts organization that engages the people of Greensboro in the process of creating murals with dialogue across the community. In her spare time Alyzza can be found drumming with Cakalak Thunder, fawning over her 3 yr old best friends, or building justice.

Ancella Livers

Senior Consultant, Center for Creative Leadership
Ancella is a skilled leadership development professional at the Center for Creative Leadership who has taught and coached thousands of managers and executives over the last 20 years. She has also written and spoken extensively on the topic of difference throughout her career.

Caren Cooper

University faculty; scientist
Caren Cooper Author of “Citizen Science: How Ordinary People Are Changing the Face of Discovery.” She is Associate Professor in Forestry & Environmental Resources at NC State; in the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program in Leadership in Public Science; and runs “Sparrow Swap” citizen science through her lab at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Christopher Rhea

University faculty;
Chrisopher Rhea An Assistant Professor at UNC Greensboro and Director of the Virtual Environment for Assessment and Rehabilitation Laboratory (VEAR Lab). His research program focuses on re-purposing virtual reality (VR) systems designed for the entertainment industry to address human health challenges. VR provides a unique opportunity to overcome real-world constraints in order to individualize a rehabilitation program to a patient’s current ability.

Drew Matthews

After watching his mother do a Phyllis Diller impression, he delved into acting at the age of 5 and has been performing ever since. An accomplished movie actor, musician and athlete, he is now an actor coach who clients appear in major film productions. He runs the On-Camera Film & TV programs at in-STUDIO in North Carolina

Gregory Monty

University faculty; researcher
Directs the Center for Energy Research at NC A&T in Greensboro. He directs R&D, Start-ups, Nanotechnology, Environmental Technology, Business Development, and Quality. He has led 7 start-ups, worked in 3 universities, lived in 11 states and enjoys biking, running, camping, and sailing.

Jack Whitley

Industrial hemp advocate
During a twenty-five year business career, he has worked for two organizations; a Fortune 50 consumer financial services company and a mid-market e-commerce specialty retailer. Jack’s work has been at the intersection of marketing, technology, e- commerce, strategy, corporate leadership, and both for-profit and non-profit board service.

Madelyn Greco

Along with Scot Fray, Greco is the only bodypaint artist in history to win all five World Championship titles, across 5 distinct categories, achieved in just 4 years.

Scott Fray

Body paint artist
The only bodypaint artists in history to win all five World Championship titles, across 5 distinct categories, achieved in just 4 years. They are also first-place champions in Asia and the USA, Guinness World Record holders, and oversee Living Art America, the North American Bodypainting Championship

Tom Ross

President, Volcker Alliance
Serves as the Sanford Distinguished Fellow at the Duke University Sanford School for Public Policy and previously served as President of the University of North Carolina, President of Davidson College, and a Superior Court Judge. Thomas Ross is President of the Volcker Alliance, a New York non-profit focused on restoring trust in government

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