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Theme: TEDxHannoverSalon "Good and Bad Habits"

This event occurred on
September 21, 2016
6:30pm - 10:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Hannover, Niedersachsen

In theory, the recipe of a habit – may it be a good or a bad one – is rather simple. A cue triggers a routine which in the end provides you with the desired reward. These are the basic ingredients of virtually every habit you can think of.

Procrastination for example is one of these bad habits which might influence our way of living in numerous ways. We leave that report, that news article, university paper or any other thing until the last minute when the panic monster wakes us up. This is a typical situation for all of us, the idea and desire to do something and somehow we always ended up not doing anything at all.

Can we break bad habits by being more curious about them? Can we establish good habits, if we know about the mechanism how they are formed? How do we keep our conscious self-aware of the things we do and don’t do, and their effect on our daily life. From smoking to overeating to all those other things we do even though we know they're bad for us.

You want to achieve a healthier lifestyle? You want to eat better? You want to exercise more frequent? These are just a few examples for which habits play a pivotal role and this is why they are worth a closer look.

Pavillon Kultur- & Kommunikationszentrum­
Lister Meile 4
Hannover, Niedersachsen, 30161
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Hannover, Germany
  • Michael Richter