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Theme: Where Passion Meets Reality

This event occurred on
August 11, 2017
4:00pm - 11:00pm EAT
(UTC +3hrs)
Khartoum, Al Kharţūm

Al Mogran , Where the waters of the white Nile collide with the currents of the blue Nile, will now be the platform for unique inspiring collision.One where the passion of the Sudanese people meets with reality, to give rise to a nation of change. A nation who's dreams are turned into achievements, and who's talks become action.TedxAlmogran will be narrating the story of this union, a union lined by values, determination, and the strong will of the Sudanese people as they chorus

National Telecommunication Tower
Khartoum, Al Kharţūm, 11111
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Abdallah Shum

Historical researcher
Abdallah is a passionate researcher on Sudanese civilization, who later on exercised this interest and became the secretary of "Taseety" magazine which raises awareness on the ancient civilizations, history of Sudan and archeology in Sudan. Abdallah will be speaking to us about the diversity of Sudan, its civilization and its archeology and will show us how it can be exploited and used in the tourism field, in other to further develop it. عبدالله شم باحث شغوف وطموح في مجال الحضارة السودانية. قاده اهتمامه هذا الى جعله سكرتير مجلة تاسيتي التي تنشر الوعي عن الحضارات القديمة والمهتمة بالتاريخ السوداني القديم.. سيتحدث عبد الله الينا عن التنوع الذي في السودان وعن الاثار والتاريخ السوداني واهميتهما وكيف نمكن ان ندخلهما في مجال السياحة وتطويره

Abdulrahman Alkhalifa & Osman

Two young sudanese specialists in the practice of magic in amazing ways and exciting for viewers .They participated in TEDxAlmogran to show and spread their amazing talent .

Ahmed Larry &Mogtba Grjah

A talented young Sudanese is represented by combining poetry and storytelling with singing in a fun way for viewers. شباب سوداني يتمتع بموهبه رائعه تتمثل في الدمج بين الشعر والقصه مع الغناء في شكل ممتع للمشاهدين

Alaa Alsarraj

Business owner
Alaa Alsarraj is a business owner, who has encountered many hardships in order to get where she is today, and be successful in her field. Alaa left her field of medicine to pursue a career in business, where her passion lies, but she encountered many obstacles. She will be speaking to us about these obstacles and personal experiences along with the way she looks back now on the journey. Alaa will be sharing with us what she learned, and letting us know what we can learn from her personal experiences. Alaas voice is heard through many public speaking platforms, and now she'll be shedding light on her topics of discussion on our very own stage. الاء سراج هي مديرة اعمال خاضت العديد من التحديات لكي تصل الى ما هي الان عليه، وتمكنت من احراز نجاحا باهرا في هذا المجال . تركت الاء مجال الطب لكي تسعى في مهنة ادارة الاعمال حيث يمكن شغفها، لكنها تلقت العديد من العوائق لكي تصل لهدفها. ستتحدث الينا عن هذه العوائق والتجارب الشخصية التي مرت بها وعن نظرتها الى كل ما مرت به في رحلتها هذه

Alsmany Hajo

السماني هجو شاب سوداني مبدع قام بإنتاج ألبوم من أغاني حقيبة الفن بأسلوب حديث عبر اضافة مقاطع موسيقي والهب هوب الاجنبية شملت اغاني لعمالقة الفن السوداني مثل أبوداؤود و الجابري و الكاشف و غيرهم وقد وجد هذا الألبوم تفاعل و قبول كبير وسط الشباب السوداني. خصوصاً مستمعي الساوند كلاود .استطاع السماني اعادة تسويق أغاني الحقيبة ليس بين الشباب السوداني فقط وانما بين الشباب العربي .ويمتلك السماني موهبه رائعه في العزف على الجيتار والبيانو والدمج بينهما وتعتبر موهبه السماني من المواهب الفريده . Samany Hajo, a young Sudanese artist who produced an album of old Sudanese songs of the art bag in a modern style through the addition of music clips and foreign hip hop included songs for Sudanese art giants such as Aboudaoud, Al-Jabri, Kashif and others. This album found great interaction and acceptance among Sudanese youth. Al Samani has a wonderful talent in playing guitar and piano and combining them. Samany unique talent and has gained widespread popularity among the social networking site traders.

Elsheikh Hilal

Educational Guide
We are all aware of the importance of education, but Sheikh Hilal will be speaking to us on how it can be used as a tool for development. Sheikh has studied and seen how education has played a major role in the development of other countries, and will be showing us how it can be implemented in Sudan, where he believes the potential lies, but is waiting to be exploited. Sheikh has worked in a variety of volunteer programs such as in the health field, and later volunteered and worked in the educational field, expanding his expertise on the matter. He will be telling us the story of his journey, what he has learned, the results he saw, and the steps that can taken for positive change and development, using education. لاشك في اننا ندرك اهمية التعليم في حياتنا ولكن شيخ هلال سيتحدث عن كيفية استخدامه كسلاح للتطوير . درس شيخ هلال عن مقدرة التعليم الهائلة في احداث تغيرات جذرية في دول اخرى، وسيرينا اننا نمكن ان نحدث هذا التغيير ايضا باستخدام التعليم في السودان

Marwa Hassan

Specialist in psychology
Marwa left her original field to pursue a career in autism and has become a specialist in that field along with being a specialist of pronunciation and speech. Marwa has a deep rooted passion to assist people with autism and help them to reach their full potential, specifically in Sudan where they lack the help and facilities they need. She will be speaking to us about her efforts and journey to make this interest of her become a reality and the many things she has learnt on this journey. مروة حسن تركت مروة مجالها الأساسي لكي تلتحق بمهنة في مجال التوحد وقد اصبحت خبيرة في هذا المجال، وكذلك تمكنت في ان تصبح اخصائية نطق وتخاطب. لدى مروة جذور شغف ورغبة قوية في مد يد العون الى المصابين بالتوحد ومساعدتهم الى ان يصلو الى كامل امكانياتهم تحديدا في السودان الذي يفتقر للمؤسسات والمساعدة الكافية لهم. ستتحدث الينا عن رحلتها وجهودها في ان تجعل هذا الاهتمام حقيقة والعديد من التجارب التي تعلمتها اثناء رحلتها هذه.

Mehad Naserdin

consultative in human development
Mehad is the founder and CEO of Sudan Voluntary Organization for Motivation, which is an organization which encourages youth to leave frustration and be steadfast to achieve their goals as volunteers regardless of color, race, and ethnicity. She has many other remarkable establishments including being a certified NGO manager, social charity operation worker, radio broadcaster, documentary film narrator, and a member of YALI and Meet Up network. Mehad will be speaking to us about her passion to create motivational areas within each individual and family in order to increase productivity. She hopes she can achieve this whilst exercising the individuals mental and intellectual health, assisted by her expertise in the medical research and consultancy center. مهاد نصر الدين مهاد هي المؤسسة والمديرة التنفيذية للمنظمة السودانية التطوعية للتحفيز ،والتي هي منظمة تدعو الى تشجيع شباب اليوم الى تحقيق اهدافهم كمتطوعين وعدم الانكسار للعوائق والمحبطات

Mohammed AbdAlshakur

Mohammed Abdulshakur. Mohammed endured many sufferings throughout his life in war-torn darfur, but managed to overcome those obstacles after many set backs and achieve his dream of becoming a public speaker. He later on wrote his book "Triple H theory of human inspiration" to inspire a change in youth and allow them to achieve their dreams, just as he did. "The human inspiration is a command human sense whereby one self self has the statement of tranquality and inspiration that revealed at the moment of positivity and complete mental and spiritual presense" -Mohamed AbdAlshakor المتحدث محمد عبد الشكور مر محمد بكثير من الصعاب والمعاناة بسبب ظروف الحرب في دارفور، لكنه تمكن من تخطي هذه الصعاب و العوائق ليحقق حلمه في ان يصبح متحدث عام.. تمكن من كتابة كتابه بعنوان (Triple H theory of human inspiration) لكي يزرع روح الامل والتحفيز في شباب اليوم ولكي يحثهم على تحقيق احلامهم مهما حصل كما فعل هو .

Nada Elamin

Broken cipher
Nada Elamin is a technical security analyst with Broken Cipher. Nada's expertice includes hacker attack, defences and computer privacy issues, for over four years of experience in information security. She is one of the few lucky women to be in Syberkandaks teams, which is one of Broken Cyber initiative that is aiming to increase the number of sudanese youth women in this field. In this talk, Nada will take us into her struggle journey, and how this career become such a paasion and way of life to her.

Rana Abdallah

A Sudanese girl with a talent for singing in the English and some another types of songs. She participated in TEdxAlmogran to spread her talent on the widest range.

Rayan Abdelmutaal

How to face abig fear that we all incounter in life; the fear of over being great and succeeding .

Organizing team


khartoum, Sudan