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Theme: Gamechanging

This event occurred on
September 17, 2016
9:00am - 12:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Östersund, Jämtlands län

Full day event followed by a dinner and after party!

Residensgränd 10
Östersund, Jämtlands län, 83130
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Helena Nordström

Founder and CEO Placebrander
Helena Nordström is one of the leading authorities within Place Branding in Sweden. It all started in 2003, when she studied how Sweden is branded abroad. She has been working as the Marketing Manager of Destination Jönköping in Sweden and in 2013 she started her own business, Placebrander. Placebrander started as a blog in 2011 and is now a company working with places and destinations, mainly in Sweden. Also Placebrander annually, together with a jury, select the best Place Brander in Sweden, they continuously serve trends within the field and arrange events for the industry.

Jakob Lindvall

Founder Idea2Innovation Sweden AB
Jakob is a 50+ year old family father with a life long passion for skiing and sailing. After spending half of his working life in big cities and large corporations, he moved with his family to Åre, a small mountain village in Northern Europe and founded a start-up company. As entrepreneurs, Jakob and his team are exploring the intersection between human creativity and new technologies, with focus on idea generation and co-creation. In his talk, he will describe how the new possibilities arising from big data and artificial intelligence will enhance our capacity to collaborate and innovate at scale. And make new friends!

Jerry Silfwer

Founder and CEO, Spin Factory. PR Specialist. Advisor. Blogger.
Working out of both New York and Stockholm, Jerry has helped numerous world-renown brands and startups to activate their fans online. Besides helping clients, he authors the popular PR blog, Doctor Spin. In his talk, Jerry will reveal why we must stop obsessing over big reach numbers in marketing and PR, and instead uncover the power of small numbers.

Linda Forss

Community builder, conversation conductor, entertainer
Linda Forss is a creative community builder, taking action on a variety of arenas, focusing on stretching rather than niching. Managing municipal infrastructure for fossil free traveling; arranging education for understanding oneself and theBigPicture; and conducting public conversations to provide structure and leadership to any important issue. All of this, preferably, while singing. Originating from a marginalized, mountain village which managed to rise from resignation thanks to theatre and a social relations, she learned by heart that culture and relations are keyword to happy people, to a happy planet and to happy profit. Therefor she decided to become…a civil engineer. So powerful was the norm. So strong was the fear. So weak was her mind. Fortunately. How could you possibly achieve anything, not confronting the frames that need to be changed!

Linn Hallberg

Born and raised in Östersund, this young woman is already an experienced singer and musician. When you hear Linn’s voice, it is obvious that her passion is singing. She started singing at five years old, never showing a single trace of shyness and always a confident presence on stage. Linn feels truly alive when she gets to connect with people through her music, and describes it as an amazing experience to be able to reach out to people in this way.

Marina Jonsson

Artist, entrepreneur and visionary
The artist, entrepreneur and visionary Marina Jonsson has passionately devoted more than a quarter century to her creativity. She has created exhibitions, installations and artistic experiences – one of the more unforgettable ones being the time she covered and entire mobile home in cheese doodles. For her, the most powerful incentive is freedom and flexibility, and she navigates her assignments and ideas with a strong sense of intuition and a true self. “To be creative is to be open and free in both mind and spirit, see things in new perspectives and having the courage to do the unexpected. To be able to do that, you have to have a great deal of curiosity, humor and trust, things I believe are crucial to all human interactions.”

Mette Helbæk

Chef, food stylist & writer
Mette Helbak has a master degree in sociology and communication, but has worked with food for the last 20 years as a waiter, food writer, food critic, greengrocer, chef and restaurant entrepreneur. Based on experiences from the highly acclaimed restaurant Stedsans in Copenhagen she proposes a new set of criteria for the high quality meal, including focus points like sustainability, happiness, sharing and vitality.

Per Grankvist

Author and journalist, specialized on sustainability, ethics and civic engagement
Per Grankvist is an author and journalist, specialized on sustainability, ethics and civic engagement. He’s a columnist at the opinion pages at Sydsvenskan, a daily morning paper in Malmö, Sweden, and a frequent commentator on current affairs in Gomorron Sverige, the flagship morning show at Swedish public service broadcaster SVT. His passion is intellectual entertainment that help people connect the dots in new ways. He’s the author of three acclaimed books and has been called ‘a Swedish version of Malcolm Gladwell” for his way of writing about contemporary phenomena in unexpected ways and is a popular keynote speaker.

Rasmus Nutzhorn

Social Entreprenuer, Lecturer & Advisor
Rasmus is an entrepreneur and a speaker with a focus on growing businesses that improve lives of the next billion people, using disruptive thinking and exponential technology. In 2015 he joined the start-up Kessel Solar as CEO to implement renewable energy solutions across emerging markets, create a platform for wholehearted business and show that products can be sold, produced and distributed in a sustainable and simple way. Over the last years Rasmus has been working with the global education programme Hyper Island focusing on experimential learning, culture creation and creative leadership and has assisted Fortune 500 companies, across multiple sectors, through digital transformation processes.

Robert Morris

Edutainer, Faux-Classicist, Occasional Lawyer
Rob is passionate about history and its uses, and firmly believes we all need to know more about it. Based somewhere between Istanbul and nowhere in particular, he tries to communicate this passion through his YouTube Channel, the More Freedom Foundation. Every week, Rob uses tools that didn’t exist 12 years ago, to reach audiences that didn’t exist five years ago, to discuss issues didn’t exist last week. But his talk will focus on the importance of things that happened from 200 to 2,000 years ago.

Rudolf Reindeer

Beeing a reindeer
4,5 year old Rudolf have had assignments in international events as well as in commercials and films.

Ulrika Andreasson

Entrepreneur and Animal trainer
There is a widely spread idea that to control your pets you need to force them into obedience. This film will show why this is not necessary. Ulrika Andreasson has trained animals her whole life. It was when she learned about clicker training, a method based on positive reinforcement, her relationship with her animals changed. Her core principles are motivation, cooperation, and respect for the individual, which works with both animals and people. Ulrika Andreasson bought reindeers to develop her passion for animal training into a carrier, and still get to live in her small village in Jämtland, Sweden. She is now an entrepreneur and animal trainer by profession, and her reindeers have had assignments for international events as well as in commercials and films.

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