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Theme: Bridging and Bonding

This event occurred on
December 16, 2016
3:00pm - 11:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Albacete, Albacete

Today we encounter diverse challenges on how to face different situations of social injustice, barriers and obstacles of integration between different communities. An imaginary walk through our cities will make us realize about both differences and similarities that divide us and bring us closer at the same time. It will also invite for a reflection and a dialogue to build better connected and cohesive neighborhoods and cities and so, to create those bridges and ties that continue uniting us.
"Bridging and bonding", as a concept, is borrowed from the social capital theory and, to be more precise, from "Bowling Alone" by Robert Putman. It explains a dual way in which people and communities coexist and relate to each other. As a result, different social phenomena and ideas emerge through these interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships…to be explored in TEDxPlazadelAltozano…
To cover the diversity of topics within the framework of “Bridging and Bonding” theme, our goal is to manage an interdisciplinary agenda of talks and thus, to bring in more diversity to the event, we have invited the following speakers to share their ideas and passion: Juan Carlos Lopez, Manuel Murcia, Samuel Piqueras, Cristina Castillo, Francisco Callejas, Juan David Escobar, Ester Lazaro, Carlos Gonzalez y Helena Rodriguez.

Plaza del Altozano
Plaza del Altozano
Albacete, Albacete, 02001
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Carlos González Tardón

Associate Professor and Expert on Gamification and Video Games
Carlos holds a PhD in Psychology, Leisure and Human Development, by the University of Deusto, and a BA in Psychology, by the University of Barcelona. As a founder of People& Videogames, he develops socio-educational projects for different institutions on the basis of gamification and video games. In 2009, he launched a non for profit association called “Asesoría sobre Videojuegos” (Consultancy on Video Games). Currently, he is an associate professor at U-tad and Tecnocampus, lecturing on videogames and gamification.

Cristina Castillo Rodríguez

Coordinator of Compassionate Communities
Dreamer and in love with life. Currently, she is working for New Health Foundation and she is a leader of international movement of compassionate communities in Seville, which consists in creating community networks that accompany and care for people with advanced diseases and even at the end of their lives. She counts on extensive experience in social intervention and community development programmes in different countries along Europe and Asia. Cristina holds a Diploma in Social Work, specialized in Prevention and Intervention with Homeless, Addiction and Mental Health (at Dublin City University). Moreover, she holds a Master in Coaching for motivation and social change and is a member of the Tibetan Prananadi school.

Ester Lázaro Lázaro

Scientist and specialist in Molecular Biology
Ester Lázaro holds a PhD in Biological Sciences and is specialized in Molecular Biology. She currently works at the Centre for Astrobiology (INTA-CSIC) where she leads a research group dedicated to the study of the principles governing biological evolution, using viruses as an experimental system. Ester is a co-author of the book “Emerging viruses: the hidden threat” and has written numerous articles on scientific research and dissemination. She aims at bringing the scientific knowledge closer to society and devotes part of her time to lecture in Master programmes and conferences. She tries to apply a transdisciplinary approach in her research in order to understand interactions better at every level, from the simplest biological systems (such as viruses) to the most complex ones (such as human societies).

Eva Espinosa

Speech and Communication Specialist
Eva shares her "Comunica-T" method that helps people and professionals make the definitive leap to public speaking. Dreamer and creative revolutionary, involved in international projects whose mission is to help people developing personal skills to meet their professional goals. Her presentation "Your difference will always be my learning" is born from her vital experience in the field, that collects lessons learned through interacting with people from other cultures. "With each difference, we expand the opportunities that allow us to evolve, reducing our mental and emotional limits."

Francisco Callejas Sánchez

Specialist in Philosophy and Ecclesiastic Studies + Priest at the Parish of Saint Pilar
Francisco holds a degree in Philosophy and Ecclesiastic Studies and teaches at a local high school. He is also a coordinator of a Master programme in Socio-political Education and a priest at the Parish of Pilar in Albacete, Spain. As a priest, he tries to help others to find the meaning of their lives and strengthen their faith and so, he consults and accompanies people in difficulties. He also teaches in the field of philosophy, theology and social sciences.

Helena Rodriguez de Guzmán

Social Educator + Creative Learning Promoter
Helena is a social educator, with extensive knowledge and skills in facilitating educational and social processes through human rights based approaches. She is absolutely passionate about the design of innovative training methodologies and new learning environments, which would allow people to transform their lives and professions into meaningful projects, contributing to a conscious, fair and sustainable citizenship. Co-creator of materials and didactic tools for participation, Helena takes part in formal and non-formal education with her collaboration and creativity.

Juan Carlos López

Telecommunication Engineer and Researcher
Juan Carlos holds a PhD in Telecommunication Engineering from the Polytechnic University, Madrid (UPM). After 2 years of postdoctoral studies in the United States, he returned to the UPM and devoted his carrier to the design of integrated circuits, participating in numerous European projects, always focusing on technological transferences to different companies. He is also a founding partner of a start-up dedicated to the development of control and communication systems. He contributed to develop the School of Computer Science at the University of Castilla La Mancha, where he worked as Director for 8 years. He currently leads a research group, aimed to study how to design intelligent and interconnected systems, which are the basis of paradigms such as the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, etc. Moreover, he regularly participates in workshops and courses about innovation and engineering.

Juan David Escobar

Food Engineer and Entrepreneur
This food engineer and entrepreneur holds a postgraduate degree in International Cooperation for Development and is a PhD candidate in Food Technology. Juan David has been dedicated to the consultancy, training and management of companies in the agri-food sector. He is also a founding partner and CEO of Q'omer BioActive Ingredients SL - a social company whose objective is to promote public health and positively influence in the well-being of the population by facilitating access to raw materials and bioactive ingredients - natural, healthy, safe and sustainable, based on a biotechnological research and ensuring social, economic and environmental sustainability. He argues that science and social commitment must go hand in hand in order to create communities more conscious of the world in which they live.

Manuel Murcia Sánchez

Creative Advertising Specialist and Communication Manager
Passionate about creativity and disruption, Manuel holds Master´s degree in Communication, MBA and degree in Advertising and Public Relations. He has received several awards in creative advertising. Currently he works as Communication Manager of Gasóleos Sánchez y Murcia and chairs the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Albacete.

Samuel Piqueras

Telecommunications Engineer
Samuel holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineering, however he works in something completely different - The Fundación Secretariado Gitano, whose mission is to promote the access of Roma to rights, services, goods and social resources on an equal footing with the rest of the citizenry. It may seem like it has nothing do with him, but since he was little he loved helping people with exclusion problems, that is precisely what he loves the most about his job.

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