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Theme: harmOnie "Peut'on apprendre à vivre ensemble ?"

This event occurred on
December 11, 2016
Paris, Île-de-France

Our environment changes more and more quickly and becomes more and more complex.
The latest neuroscientific findings show that every human being has the potential to emerge from his silos to calmly apprehend new situations and make decisions in a personal, responsible and assumed way.

Social cohesion requires constant investment in the hearts and minds of each new generation. When a generation grows in a society that differs from that in which its parents were raised, society must make even more efforts to define and advance social cohesion.

The younger generation is involved in a multitude of communication networks. They do not necessarily lead to a better understanding.

Radio France - Maison de la radio  
116 Avenue du Président Kennedy
Paris, Île-de-France, 75016
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Bolewa Sabourin

Dancer activist
Born of a Congolese father dancer and a French mother his pupil, he was sent from his first year in Kinshasa, Congo, to return 5 years later in France, after years of galleys I obtained a Master in Political science at the Sorbonne and acquired a certain experience in the organization of the unorganized, more commonly called empowerment. This is reflected in the co-foundation of the association LOBA (express in Lingala, language of the Congo), art in the service of the City, which aims to advocate pluriculturalism through the arts, foundation The collective Cité en Mouvement which trains young people from the working-class neighborhoods of France to politics, and the construction of the Different Leaders collective, which trains future economic leaders through social commitment. Today, dancing is a powerful weapon for denouncing injustice, giving power to those who are deprived of it and amplifying the causes.

Divina Frau-Meigs

Professor - global specialist in media and information education
Divina Frau-Meigs is a professor at the new Sorbonne University. As a global specialist in media and information education, she leads several projects: ANR TRANSLIT (, the European project of MOOCs ECO ( and the Erasmus + ECFOLI project (www She heads the UNESCO Chair "knowing how to become in the digital age". She received the "E-Toile d'Or" from the Internet and the "Global MIL" award from UNESCO and the Alliance of Civilizations.

Iannis Roder

Professor of history
An associate professor of history, he has taught for 18 years in Seine-Saint-Denis, mainly at the college Pierre de Geyter. As early as 2002, in the collective book "The Lost Territories of the Republic", he alerted the difficulties encountered by teachers who encountered sexism, homophobia and anti-Semitism of some of the pupils whose values Of the Republic did not make sense. In 2008, in a book, "Blackboard. The defeat of the school ", he analyzed the relationship to the world of these adolescents whose religion often constituted the backbone of a simplistic and anxiogenic worldview. From his experience and knowledge of the ideologies and processes leading to mass violence of which he is a specialist, he has drawn reflections which enable him today to propose to the teachers training in France, within the framework of a mission which he has Entrusted the Shoah Memorial. He is often called upon to intervene on the school. Engaged with his students to promote their success.

Jean-Emmanuel Rodocanachi

President and co-founder of the group Les Petits Chaperons Rouges
President and co-founder of the group Les Petits Chaperons Rouges (307 crèches, 3,500 employees, 50,000 families since 2005), a pioneer company in France on business crèches and public service delegations. He also heads the Solidarity Fund for Children. This non-profit endowment fund is dedicated to supporting exemplary initiatives in the field of early childhood (health, language, disability ...). Jean-Emmanuel is a director of the Caisse Nationale des Allocations Familiales (CNAF). He is a graduate of HEC, the Institute of High Social Protection Studies (IHEPS) and Singularity University. He regularly gives his testimony on family policy, women's return to employment, professional equality, continuity of public service, social protection, equilibrium of living times and public-private partnerships.

Jérôme Roussin

Entrepreneur in new technologies
Jérôme Roussin is a 38-year-old entrepreneur with new technologies, with 15 years of experience in communication and marketing. In 2011, he made radio columns on the Mouv '(Radio France group) in order to democratize new technologies, and advised in the wake of companies in their digital transformation. In 2016, he founded Evoluchain, a startup specializing in smart contracts via the blockchain. The platform makes it possible to create and manage intelligent contracts thanks to a clean interface, understandable by all. In June 2016, Evoluchain won the 1st BNP Paribas prize at VivaTech. Investor and advisor to startups, Jérôme also teaches the information sciences at La Sorbonne and in business schools in Paris. He regularly participates in citizen meetings to raise public awareness of the protection of personal data. Optimistic and animated by foresight, he is also a photographer.

Latifa Ibn Ziaten

Peace activist
Latifa is originally from Morocco. Married at the age of 18, she follows her husband in France to build a home and a better life. Very close to the schooling and the double cultural education that she transmits to her children, she wishes that they understand the chance they have of studying to reach their dreams. She sees them grow, to the drama that touched her family, on March 11, 2012. Mohamed Merah, a terrorist, had killed seven victims of which the first was a soldier, a soldier of the republic, his son Imad. His life was shattered. Today the life of Latifa has changed, it has taken another turn, the courage of a mother who refuses to take refuge behind his deep sadness. She remains standing and founds an association to reach out to those who are the cause of her injury. "Never again Merah" are his words! It is a trial that she undertakes with empathy and courage to overcome her ordeal of life. In addition, she named her association "IMAD Association for Youth and Peace. "

Marie Trellu-Kane

Founder of a pioneer organization of the Civic Youth Service in France
Marie is the Executive President and founder of Unis-Cité, the pioneer organization of the Civic Youth Service in France. This national organization mobilizes each year more than 3000 young people of all origins, for 6 to 9 months of teamwork serving missions of general interest in France. His experience served as an inspiration for the launch of the French Civic Service and the Voluntary Civil Service. Marie also taught social entrepreneurship at ESSEC, and founded the social incubator and philanthropic seed fund Antropia. It also supports companies in their corporate philanthropy and social responsibility policies and contributes to the development of public policies in the field of voluntary work, employment and youth, in particular at the UN. It led to the creation of the "national volunteer program" of Burkina Faso. Knight in the National Order of Merit, she was administrator of the Agency for Social Cohesion and Equal Opportunities and the Civil Service Agency.

Olivier Cueille

Social entrepreneur
Olivier Cueille, 38, is the father of two children. He co-founded MicroDON 7 years ago, a social enterprise that allows everyone to do their part by offering daily micro-donations to the caisse des stores, pay slips, on-line purchases and bank. Olivier studied computer science at the central school of electronics in Paris. After 8 years at GE Money Bank where he became CTO, he chose to apply his experience to a social impact project and became General Manager of MicroDON. Olivier is also a director of Max Havelaar France and a general delegate of the endowment fund Le Réflexe Solidaire. MicroDON is a company of solidarity of social utility and BCorp. In 2016 already 1.5 million euros, more than 3 million micro-donations, have been donated to more than 350 associations in partnership with more than 200 companies.

Stéphane de Freitas

Artist and Entrepreneur
Stéphane de Freitas is an artist who works on the concept of mixing opposites. "Indigo" is his work of associating the opposite colors in our imaginary: red and blue, which he expresses through various forms of artistic performances. In 2012, he founded La Coopérative Indigo, a non-profit organization. The structure embodies the transposition of its concept into the heart of everyday interactions. The projects developed have the mission to innovate in the reflection and the creation of social bond to improve the living together. She has distinguished herself through her educational programs of speaking "Eloquentia". Stéphane made a documentary that traces the course of students participating in the training and the contest of speaking at the University of Saint-Denis, "Aloud". Today, it develops the social network of mutual aid "Indigo", a solidarity platform of exchanges of free goods and services, which rewards the generosity of the users. Developed in several countries, the applic

Stéphane Latxague

Director of the NGO Surfrider Foundation Europe
Stéphane Latxague has lived very diverse experiences: trade, sports and sliding, art, entertainment and multimedia, events ... Strong of this diversity, he will invest for more than 20 years in professionalized action within structures of interest General non-profit organization. First, by joining the teams of Télécoms Sans Frontières: for five years, he led some thirty humanitarian missions in zones of war and natural disasters as well as development on all the continents. In 2003 he committed himself to the protection of the environment and became the Director of the NGO Surfrider Foundation Europe, overseeing the economic development and strategy of climate, ocean and coastal conservation programs, societal change and Education. He is also their political negotiator during major international negotiations. He is also a social and environmental economic advisor in the Aquitaine region, working for universities and schools and organizing and moderating conferences and forums.

Valérie Zoydo

Journalist, author and consultant in the changes of society
Journalist, author and consultant in the changes of society and the world of tomorrow, it has as a guiding thread the knowledge of self and the citizen interiority through its character of free-lifeuse nomad who explores the territories of the change, the autonomy and Interdependence, inspired by the functioning of natural ecosystems. Its raison d'être: citizen empowerment. She will release an information site "" in 2017. Author and co-writer of the series of six documentaries "Objective 2050", on the transition to a post-carbon society, food, energy and productive autonomy, Resilience of the territories and the redefinition of a new abundance, she also writes for the written press. Co-author of the collective work "New myths, new imaginary for a sustainable world" with Carine Dartiguepeyrou. She was Counselor of Corinne Lepage in prospective, storytelling of the change and link with the civil society. She also co-founded the paper magazine REZOmag.

Vincent Ricordeau

A self-taught entrepreneur since his 18th birthday, Vincent also spent about ten years running advertising networks for major press and sports marketing groups (VNU Publications and then Sportfive). He has been a global pioneer of crowdfunding since 2008 with the successive launches of 3 participatory financing platforms: KissKissBankBank in 2009, in 2013 and LENDOPOLIS in 2014. KissKissBankBank & Co is the French leader in crowdfunding. Vincent defends the idea of a radical change in the modes of organization of our societies based on peer-to-peer networks of the Internet. His vision of crowdfunding, based on collective intelligence emanating from these networks, must be used to build new, ethical, transparent and popular finance.

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