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Theme: 滴―しずくー

This event occurred on
December 11, 2016
1:00pm - 8:00pm JST
(UTC +9hrs)
豊中市, Ôsaka

The theme of TEDxOsakaU 2016 is “Shizuku (drops)”.
The ideas from speakers of the event are like drops on water.
Each drop originally has a different shape. Through real communication between participants, partners, speakers, and staff, they get denser and more colourful, shining like a prism and reflecting new lights. From the moment these drops touch the surface, they will splash and spread out in a beautiful pattern of ripples. We believe that the ripples of these ideas will reach your mind, and become inspirations that enrich your life.

豊中市, Ôsaka, 560-8531
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University (What is this?)
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Hiromi Mita

Sign language translator, performer.
三田 宏美(みた ひろみ) 視覚・身体言語である手話の身体性や音楽性の虜になり、舞台での身体表現活動をはじめる。4年前、身近に常に聞こえない人がいて視覚での対話をする自分の日常が世間では非日常であることを今更に知る。その後身体表現活動と平行して、視覚中心の環境設定等で日常とは異なる知覚を用い、固定概念や対話を問い直す試みを続けている。 Hiromi Mita, fascinated by the physical and musical potential of sign language, she has started her new career on stage, expressing emotional and powerful messages. Four years ago, she keenly realized that visual conversation which the deaf people use seemed less important for everyone else. This experience drove her into her current activities. She is now on a quest for new ways of communication, in which people are drawn to an authentic perception hidden deep inside the body.

Jun Idogaki

Student, Dentist
井戸垣 潤(いどがき じゅん) 歯科医師、井戸垣潤はこう考える――食べる楽しみがいつまでも続く社会を。 アジア全体で高齢化が進む中、食べる楽しみの鍵を握るのは歯磨きである。当たり前だが難しい歯磨きと、食べる事について、大学院生として日々研究を続けている。 As a dentist, Jun Idogaki thinks dental brushing is the key to joy of eating. Brushing teeth is a daily activity for everyone; it is, however, difficult to do properly. To spread the method of good brushing, he transforms himself into a hero “Hamigakijun”, teaching people from young to old the importance of healthy teeth in workshops. He hopes society will stay being a place where people enjoy eating throughout their lifetime.

Koji Hashimito

Professor of physics
橋本 幸士(はしもと こうじ) 専門は理論物理学、弦理論。1973年生まれ、大阪育ち。東京大学、理化学研究所などを経て、2012年より現職。 セミナーや執筆など、アウトリーチ活動にも積極的に取り組む。著書に『超ひも理論をパパに習ってみた』(講談社サイエンティフィク)などがある。 Koji Hashimoto's research covers various subjects of theoretical physics and string theory. Born in 1973 and grown up in Osaka, he joined Osaka university after professorship at the University of Tokyo and RIKEN. Beside his scientific publications, he is also an author of popular books introducing cut-in-edge science in a familiar and humorous way to readers.

Makoto Yasuda

Professor at the Department of Applied Chemistry
安田 誠(やすだ まこと) 簡単な分子から、高度に機能化された化合物を合成する精密有機合成化学を専門とする。典型金属の特性を生かし、従来の手法では達成できない反応の開発を行っており、その結果を環境負荷低減プロセスの構築、生命工学への応用といった領域に貢献する。授業ではカリスマと笑わせるユーモアを駆使し、さまざまな側面から化学反応を見つめていく。 Makoto Yasuda, specializes in organic synthetic chemistry, studying the synthesizing process of simple and complex organic molecules. He devotes himself to the development of new reactions using main group metals. He has made great discoveries using unconventional methods, which have contributed to reducing loads on the environment and industry.

Susumu Imaizumi

今泉 奏(いまいずみ すすむ) 大阪大学外国語学部スワヒリ語専攻4年次に休学し、アフリカ一周の旅に出る。キャンプ生活、トラック移動を続けながら、各国の歴史教科書を収集。アフリカを歩き回ったからこそ実感できた文化、歴史や自然のグラデーションを伝えたいと思うようになり、帰国後、講演のほか、写真展や教科書展示を行う。 現在は長崎新聞で連載中の「アフリカさるく紀行」のほか、ハフィントンポストのブロガーとしても積極的に発信を続けている。 Susumu Imaizumi studies Cultural Coexistence at the Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University. During his senior year of his undergraduate degree he travelled around Africa, where he collected history textbooks written in different countries. The tough but exciting experiences he had in the continent prompted him to share the vividness of its history, and nature. After arranging exhibitions of photographs as well as the writings collected in Africa, he continues to be at the forefront of attractive culture, working as a blogger and columnist.

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Osaka, Japan