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Theme: "What Now?"

This event occurred on
November 19, 2016
Enid, Oklahoma
United States

The 2016 TEDxWallerMiddleSchool event will include 11 student speakers, three adult speakers, five student talent segments, and two student Emcees. We will have three sessions with an emphasis on current global issues, health, and technology. This is the second TEDxYouth event hosted at Waller Middle School in Enid, Oklahoma.

2604 West Randolph Ave.
Enid, Oklahoma, 73703
United States
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Avery Kang

8th Grade Student Speaker
Avery is an 8th grader at Waller Middle School. Avery enjoys art, reading, the liberal arts, philosophy, and learning. Avery went to Prairie View Elementary and would like to be a doctor when he grows up. His parents are John and Christina Kang.

Cassidy Fitzgerald

6th Grade Student Speaker
Cassidy is a 6th grader at Waller Middle School and is the daughter of Scott and Amber Fitzgerald. She playing loves playing soccer for the Pink Cheetahs Cassidy also likes Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, f’real’s. Cassidy also likes to tumble and dance. She is thankful for all the love and support she has gotten from her family. She loves her family very much.

Charlee Maloy

8th Grade Student Speaker
Charlee Maloy is an 8th grader at Waller Middle School and the daughter of Dan and Liesl Maloy. She loves art, drama, and especially music. Music has been a huge part of her life and she is obsessed with anything that has to do with music. She is the youngest of four children and has lived in Enid for most of her life. Her friends have given her so much support for her participation in TEDx. Charlee’s wish is that she makes a difference in someone's life.

Frank Baker

Director of Eagle Marketing, Managing Director of Etown Magazine
Frank Baker is currently the Director of Eagle Marketing and the Managing Director, Etown Magazine. He's originally from Kremlin, Ok. He studied both history and philosophy at Phillips University, the University of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State University, receiving his bachelors degree at Phillips. He pursued graduate studies in history at OSU. Frank was in broadcasting for many years, starting at Enid high school, in several locations across Oklahoma, as well as in the U.S. Navy. He's a member of Enid Rotary and the Enid Noon Ambucs. Frank is active at the Gaslight Theatre as both a director and actor. He's been a recurring character in four of the Simpson brothers independent Western movies. He's served on the Enid City Commission, been president of two different Enid Ambuc clubs and has served on over 15 boards, including the Denny Price Family YMCA, Community Dev. Support Assoc., and Hospice Circle of Love. He's been married to Carmen Ball for 20+ years and has one son, Eric.

Kadee Jo Ransom

7th Grade Student Speaker
Kadee Jo is a seventh grader at Waller Middle School. She is the daughter of Dell and Jessica Ransom. Kadee Jo loves playing the bass clarinet and singing in her school choir. She is also an actor and plays the bass guitar at her church. Kadee enjoys playing sports such as volleyball and soccer with her family.

Kaleigh Thompson

7th Grade Student Speaker
Kaleigh Thompson is a seventh grader at Waller Middle School and the daughter of Ladonna Thompson, Brian Thompson, and Carla Winbolt. She loves spending time with her family, friends and playing the flute. Her hobbies include reading, crafting, and asking a lot of questions. Kaleigh likes journaling and writing in general. She wants her speech to inspire a lot of people and change the world. Kaleigh wants to a veterinarian when she grows up so she can save animals.

Karsen Nunley

7th Grade Student Speaker
Karsen Nunley is a 7th grader at Waller Middle School. She is the daughter of Randy and Kristi Nunley. Karsen LOVES to dance and to play other sports. Karsen also loves to draw and is constantly exercising.

Marianna Davis

8th Grade Student Speaker
Marianna Davis is an 8th grader at Waller Middle School and the daughter of Paul and Rebecca Davis. She is a military child who was born in Texas but grew up in Texas, Oklahoma, and California. She enjoys academics, playing percussion (especially marching band), and would like to be an astronomer when she grows up.

Mollie Benn

8th Grade Student Speaker
Mollie Benn is an 8th grade honor student at Irving Middle School in Norman, Ok. Mollie is active in theatre at the Sooner Theater and has been in many productions over the years including playing Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Mollie also appeared in the OU Musical Theater production of Carousel. She has been involved in competitive dance with Premiere Dance Company in Norman. Mollie also served on Irving Middle School's Leadership Council for two years. Mollie loves singing, dancing, traveling, reading, movies, and hanging out with friends and family.

Olivia Hollmon

7th Grade Student Speaker
Olivia Hollmon is a 7th grader at Waller Middle School. She is the daughter of James Hollmon and Dr. Shalom Palacio-Hollmon. Olivia is an allstar cheerleader at Spirit Express. She also plays alto and Tenor saxophone, piano, and violin. Olivia was motivated to speak on this topic due to something that happened when she was in fourth grade. When discussing with a teacher that she wanted to attend Harvard, her teacher’s response startled her. She told her that since she was a girl and black she would have a great chance of being accepted. Olivia wanted to make sure people knew about these types of stereotypes and how to solve them.

Rachel Fryer

7th grade Student Speaker
Rachel Fryer describes herself on Instagram with emojis and the words "Minecraft, YouTube, books, Virgo, Casady, cats, and I draw stuff." She has been creating and sharing videos on YouTube for two years, and has over 550 subscribers including many loyal fans on her channel. Social media and YouTube have empowered Rachel to not only develop communication and literacy skills, but also develop friendships and valuable relationships with others around the world.

Ruben Daniels

8th Grade Student Speaker
Ruben is an 8th grader at Waller Middle School. He likes sports and would like to be a professional athlete when he grows up. Ruben attended Mckinley Elementary and his mom is Kathy Daniels.

Ryan Wiebener

Waller Middle School Choir Director
Ryan Wiebener studied Music-Vocal Performance at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. She has been the choir teacher for the past three years at Waller Middle School.

Wesley Fryer, Ph.D.

Directory of Technology, Casady School, Oklahoma City, OK
Dr. Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) is a teacher, author, speaker, and the Director of Technology for Casady School in Oklahoma City. He is the co-host of the weekly “EdTech Situation Room” podcast (@edtechSR) and the author of several books on effectively using digital technologies to communicate, tell stories, create media projects and develop STEM coding skills. Wes became a Google Certified Teacher in 2009, was named an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2005, and a PBS Digital Innovator in 2014. He completed his PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas Tech University in 2011. Wes co-chairs the Digital Citizenship Team at Casady School and is helping develop a five year strategic plan for Digital Citizenship which will guide teachers and students in important conversations relating to Internet safety, privacy, digital sharing, and other related topics. His professional blog and podcast is “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” (www.speedofcreativity.org) focusing on technology integration.

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