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Theme: Secrets of Success

This event occurred on
March 19, 2011
10:00am - 4:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)

Create a passionate community of TEDxSoftServeLviv within SoftServe interested in spreading remarkable ideas to the company's keenest minds who will take the ideas and use them as a catalyst for creative movement. Give company employees a format in which to brainstorm and contribute new ideas to both the company and the world.

SoftServe Lviv1 Office 52 V. Velykoho St.
Lviv, 79053
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Kris Kosyk

If I didn’t work in IT, I would definitely want to. Almost 8 years in this business and choice of profession has never been a disappointment. This makes me one of those very few people on this planet who are actually happy with what they do. At this point I specialize in IT outsourcing consulting, leading group of amazingly talented individuals that I love sharing my day-to-day work with. Prior to this I was working in Quality Assurance, Project Management and Process Improvement. I think my continuous need for improvement and research, accompanied with highly innovative technological world we all live in today, will definitely move me into new areas of IT profession in some time. Best part is, that my future area of expertise may not even exist yet! As a workaholic with smartphone addiction I try to balance my life with my family, friends and constantly changing hobbies. I’m a passionate humanitarian who believes in human rights, political and religious tolerance, child and animal adoption, continuous self-improvement which should pitch in making world a better place, every day (or at least every other day). If you want to know my core believes – just listen to John Lennon’s “Imagine” lyrics.

Halyna Semenova

I have been associated with IT for almost 10 years already fighting for both camps: client organizations that outsource IT projects and software companies that provide IT outsourcing. I’m glad to eventually land at SoftServe as an Engagement Manager because for me it means keeping perfect balance between business and technology. As I changed responsibilities, projects and cities of residence, I learnt that sound judgment aka common sense is more valuable in majority of cases than specialized knowledge, and I really admire people who combine both. I don’t like to study but I love to learn that’s why I read, browse, travel and talk a lot.

Vitaliy Kulikov

My primary areas of involvement are in object-oriented development, refactoring, patterns, agile methods, enterprise application architecture, domain modeling, and extreme programming. I have strong leading and technical management skills. Always follow the advanced styles of development and always try to be on the peak of technology. I have participated in all phases of the enterprise system development including estimate, design and architecture, implementation, debugging, deployment, integration, testing, refactoring and maintenance with producing concise technical documentation. I possess good knowledge and experience of web enterprise systems together with in-depth understanding of such access layers as presentation, web, business and data with their inter and intra communications. I am pragmatic and highly motivated person who is interested in perspective technologies and architectures in IT industry and always aims to improve quality of software development process. In my everyday duties I prefer following Agile software development processes like SCRUM and Kanban.

Christine Slobodian

I've been working in IT for 6+ years. I started as a Software Testing Engineer, but then slowly evolved into Project Manager and Educational Programs Curator. My biggest passions at work are: the teams I'm working with; bright young professionals around; our customers who can always teach me something new; Testers Community we've created in our office to drive self-education and professional growth. I'm big lover of experiments, new ideas, interesting events. I find inspiration and creative energy in other people, so can't live a day without communication. I've got personal blog, where I write about my life from optimist's perspective. My readers, and my internet-community is another powerful source of inspiration for me. Among my hobbies: skiing, riding bicycle, hiking, crafting something, doodling. And, of course, I love traveling.

Yuriy Kushla

I've been working in IT for 10+ years. I started from software development and evolved to system architect and project management later. My primary involvement is Project Management and Outsource Management. I'm inspired to work with bright people and meet challenges of making things done in our industry. I like opening new things to myself and experimenting with new ideas, work and life style. My hobbies are: skiing, traveling and trekking, playing guitar and photography.

Renata Chuchmai

Renata Chuchmai leads the HR organization of SoftServe, She is a seasoned professional with 20-year experience in global companies developed and implemented cutting-edge HR practices for international industry leaders such as DHL, Coca-Cola Company, Nestle, Leoni WS and Saint Gobain. Her priorities are to ensure SoftServe business expansion by having out-of-box HR practices around identified strategic areas: talent management, leadership competency, corporate University, strategic workforce supply, recruitment, retention and compensation. Among her professional achievements is formation of company structure from zero to 4500 employees and development of marketing strategies for Ukraine, Slovakia, Tunis, Egypt and China.

Andriy Mykytyuk

I am 11001 years old. You have probably already guessed that I am IT-guy and comedian. I am not really sure which one is my job and which one is my hobby. I started as a software developer and I have recently changed my direction to project management. I will not be surprised if in several years I take up something different, because I like new things, new experience and I am excited about investigating this small but very interesting World. Most of my time I spent here: 49° 49' 55", 23° 59' 55", so, if any questions - you are welcome.

Roman Figel

I have more than 6 years of experience in IT starting as Software Developer and now working as a Technology Consultant. Throughout my career I've been dealing with high technological complexity , uncertainty and novelty. For the last year my primary point of interest is new technologies in mobility and their influence to business and Enterprises. Outside the office I'm a happy parent and trying to find some times for my hobbies: swimming, skiing and travelling.

Viktor Medvedyev

My speciality is financing. I was educated on it (University, sertificates CAP, ACCA) and now I work as financial guy. But the major thing in my qualification is the experience to understand the other fields of organization. I use to be the head of production, organizing 100 people manufacture (REFA), then worked with holding investments, then as the deputy director of military plant. My favorite formula, that helps in my life: do what you should and whether it would be.. But still I love changes. I can adapt myself to a lot of things, but getting new experience aspires me to change my world for the futher harmony. I always try to find new sides in all my occupations. And develope them as perfect as I can. For me it`s interesting to watch the absolute harmony in my world. In this meaning perfectionism is my hobby.

Vyacheslav Dyak

I've been working in network installation industry for 2 years, when I realized that I want to work in software development industry. So after 4+ years after that moment, here I am. Automation QA engineer, with a lot of different experience behind my back. I like my work and prefer to leave it in office. I have so much stuff to do out of office. I like to spend my free time with my daughter and wife. Making photos and videos. I like traveling, especially by my bike. I'm working in Lviv's Cyclists Association to do our city better. Take part in different cyclists events as organizer. And I try to get everything I can from every single day.

Volodymyr Semenyshyn

Dynamic, result-oriented human resource, marketing and communications professional. Company: SoftServe Inc. Education: MA, working on PhD Books: 30-35 per year Hobby: Karate and Phycology Life motto: Aspire to climb as high as you can imagine! Interested in extra info? Please review my profile

Dmytro Maleev

I’m programming and leading projects for about five years. I started building my software development skills from self-employment projects and freelancing for about year and then transitioned to more enterprise development in the offshore software development company.

Natali Kostyuchenko

Young psychiatrist and psychotherapist. I' ve been studying for almost 10 years to become who I am now and still am continuing my education, so sometimes I wonder who I really am - an eternal student or a doctor. But if I ever had a chance to choose, my choice would be the same.

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