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This event occurred on
February 18, 2017
1:00pm - 5:00pm HKT
(UTC +8hrs)
Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

not able to be believed; unlikely to be true.
"unbelievable or not, it happened"
synonyms: incredible, beyond belief, difficult to believe, scarcely credible, inconceivable, unthinkable, unimaginable; More
so great or extreme as to be difficult to believe; extraordinary.
"your audacity is unbelievable"

This year TEDxLingnanUniversity will bring together a group of individuals from varying backgrounds who have managed to break the barriers of belief.

Although we will only be running a half day event this time out, you will not be disappointed! Each speaker has developed, innovated or created something....well unbelievable!

You do not want to miss our 5th anniversary TEDx event, it is primed to be our best yet!

Lingnan University
8 Castle Peak Road
Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, 00000
Hong Kong
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University (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Dr Michael Pittman

Vertebrate Palaeontologist
As a dinosaur palaeontologist at the University of Hong Kong my research focuses on the evolutionary biomechanics of vertebrates, especially dinosaurs, as well as the evolution of theropod dinosaurs (including early birds).

Elaine Yan Ling Ng

Multimedia Materialologist
Elaine Yan Ling Ng, founder of THE FABRICK LAB, brings together textiles, electronics, biomimicry, interiors and installations. Elaine is a British Chinese visionary multi-media artist and a graduate of Central Saint Martins in London where she earned her MA Design in Textile Futures with distinction. Elaine, also known as the ‘techno fairy’ by Elle Deco, is a TED fellow and is globally recognised, having worked with international design companies such as Nissan Design Europe and Nokia Design Beijing with multiple design awards.

HK Urbex

Visual Creators & Storytellers
"HKURBEX, or Hong Kong Urban Exploration, are one of the most prominent urban exploration groups in the Asia Pacific region. As a collective of adventurous content creators, they have made it their mission to photograph and immortalise abandoned sites across Hong Kong and Asia. Their exploits are soon to be published in the upcoming book, "Spatial Cemetery" out in late 2017 from Blacksmith Books. Find out more about their unique form of heritage preservation at

James Bernardo

Google, Amazon, Apple, Disney, Mattel, Microsoft and Dyson – brilliant companies founded on awesome ideas, and all born out of someone’s Garage! Garage Society serves all lifestyles, while committing itself to shared aspirations in entrepreneurialism, such as enrichment through knowledge and bringing about social impact.

Jessie Siu

Innovative Hong Kong Artist
Jessie Siu, a Hong Kong based artist , a rare gem whom has taken an unconventional path to bring art and people together. She has made it her mission to help everyone to paint like a master. Since the launch of her art workshop at PMQ 2015, She has helped many students and corporate clients to live their artistic dreams. Art should be lived, art should be experienced. Jessie makes art simple and relevant to everyday lives. Art doesn’t happen just in galleries or museums. Art is everywhere! Through her classes and cross-disciplinary collaboration, She tries to ignite and bring out that love of art and strongly believes there’s an untapped reservoir of creativity deep inside everyone.

Kiesly Tsang

Design Visionary
Kiesly Tsang is well aware of the barriers Hong Kong creators face when it comes to getting their wares out there. So much so that she set up Design 1+1 as a digital marketplace for emerging design talent to showcase their creations to the world, and to act as a stepping stone for their works to be used on local and regional hospitality projects. She has worked in fashion, textile and community design for more than ten years. In her work, she is sensitive to details, image, colour, textile, shape, line and form. Most of her knowledge was gained from international design exhibitions, travels to Europe, clients, craftsman and artists.

Marie Swarbreck

CEO - Fleximums
Marie started her career in the communications, sales and events sector working across Asia, Middle East, Europe and Canada. After her daughter Arabelle was born in Hong Kong during 2014, she found herself in need of flexible yet challenging work and little to no options to choose from.. In between juggling a few jobs and raising Arabelle, Marie realised many parents in Hong Kong are talented professionals who would jump at the opportunity to work a flexible yet fulfilling job and a better work-life balance.. This was the beginning of a new adventure, the birth of FLEXImums. FLEXImums connects employers who offer flexibility, whether it’s full-time work with flexi-hours, work-from-home or part-time work, job-share or any other form of flexibility with parents looking for flexible positions.

Nicola Fan

Filmmaker + Graphic Designer
Nicola Fan is a Hong Kong based filmmaker + graphic designer. A number of her work is recognised internationally. Her first feature length documentary "She Objects", commissioned by The Women's Foundation, has been selected for 2016 Hong Kong Sundance Film Festival. Recommended by Hong Kong International Film Festival, her music video "The Eve" was sponsored by Hong Kong Arts Centre to be sent to film festivals worldwide from 2014—2015. She works as a Creative/Art Director for marketing and advertising campaign design; and a Director for commercials, music videos, documentaries and short films. Her clients included Red Bull, Sunkist, Samsung, New Balance, J. P. Morgan, Time Warner.

Tiff Chan

The future of Cantonese is to be able to read any phonetic translation of Cantonese in English roman characters, with the Chantoneasy™ symbols, to be able to read Cantonese as consistently as Putonghua (Mandarin) as an official pinyin system. - Chantoneasy™ symbols are an extension of the 4 tones of Putonghua pinyin.

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Tuen Mun, Hong Kong


Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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