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Theme: Open Doors "Connecting & Sharing"

April 2, 2017
12:00am - 8:00pm JST
(UTC +9hrs)
Sendai, Miyagi
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Since its inception in 1907, Tohoku University has been known for its ‘Open Door’ policy and was the first university to welcome foreign, and female, students within Japan.
Tohoku University continues to attract great minds from all over the world, and conducts high quality research. Our team believes that it is vitally important for the university to not only admit and teach students, and conduct research, but to also engage with the local community and to truly create a meaningful impact to our society.
TEDxTohokuUniversity, as individually organized branch of the famous TED Conference, is aiming at providing a platform, where ideas born in Tohoku university and Tohoku region can be shared to the wider audience, and to the world. Marking this year’s theme “Open Doors” and 110 anniversary of Tohoku University, we hope to emphasize the importance of “Connecting and Sharing” by making TEDxTohokuUniversity 2017 a place where members of the University and the local community can connect and share ideas, listen to inspiring stories and best practices within the community. With this event we hope to reach out from Sendai the world, and to teach future generations the important lessons we have learned today.

Qatar Science Hall
Aoba-ku, Aramaki, Aoba-6-6
Sendai, Miyagi, 980-0845
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Chris Broad

YouTuber, Creator ユーチューバ―
Chris Broad is the creator of ‘Abroad in Japan,’ one of the largest foreign YouTube channels in Japan, with over 375,000 subscribers and 35 million views. Through the channel, he shares his experiences of life in Japan with the world, with videos featured in the global media, from the BBC and the Guardian, to Gizmodo and the Nikkei. In the last year he’s focussed the channel on featuring the region of Tohoku, in the hope of showcasing to the world what he considers to be Japan’s best kept secret. In his talk he highlights the power of Youtube as a tool for opening doors to the world and encourages the audience to share their experiences through Youtube, at a time when it’s never been easier to create engaging videos with a global audience. 37万人以上の視聴者と3500万の再生回数を誇る日本最大規模の海外Youtubeチャンネル「Abroad in Japan」のクリエイター。チャンネルを通して日本での体験を世界に共有し、そのビデオはBBC、The Guardian、ギズモードや日経など世界の幅広いメディアで紹介されている。近年は日本の隠れた名所や名物を世界に発信すべく、東北地方に注目している。世界への扉を開くツールとしてのYoutubeの力に着目し、世界中の視聴者へ簡単にビデオが届けられるようになった現代において、YouTube

Mai Ilda

Educator, interpreter, translator, blogger and writer 教育者、通訳翻訳家、ブロガー&ライター
Having spent her childhood in the U.S., Mai has always been interested in Japan's relations with the world. It was not until she visited Tohoku that she found beauty in the local regions of Japan, leading her to aspire to bridge the local and global. Currently, Mai resides in Fukuoka where she supports children through English education to envision their dreams, and also serves in interpretation and translation work for local projects across Japan. Mai has a BA from International Christian University and a MPP from the University of Tokyo. 「日本の地方と海外をつなげたい」ーそう思うきっかけとなったのは大学時代に訪れた東北地方である。幼少時代をアメリカで過ごした経験から日本と世界の関わりに関心を抱くが、震災後に東北地方で出会った方々の想いそして東北の伝統文化や自然に魅了され、その魅力を全国そして世界へ伝えたいと思い始める。東京大学大学院では地方への移住政策について研究し、自身も東京からのIターンを決意する。現在、福岡で子どもたちに英語学習を通じてインスピレーションを与える傍ら、東北をはじめとする各地で翻訳や通訳に取り組む。

Noriko Lily

Interpreter, translator, radio personality 通訳、翻訳家、ラジオパーソナリティー
Ms. Lily is the representative of "Lily's TranSupport", a language support group located in Sendai where she works as a English-Japanese bilingual translator. Without any experience in studying abroad, she received her knowledge through her work. With the motto of “Connecting People and Languages”, she is continuously contributing in a large amount to the English education in Japan. With translating and interpreting as her main job, Ms. Noriko is also enrolled actively in many activities such as English lectures and radio shows. 語学支援団体 Lily’s TranSupport の代表を務め、仙台を拠点とし日英通訳者として活躍している。留学経験はなく、国内で独学のみで通訳者となる。「人と言葉をつなぐ」をモットーとし、英語教育などにも大きく貢献している。通訳や翻訳の仕事を中心に、講演会など様々な形で活動を行っている。

Noriko Osumi

Tohoku University Professor 東北大学教授
Professor Noriko Osumi graduated from Tokyo Medical and Dental University with a Ph.D. in Craniofacial Development, and has become the first female professor of Tohoku University School of Medicine since 1998. Her research interest covers brain development and neurodevelopmental disorders. She was chosen as one of 25 Distinguished Professors at Tohoku University from 2008 to 2011. She sits on various governmental committees such as those dealing with ethical issues, grant system development and career paths for young scientists. She was a representative of the CREST project and of the Global COE project, and has now been a leader of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas supported by MEXT. In honor of her contribution in promoting awareness of female researchers, she got the prize ''Nice Step Researcher 2006.” 

Ryotaro Sakurai

CEO of Lifebridge Inc.
Born in Sendai, Japan, Mr. Sakurai moved to Seattle, Washington USA in 1989 for his high school education. He then went to Richmond, London to get his undergraduate degree. Mr. Sakurai’s passion is education and globalization. He believes, by learning abroad, that one can learn not only information and one's own specialities, but much more beyond. He is now the owner of LifeBridge Inc., a consulting service for Japanese who want to study abroad. 仙台で生まれ、1989 年に高校入学のためシアトルに渡米。その後リッチモンドに渡り大学学位を取得。 教育とグローバリゼーションに力を注ぐ。 海外経験を通して、人は知識や専門性だけではなくそれ以上のものを得られると感じている。現在は LifeBridge Inc.のオーナーとして、留学を希望する日本人へのコンサルティングサービスを行っている。

Takayuki Furuyama

Executive director of Itonabu 株式会社イトナブ代表理事
Born and raised in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, Mr. Furuyama found his deep interest and passion in the progressive world of IT. After the Great Earthquake, he went back and forth from Tokyo and Ishinomaki to teach  IT education in his former highschool. Finding his calling in teaching young people, Mr. Furuyama decide to make a platform where everyone can 「learn」and 「play」with the world of IT. Hoping that young people in Japan, especially in Ishinomaki, will not only become a consumer, but also a developer in the fast changing world of IT. He then founded Itonabu Ishinomaki, a place where young people can learn more about IT. 宮城県石巻市生まれ。日々進化するITの世界に関心と情熱を注ぐ。東日本大震災以降、東京から石巻の母校へ戻り、高校でITを教える。若者へのIT教育を通して、誰もがITで「学び」「遊ぶ」ことができるプラットフォームの開発を決意する。日本、とりわけ石巻の若者が、急速に変化するITの世界で消費者としてだけでなく開発者としても活躍できるよう、一般社団法人イトナブ石巻を設立。若者がITを学べる場を提供する。

Takuro Kajiya

Leader of Sendai’s GLOBIS Graduate School of Management グロービス経営大学院仙台校リーダー
Mr. Kajiya graduated from Keio University with a degree in policy management. After gaining experience in GE Japan, he came to the Tohoku region as a volunteer following the Great East Japan Earthquake, Mr. Kajiya is a head contributor to the foundation of the Graduate School of Management, Globis University Sendai campus, where he hopes that business people in the Tohoku region can be motivated and learned from each other to foster its reconstruction. 東日本大震災直後のボランティアをきっかけに東北に入る。その後、東北の復興に貢献するために、東北のビジネスパーソンが仲間と共にビジネススキルや志を高め合える場としてグロービス経営大学院仙台校の立ち上げに関わり、現在仙台校のリーダーを務める。慶應義塾大学総合政策学部を卒業後、日本GEを経て現職。

Trishit Banerjee

Student | Tohoku University 東北大学学生
Still a sophomore in Tohoku University Department of Science, Trishit Banerjee has achieved much more than many people at his young age. Having participated in several speech and debate competitions at Inter-School District and National levels in India, Trishit has won several awards since his high school years. His passion is education and journalism which lead him to create “The Sentinel” in 2016 which is the first English newspaper not only in Tohoku University, but also in all universities around Japan. 東北大学理学部所属。インドでインタースクール等のスピーチやディベートの全国大会に数多く出場し、高校時代からいくつもの賞を授賞。 教育とジャーナリズムに力を注ぐ。2016年に東北大学、そして全国の大学でも初となる英字新聞「The Sentinel」を設立。

Yosuke Komatsu

Director of Asuenokibou NPO cooperation アスヘノキボウNPO代表理事
Originally born in Miyagi, Mr. Komatsu came back after the big March 11th earthquake and committed himself to reconstruct the affected areas. However, a long-term plan was needed to start solving his issue . As he faced the state of depopulation, he formed the Asu-e-no-kibou (“Hope towards tomorrow”) NPO Cooperation which aims to develop the community around the town of Onagawacho. 宮城県出身。震災直後に故郷に帰り、復興支援に尽力する。しかし、時間が経過するにつれ長期的な復興の必要性を感じ始める。震災によって過疎化が進んでしまう現状を目の当たりにして、「街」として復興をするべく女川町を中心に街づくりを目標とする NPO 法人アスヘノキボウを立ち上げた。

Yuji Nakatani

大阪出身、大阪育ち。名古屋大学大学院工学研究科博士卒。高校まではスポーツで、大阪選抜種目キャプテンや全国大会にも出場。大学は名古屋へ移動し、4年時には既に化学研究者として、昨年のノーベル化学賞受賞者とディスカッションを交わし、ミシガン大学にも短期で在籍。学振DC1や国内外の学会等で十数件受賞していたが、研究だけでなく半分の時間は社会貢献活動や教育分野に注力していた。卒業後、会社を2 年で退社し、現在は株式会社リアルカレッジの代表取締役社長であり、仙台の学生に特化した東北最大級のシェアスペース「リアルカレッジ」の 仕掛人。愛知県では、新城市若者議会市外委員として、広報部兼アドバイザーとしても活動中。官公庁や教育系のコンサル、出版、金融、IT、イベント業など、 多種多様な仕事をこなすトータルコーディネーターである。

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Sendai, Japan


Sendai, Japan
  • Gekko Budiutama
  • Jirath Enju
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  • Mayu Aketagawa
  • Moemi Miura
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