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Theme: Kaleidoscope

This event occurred on
May 5, 2017
10:00am - 6:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
cairo, Al Qāhirah

A wise man once said, "God has never created something useless so if you think something is, then you are probably looking at it the wrong way."

The word Kaleidoscope was made out of two greek words, "kallos" which means beautiful and "eidos" which means shape added to those is the english word forming element "scope" which means something for viewing.

The Kaleidoscope is an optical instrument containing loose bits of colored materials (such as glass and beads) between two flat plates and two plane mirrors and there's an eyehole in the other end.

What you see when you look through that eyehole will never be the same twice, a huge variety of patterns and colours that will be changed as long as you're changing the angle of the fallen light so when you rotate your kaleidoscope it will show you a different pattern every time.

So through our event this year "Kaleidoscope" we aim to give you a bunch of different subjects and talks every talk has it's own and unique pattern and our role is to help you improve your vision because maybe you need to move and look at your life through different angle so you can see beautiful things, just like the kaleidoscope does "different components with different angles can change the view for the useless things you may think you have and gives beautiful patterns".

ains shams hall
ain shams
cairo, Al Qāhirah, 11542
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Amina Diab

Amina Diab is a child psychologist, parent educator and parent coach. She strive’s to help families build strong parent-child relationships based on the foundations of respect, love and trust. Amina is currently a doctoral researcher in Education at the university of Bath. After pursuing her masters in child & adolescent psychology, she has been working with a variety children ranging from behavioral issues to developmental abilities to learning disorders.

Basant Sallam

Bassant is a 19 year-old dentistry student. “I've been privileged throughout my life to be an international student, moving around from country to another, meeting new people and discovering new worlds of different cultures and beliefs. My passion for TED started 2 years ago when I acquired the license for TEDxyouth@AISE”, she said. Bassant has unique patterns in her kaleidoscope of treating strangers and she is going to show us these patterns in her talk.

Hany El-Dakak

Hany is an Egyptian guitarist and composer, he is the lead singer and one of the founders of the band " Massar Egbari "; who graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University.

Hatem Zaghloul

Hatim Zaghloul is best known for his inventions together with his friend Michel Fattouche, they invented together the WOFDM and MCDSSS techniques which are the foundation of the Wi-Fi technology. He recieved many awards like: -The 2000 Fraser Milner Casgarian pinnacle Award. -The finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. -Recipent of the Calgary Immigrants of Distinction Award Recipients for business. -He was presented with the Hall of Fame Award from Broadband Solutions -Designated by Canadian Computer Wholesaler Magasine as "Technically Excellent Canadian" -Named one of 10 Great Canadians by MacLean's Magasine. Hatem Zaghloul was born in Giza on February 7 1957, graduated from Faculty of Engineering Electrical Department, Cairo University. He's got a long history with University of Calgary as he was teaching assistant in it, obtained a Ph. D. in Physics from it as well. Hatem also worked for Sclumberger wireline services as on oil well logging engineer, he was a statistics instructor at the University of Athabasca, was a senior researcher at Telus, held various positions in Wi-LAN Inc and was the CEO of Cell-Loc Inc. and Solutrea. Hatem Zaghloul is currently the Chairman and CEO of IPL Media Inc. for Technology

Mai Borham

Mai Borham is an AUC fresh graduate with a major in Multimedia Journalism and a double minor in Business Administration and Film. She is founder of the MMB initiative that aims to send beams of hope to over 600 struggling souls on a weekly basis, extreme sports enthusiast and finds comfort in storytelling, reading, writing, acting, photography, critiquing films and playing with golden retrievers. Mai is a firm believer in the power of lifting others and motivating them to reach their full potential. Mai aspires to become the first Egyptian Hijabi radio presenter at the BBC Radio Network.

Mohamed Sobhi

He is a tennis champion, works as merchandising supervisor in l'oreal egypt, ambassador in Helm حلم and helped in forming application "انطلق" He has taken the 1st place rank in Egypt's wheelchair tennis championship, 3rd in africa's and he's ranked 191 worldwide.

Tarek Michelle

Tarek has a wide and diversified 35 years of working experience between multi-national oil companies and mega private business. In the latest one he was responsible for the strategic planning for a company including development plan for 12000 employees. Last 10-15 years, he worked in human development field as a corporate trainer/facilitator, where he was working with soft skills, managerial skills, leadership skills, business simulation and Strategic planning. Tarek is currently working as coach and leadership expert for development and growth of organizations, industries and teams.

Wael Fakharany

, El Fakharany held many positions in multiple regional and multinational corporations managing billion dollar investments in Egypt and the middle east for example: - Managing director and vice president of governmental relations at Careem - Regional director for Google Egypt and middle east - Held many positions in IBM Middle East & Africa , 3COM middle east, Oracle , and more.

Walid Fekry

Walid Feckry is a writer, born in 1980. He graduated from the Faculty of Law. He has been practicing historical writing since 2009. His books include: History of a Second Form, History in the Shadow, Unknown Egypt, Blood of the Mamluks, He writes in a number of websites such as: Za2ed18 , إضائات , مؤمنون بلا حدود , صلة , Raseef22 رصيفــ22 .. He holds monthly seminars entitled "A Discussion in History", held at the library "ALEF Bookstores" His writings Seek to provide a new reading experience in the field of history, attracting young readers.

Organizing team

Abd elnasser

Cairo, Egypt