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Theme: Boundary

This event occurred on
April 8, 2017
Fuzhou, Fujian

The history of human beings, is also a history about boundaries.

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Changle beach
Fuzhou, Fujian, 350001
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Chao Lin

Investor of the first youth community You+ in Fuzhou
He was introducing the format of You+ into Fuzhou as almost the same time while the first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai started it. As an entrepreneur of the Cenozoic era, he focuses on the young entrepreneur and sharing economics. In this “Boundary” event, he is about to state his confusing and opinions in the practice of sharing economics and communities.

Dalian Chen

Director of Fujian People Arts Drama Theater, Grade-one national drama director
During the 20 years, he has directed nearly 30 drama performances independently, and still searching the way of self-breakthrough. In this “Boundary” event, he is going to talk about the story of how he is being broken the boundary by someone else. Through his talking, you are probably to reach the soul of creation and inspiration. A perfect director with great performing tension is more likely to present a dramatic lecture, so, wait and see it!

David Bolinsky

CEO & Creative Director
David Bolinsky is an accomplished and award-winning medical illustrator and animator whose ground-breaking career in digital animation spans 31 years. After holding the position of Senior Medical Illustrator at the Yale School of Medicine, David founded the world’s first digital medical animation company, Advanced Imaging, Inc., in 1984. David is passionate about bringing the power of animation to science education, through both cutting-edge advances in interactive technologies and innovations in publishing.

Debina Sarkar

A postdoctoral fellow in MIT Synthetic Neurobiology
Her research includes nanotechnology and synthetic biology. In this “Boundary” event, Deblina will share his research findings about how to reduce global warming through setting the boundary between the ultra-thin two-dimensional materials, then making energy-saving electronic equipment.

Gong Chen

Musical Instrument Engineer, A temperament specialist
In Fuzhou, he has two private musical instruments museums which collect thousands of musical instruments from china and foreign countries. All of them either restored or manufactured by him. He is now over 70 years old and still working on these.

John Werner

The vice president of Meta
The former head of Innovation and New Ventures at the Camera Culture Group at the MIT Media Lab. He is a dynamic innovator and connector. He has helped grow the presence of Adventures in the TED community, where participants visit sites of innovation to generate transformative collaboration and nourish lifelong learning, which is spread and followed widely in the global TED community. In this “Boundary” event, John will share his innovated works, thoughts and inspiration about pop-up cities. He thinks pop-up cities is a kind of human crowd, which is crowed temporarily, existed and melted away temporarily, like Burning Man and Kumbh Mela. Over the past three years, he has traveled to India 12 times. He devoted his energies to helping improve the live situation of the Pop-up city - Kumbh Mela, through Technological innovation and social innovation.

Jun Wei

Founder of the Ironrock Sailing Club
Captain of a global sailing boat named Xiamen He was the first Chinese who conned a sailing boat travelling along the global geophysical shape. He was also the first Chinese who sailed across the south-Pacific westerlies and steered by the Cape Horn, a place known as the marine cemetery.   He is founder of the Ironrock Sailing Club, founder of the sailing challenge round of Chinese Sailing club. He had once spent all his savings on sailing and had even been put in jail for this before appreciating the most fascinating views while sailing. He is more than 60 years old now, still active in the field of sailing.

Pingfan Rao

Food Science Professor of Zhejiang Gongshang University, The academician of the International Academy of Food Science
Former Vice-principal of Fuzhou University A Scientist and the first Asian chairman of international Food Technology Alliance He has worked on the research of Corbicula fluminea Soup, which is the most popular soup to Fuzhou local people. He also gave a clear answer of why drinking soup is good for liver than solo eating meat in soup. By checking the potential of main and collateral channels, he made a real-time monitoring system of the effects after drinking soups.

Tao Zhang

Landscape Architect and Ecologist, Principal at Sasaki Associates
Tao is a landscape architect, ecologist and principal at Sasaki Associates, Inc., a global design firm known for its culture of innovation and thought leadership in the fields of urban design, planning, landscape architecture, civil engineering, architecture, interior design, and graphic design.

Ting Li

Founder & Chief Editor of Science-Technology Magazine - OFFLINE
She has planned and published the million best-selling book - The Economic Naturalist, and she has initiated an on-line books translation projects - YiYan Gutenberg Project. She is the publisher of Kevin Kelly’s relevant books in China.

Wei Zhao

Founder of IDEAS Camp Education, Chairman of China Camping Education Union
A pioneer of introducing the international camping education system into China. A mother who devotes herself into the practice of social education, innovation and reformation. She works for assisting young generations to acquire the core ability in the twenty-first century by integrating homes, schools and society into camping education.

Zerong Chen

Financier, Lawyer, Chinese traditional doctor who is good at acupuncture
He believes that there are connections between Modern Medical Theory and Chinese Traditional Medicine. He applies himself to develop the Chinese Traditional Medicine into the easier, lucid, wield practical subject. In this “Boundary” event, he is going to share his theory based on Modern Neurobiology to restudy the traditional meridian points, further working out the unique treatment theory.

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Fuzhou, China
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