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This event occurred on
February 18, 2017
5:00pm - 8:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Cairo, Banī Suwayf

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Cairo University
Cairo University, Cairo University Rd، Oula, Giza, Giza Governorate, Egypt
Cairo, Banī Suwayf, 12613
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University (What is this?)
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Bergola is a theater group that was founded in 2008 as a student-run activity in the Faculty of Art Education. The team participated in 19 performances across Egypt and has been awarded many prizes.

Ahmed Khedre

Khedre is an artist who introduces a new branch of art known as speed painting performance. He has conducted more than 80 performances across Egypt and has been awarded third place in Sharmers Got Talent international competition.

Ahmed Seddik

Ahmed Seddik is an Entrepreneur, TV Presenter, Voice-over Artist, Translator, Media Producer, Egyptologist, Lecturer and Tour Guide to Egypt & The Middle East.

Dalia Danish

Danish is a French-Egyptian Neuroscientist and BPS psychologist of Austrian, Niedersachsen and Bukharin origins. based in Egypt, Her background mix and fluency in several languages (German, French, English and Arabic) has enabled her to conduct and implement research in several countries in the neuroscientific domain with an emphasis on observational learning. A Cambridge University graduate (Downing College). Danish follows an eclectic school of thought yet regards William James's Principles of Psychology as her 'book of truth'. During the Egyptian January 25 2011 uprising Danish founded the first self help website in Arabic dedicated to diagnosing and treating PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) for free.

Hala Sherif

Hala Sherif is a singer and songwriter. She discovered her talent for singing at an early age and performs in many concerts across Egypt.

Mohamed Berber

Berber carried out scientific research for more than 19 years including the research of polymer composites of carbon nanotubes (CNTs). During that period, he co-authored three academic books and published 34 academic papers and more than 80 conference papers. Dr. Berber is internationally recognized for his work in chemistry. His smart, sensitive polymeric material’s work was selected as one of the Hot Topics in Polymer Science Japan. Also, very recently his CNT work was highlighted in NATURE. Berber was dedicated in the year 2012 world forum sixth edition, OXFORD, as one of the great minds of the 21st century.

Mohamed Hesham

Director of Jareedy film, a film that was shot in Nouba in Egypt, with Nubian language for a first time. Jareedy captures the untold tales of Egypt’s Nubia in a language that is starting to wane under the influence of neglect. The film participated in the fifth edition of the Luxor African Film Festival. From Jaipur International Film Festival in India to 12 Months Film Festival in Romania, Afrika Film Festival in Belgium and London Film Festival in the UK, Jareedy has been received with plenty of enthusiasm and appreciation. It has also been awarded Best Cinematography for a Foreign Film in the London Film Festival.

Mohamed Moustafa

Moustafa received his PhD in electrical engineering from the City University of New York in 2001. Since 2003, he has been a consultant to multinational companies including L-1 in USA, Germany and France, where he led multiple projects, embedded face detection into major Japanese manufacturer digital cameras, invented an efficient way to estimate the face pose angle from a face image and built a 3D face model from a single 2D input face image. He is currently leading the following projects: human face detection, video surveillance, iris segmentation and computer-vision-based vehicle traffic control. He holds three US patents in the field of biometrics and digital image processing.

Nariman Lotfy

Nariman is a Product Design graduate from the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts. She went on to do her MA in nature-inspired design processes, focusing on sustainable design outcomes through a design process integrating nature's strategies. She was granted the grand prize in the international "Biomimicry student design challenge" with her team Egy-osmo for the year 2013.

Salma ElDardiry

Salma ElDardiry is a 2006 Fine Arts architecture graduate. She created art that is on the borderline between Art and Technology, and in 2012 she has found her passion in 360 full spherical panoramic photography, which is also known among many as Virtual Reality or VR. The quality of her work is acknowledged by "the International Virtual Reality Photography Association" (IVRPA) as well as among her fellow panoramic photographers around the world. She is the Co-founder, photographer and the artist behind the Describing Egypt project which chose 360º VR immersive experience to be its medium in picturing ancient Egyptian tombs and bringing it right to your screen.

Yasmine Ibrahim

Yasmin learned to play violin in her early childhood. She pursued her degree in École normale in Paris and got her diploma in Violin playing in 2011. Yasmin participated in many recitals in France and has been a member in the orchestra in Paris. She is now a member in Cairo Symphony Orchestra and teaches violin in MUST Opera House.

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Giza, Egypt