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Theme: <R>evolution

This event occurred on
January 6, 2017
Beaver Creek, Colorado
United States

The most powerful weapon on Earth is the human mind Xploding with a freshly connected new idea. Like a soul on fire, the synchronicity of TEDxVail will rock you into a quantum of leaping ah-ha's, spiraling into another orbit of impact-shaping interactivities. In all the polarization, with "the other" retreating from low information choosers, in all this hate, find love, sweet human; allow dance in "R"evolution.

Welcome, evolutionaries
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Begin your Xperience ascending together by starting your own personal evolution now, this very moment.

Be among the first 100 on the Beaver Creek Resort buses from the Bear Lot to receive evolutionary swag bags. Come early to The Vilar to egister to meet speakers and other participants, check out interactive demos, listen to hand-picked playlists. Scope out the Vilar stuffed with surprises just for you.

(Shhhh...Attendee Yoga next to the Village Ice Rink @ 12:40...early access to speakers...)

Doors to the theater open at 1:45.

Session 1: Worlds Seldom Seen
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Sharpen your senses. Be primed and ready. Defy gravity. Go where you don't belong. Don't believe in limits. Leave your mind behind. Rare, behind the scenes vistas of "Worlds Seldom Seen" lead you to sweet, tender bridges of evolutions again and again reimagined. Proofed, with your own eyes, your own heart, your own mind. You'll take an inside slideout approach. This is what EPIC looks like. This is what ah-ha feels like.
Who's up?
britten, Artist-in Residence, TEDxVail 2017
Suzanne Simard: How trees talk to each other

3:00pm - 3:30pm
Enjoy KIND snacks, chat with people you've not yet met, and play with dynamic demos.

Session 2: Radicals & Rebels
3:30pm - 4:30pm
For a fully (adiant) evolution, for backstory engineers: Life is all about getting the goods. When a great day hits, they are there. Everybody has a back story. Sometimes heading out of bounds takes us farther than we intended to go: whether it's to an unXplored zone, a higher elevation or a new perspective. Had a life-altering moment in the backcountry? Send it their the artist wild about creativity, to the diabetes activist, to the unconventional woman worker, or to the round-the-world-do-gooder. Stand up for and with them as these forces of nature say, "Yes, on creativity." They didn't invent evolution - they just made it - a wild ride any renegade could take. Who's evolution might move you?
Yesmeen Scamahorn, LOVER OF LIVES
Roman Mars: Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you've never noticed

Movement Moments
4:30pm - 6:30pm

Your Gallery Xperience is designed to delight you on your evolutionary quest. It's up to you to add the spice. Make it meaningful, memorable, Xtraordinary in every way. Walk in your shoes in surprise, kindness, wonder, ease, and comfort. So make your move through Beaver Creek Village marvelous. Check your Beaver Creek app for prizes along the way. Local organic foods will be served for dinner. Rebels, Radicals, & evolutionaries are called to rampage at 5:45 pm at the base of Centennial lift for a first ever human evolution art collaboration directed by Doron Gazit and John Quigley.

Session 3: Dynamic Failure
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Ideas may be too radical and multiple failures may have followed. But it is in the getting up that resilience and strength of these ideas and storytellers are revealed. You'll hear from students, educators, an adventurer, a soldier, a human resource expert and a collaborative artist. When people stand together with this boldness, turning Dynamic Failures around yields treasures beyond measure. Surprise, these are not political talks nor religious talks, but certainly the evolution of these storytellers will release fresh thinking your way. Who's failing faster to fill you up with fabulous ideas?
James Veitch: This is what happens when you reply to spam email

"The Edge...there is no honest way to Xplain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over." Hunter S. Thompson.

7:30pm - 8:00pm
Enjoy a taste of sweetness, to perk up before tonight's final ideas. Connect with someone you've been wondering about. Stop by a place you've not yet Xplored. Your TEDxVail for this year is nearly over. What have you wanted to see or do that you have not yet? What connection, if made, might change your world?

Session 4: Divided We Fall
8:00pm - 9:00pm
When injustice becomes law, evolution becomes duty. You'll Xperience "otherness" and it's impact from an author, a student, an immigration attorney, and an immigrant. To accomplish Xtraordinary feats, there must be a vision: an unshakable idea that will set the foundation for a future that benefits not just the few, but the many. This type of thinking is now needed more than ever as humanity moves from adolescent to adulthood. Resist assimilation, erradication, and implosion. We are not the first; we will not be the last migrants to this continent."What happens when Humanity's lost its way?" Take the road less traveled, it leads to evolution, on the well-worn and beaten path. See it. Get it. Do it. Action! Scale spectacularly.
Where does your equitible evolution reside?
Monica Araya: A small country with big ideas to get rid of fossil fuels

Radicals & Rebels After Party
9:30pm - 11:59pm
March the renegade in you over to an undisclosed location to our private party. Here's your chance to have that radical conversation with your favorite TEDxVail Speaker. Chat with them about your fresh synthesis of what you've just heard. Or gather your tribe to take serious action on an idea you just can not let go of. They'll love listening to you and music. This is always a highlight and not to be missed. Plan on parking below in the Bear Lot for the day (save $35). Jump on the Beaver Creek Shuttle to return safely to your car. at the end of the night. Dress mountain casual. Warm socks suggested. You'll be walking to the location. Your personal evolution awaits.

Compelling voices and stories, real and raw talent, new ideas that actually serve or delight an audience, TEDxVail links meaning and ballast. These are things that matter in the next evolution. In four sessions you'll travel from Dynamic Failure to Global Movement Making. As you can never Xplain light to a blind man, participants will find they are Xperiencing that life moves on. Whether you choose to move on and take a chance on the unknown, or flexibly flow these fresh connections, or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could have been, the evolution moves on.

We build this "R"evolution together, We call upon you, all of you, especially the sensual you. Enlivening senses...connect our community as a whole, tech demo, experiment in radical, urgent progress, "R"evolutionary change-worth noting and nurturing, TEDxVail will be what we make it. We began with a rough sketch and a Beatle's lyric. While packing up the thousands of glass pieces of "Wheat" and "Rain" from the set of TEDxVail2016, this year's Artist in Residence, Britten, and TEDxVail Founder Kat Haber lit up with the vibe of the next iteration theme for TEDxVail2017 hearing "talking about a re-vo-lu-tion"...and bingo "R"evolution become this year's organizing principle.

Where are the "R"evolutionary edges of our speakers/performers/team? To place these ideas before you, all at once, humbly, boldly, welcome to TEDxVail! Together, we have set up a context for you to participate in and co-create an art showcase/fashion show/community workshop/tech demo/concert/skilled dramatic co-performance/challenge/call to action/impact maker space/reveal/awakening. There is no taboo. Limited only by our willingness to be "R"evolutionary in response, place no boundary on your authentic, reasoned, radical listening for fresh connection, networking a future you can believe in.

Welcome to "R"evolution!

68 Avondale Lane
Beaver Creek, Colorado, 81620
United States
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Alex Woodard

Alex Woodard is musician who has toured nationally behind three critically acclaimed albums. He now turns his head and heart toward For The Sender book series, features stories of loss, exposing the beautiful things that arise from PTSD. Alex encourages doing something beautiful and empowering with emotional burdens. His idea runs counter to the message from the media about people who have suffered from trauma, of any kind, portrayed as victims with a disorder. He believes there are beautiful things that these people are doing in the wake of their tragedies to help not only themselves, but the world. Alex Woodard's dream of having Springsteen on speed-dial and selling millions of records evaporated one empty, haunting night in a hotel room in Chicago. He soon discovered that what he was supposed to be doing was something bigger and more beautiful than he ever could have dreamed. When he's not surfing in his beach town north of San Diego, Alex lives with a big dog and two bigger horses.

Bethany Halbreich

Paint the World Founder, Awakened Artist
Bethany Halbreich believes in leveraging the power of creative innovation to further global social progress. She founded Paint the World, facilitating creative expression in underserved communities. She directed the onsite operations of THINK Global School, the world’s first and only traveling high school, to empower the next generation of leaders through travel and cultural immersion. Bethany worked at one of America’s most-esteemed therapeutic communities for addiction rehabilitation in Tucson, directing various projects, harnessing the Native American communities’ entrepreneurial potential. With the Thai Royal Family’s Foundation, she delivered financial literacy curriculum in rural high schools. With Ashoka and Do Something, she empowered entrepreneurial youth. Bethany received her B.A. from New York University. She is working on her Masters in Education Entrepreneurship from University of Pennsylvania, where she coordinated a social impact incubator.

Betsy Ray

Children are dying at the bottom of a cascade of beliefs that have rendered diabetes irrelevant and insignificant. Betsy Ray, Speaker, Diabetic, Educator, Consultant, Author, Activist, Cyclist, Fundraiser, Parent of a child with Type I Diabetes (19+ years), Founder/CEO Diabetes Activist, Consultant International Diabetes Federation - Global Blue Voices Initiative, Co-Host - The Bonnie Sher Show, Guest Blog Author - DiabetesMine, Delegate, DiabetesMine Innovation Summit, Stanford University, Eli Lilly Journey Award 50 year Silver Medalist, Founding Grand National Champion “Inspired By Diabetes" Competition, Lifetime Member - Guild of The Children's Diabetes Foundation (CDF), Owner Belvedere Belgian Chocolates, Cherry Creek North, Colorado wants to change that by altering the perception about diabetes. She believes misunderstandings about diabetes are causing avoidable suffering and death. Betsy asks, "How do we change public perception and awareness to end the Diabetes Pandemic?"

britten Elizabeth

Growing up in the colorful city of San Francisco, studying art in Florence, Italy, and now living in Colorado, britten believes "Perception has infinite possibilities, just as color does, and I like to play with both." There is no separation between Britten’s life as an artist and her personal life. Life and her paintbrush effuse endless possibilities as she explores boundless creativity and bold perspectives. As an accomplished and globally collected, contemporary artist, she views life as her greatest masterpiece. britten starts every painting with a hand-made alder wood frame, stretched with organic cotton canvas. After gesso, she applies a water-based layer, giving the painting texture. Layers of gold, silver, and copper leaf, are then followed by French milled, oil paint and resin, layering gives her paintings a luminous quality that range from a peaceful ethereal feeling to a vibrant zing. Her creativity mirrors an internal landscape of emotion inspired by Colorado’s open space.

Charles Orgbon III

Awarded the Captain Planet Foundation Superhero for Earth award, Charles Orgbon focuses on how the environmental movement can remain relevant for people of color and act as a vehicle for delivering positive change for a healthy, overpopulated planet. As a gay teen, Charles supports young people, ages 5-25, through the NGO he founded, Greening Forward, raising over $120,000 for kids' enviro projects. Eight years ago, Orgbon III believed he could free the world of litter when he was only 12-years-old. To date, the senior at the University of Georgia has led a global effort of 2,000 young people planting trees, saving natural resources, revitalizing habitats, and recycling waste. He asks, "How can the environmental movement remain relevant to communities of color?" With resistance in the environmental community to having the "race talk." he is at the intersection between social and environmental issues. "Racism kills quickly (the police), Racism kills slowly, insidiously (pollution.)"

Dominique Sire

Dominique Sire teaches the counterpart of “the power of positive thinking” leading each person to experience the inherent greatness of being human, mastering the landscape of their inner lives. For over two decades, Dominique has created acclaimed workshops and private sessions for thousands of clients around the world, igniting in them the courage to discover the passion of living in a fearless body. She's worked with domestic violence victims at the Alameda County Family Justice Center; and reveals for business people the “powerful communicator within.” Dominique uses the language of the body to identify the unconscious, internal blocks and limitations that run our lives. She goes to the heart of the emotions that can adversely affect each person's ability to feel fully alive, helping them uncover the core of their excellence and leadership. She awakens us to an unlimited human potential, a divine intelligence that is different yet equal to the power of the mind. Fearless.

Doron Gazit

Doron Gazit, a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, will match your awe equally for his work with its scale. His choice of materials and settings reference the interface of nature, technology, and industry with a modern sensibility and playfulness. Gazit has installed a large number of environmental pieces throughout the world, Santa Monica Beach in California, Tokyo, Mexicali, Alaska, and Dubai. Gazit considers these temporary installations literal extensions of the act of drawing “lines.” His method of intervention brings the landscape into focus. He installs inflatables as ecological mega-drawings on devastated environments worldwide, in order to draw attention to our fragile planet before it’s too late. Doron is now concentrating on the Red Line Project (a metaphor for a blood vein) that he carries between locations around the world devastated by climate crisis and man's misuse of the environment. He draws choreographed elegance with expansive imagination.

Elizabeth Howe

Elizabeth Howe Is the Senior Director of Mountain Operations at Vail Mountain. She is one of just a few women who hold this position in the ski industry. She encourages other women to follow their passion, knowing no boundaries, particularly the boundaries into male-dominated professions. Howe spent 20 years in operations at Telluride, beginning as a lift operator and eventually rising to vice president of resort operations, where she managed Telluride's ski patrol, snowmaking, grooming, lift operations, lift maintenance, parks, events and fleet maintenance, the same functions she leads for Vail Mountain. She served as director of the Telluride World Cup Organizing Committee in 2009-12, preparing her for overseeing Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships in Vail and the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. With a BS in Biology from Loyola University Chicago, she also serves the National Ski Areas Association, the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board and the US Forst Service.

John Quigley

John Quigley is an internationally known Artist, Producer, and Activist. He fills the need for communities to express their dreams while addressing urgent issues. His unique mix of human installation, aerial photography, and political activism brings together communities to create large-scale human messages for common good. Focusing on themes of health, human rights, social justice, ecological balance, democracy, and freedom, these collaborations liberate spirit, inspire unity, and activate creativity through participation. His work, human pointilism, is about people, what they love, beauty, and connecting with nature. John emphasizes the powerful moment they’re about to experience…hundreds to thousands of people co-creating these giant forms, overriding personal obstacles about participating, bonding in the experience, setting new lenses of possibility, pouring love into their momentary pictograph for the 21st Century, calling viewers to act.

Jon Kedrowski

Jon Kedrowski combines his hobbies as a mountain geographer, ski-mountaineer, alpinist and author to create a life of perpetuating inspiration. In the wake of his many successful books and expeditions is the underlying message of how anyone can accomplish anything they want, if only they set their mind to it. However, his isn’t a cliché address; rather, he fully accepts that in order to be successful one has to fully embrace being uncomfortable at some level, while still charging forward. He believes that in the end, realizing the value of the journey is more important than the summit, being on the summit is momentary. In addition to climbing Mount Everest, he's known for sleeping on the summits of mountains all over the world. Facing fears, setting goals, teamwork and tackling the Everest in your own everyday lives are lessons he's learned from the mountains. He wonders, "How can I apply the N.O.D. Philosophy to the youth?" His breath-stealing images of mountains are sublime.

Leezia Dahlla

Leezia is a journalist, news junkie and first generation American who immigrated to Texas from Canada with her family in 1996. She is of African and Indian descent and speaks three languages proficiently. Leezia’s love of the media emerged in the second grade, when she was recruited to join her school’s Newspaper Club. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science from Northwestern University. Follow Leezia on Twitter: @AskLeez Leezia wants us to go beyond politics to look at the root cause of polarizing language about immigrants in America. Discussing the immigrant experience is critical now more than ever before as we see unparalleled changes in migration patterns around the world. Become more aware of the words used to discuss (and thereby understand) the immigrant As a news reporter, Leezia’s work has been published in the The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, the San Antonio Express-News, Boulder Daily Camera, The Denver Post, The Daily Northwestern.

Mark Gerzon

Mark Gerzon, author of "The Reunited States of America: How We Can Bridge the Partisan Divide,"pioneers the frontier between "Left" and "Right." After leaving Harvard University, Mark co-founded both a global newspaper and the Mediators Foundation, addressing critical social issues. Out of this came Global Mediators Associates, the South-North Development Initiative; Global Dialogue Partners and other initiatives. He is also a Distinguished Fellow of the EastWest Institute. His book, "Leading Through Conflict," has been translated into six languages, including Persian and Mandarin. Concerned about the increasing polarization in American communities, he spent the last two decades fostering cross-cultural education as well as closer cooperation across international, ethnic and ideological divisions. He co-designed and facilitated the US Bipartisan Congressional Retreats in the late 1990s. Mark's building a transpartisan movement in the United States.

Meadow Mountain

Guitar - Summers Baker Mandolin - Jack Dunlevie Violin/Viola - Ian Parker Banjo - George Guthrie Bass - Wilson Luallen brilliantly form Meadow Mountain. Denver Bluegrass and New Acoustic Winners of the 2017 UllrGrass band competition. Founded in 2014 in their hometown of Vail, Colorado, this string-heavy quintet sparks good energy, combine strong compositional elements with an ability to improvise and create melodic ideas in the moment. Meadow Mountain plays a tapestry of Colorado roots, new acoustic music. They started by busking at the Vail Farmers market and were inspired by Punch Brothers at The Vilar, making them want to play straight ahead bluegrass. "Many a Mile," "Battle Mountain Pass," and "Homestead" are among their broad repertoire of authentic genre of original bluegrass tunes. Dance with their twinkling guitar picks and country-riddled blues voices.

Morgan Flahive-Foro

Exploring the sensitive well of the human experience through the art of movement, Morgan Flahive-Foro's choreography is intricate, delicate, and openly human. She is the Assistant Artistic Director at Vail Valley Academy of Dance where she also co-directs The Vail Youth Ballet Company. Morgan has diverse professional experience as a dancer, actress, choreographer, director, and teacher. She received a BFA in Acting from The Theater Conservatory at Chicago College of Performing Arts in 2008 which launched her into a career of avant-garde collaborative performance work. This passion for the unorthodox path provoked a deep interest in spirituality studying yoga, meditation, and philosophy. Through yoga, she is dedicated to assisting others in the art of self-healing and self-actualization through a nourishing, playful, and loving approach to the practice. She teaches creativity & dance as a way of being in relationship with the world. Chimney Choir provides the unique collage of sound.

Ryan Lupberger

Ryan Lupberger is a social entrepreneur with a mission to fix social entrepreneurship. He believes that non-profits have the ability to increase their impact and reach, dramatically, if they would shift to for-profit businesses with a social mission. His company, Cleancult, was launched via Kickstarter and provides a subscription box service for green cleaning products. He's helping people to feel clean, not chemicals. His efforts to rid homes of harmful chemicals aims to prove that products and movements need to reevaluate their purpose to inspire, attracting millennials. At Think Board, he was a finalist at the world’s largest business accelerator, The MassChallenge Accelerator program and established relationships with 25 mentors. He's been an Unreasonable Maverick, a SupporTED production assistant, and is a driven, passionate creative who believes business can shape a growing trend in social entrepreneurship, making it profitable to grow businesses while changing lives.

Sheryl Winarick

Sheryl Winarick is a U.S. immigration lawyer who recently completed the TED Residency in NYC, incubating her project Hope Domino, #hopedomino, exploring immigration and related issues through inclusive civic discourse in communities across the U.S. On her “listening tour," she's deepening understanding through personal interaction. Her clients include Oxfam International and TED, small businesses and start-ups, as well as individuals and families from all over the world. Sheryl draws on her experience working with migrants and refugees to encourage us to choose hope over fear. Sheryl practices with TED & TEDx, UMCOR - United Methodist Committee On Relief, Justice For Our Neighbors (JFON), and Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. (CLINIC). She's an Aspen Institute Scholar (2014), serves on the HIAS Public Policy Committee, a graduate of Texas A & M, and holds a JD from George Washington University. Sheryl says, "Challenge the sources that shape your reality."

Yesmeen Scamahorn

Yesmeen Scamahorn is an artist and the world is her canvas. In 2009, she followed her heart to Colorado from Orange County. Life has been a wild ride ever since. She has traveled to 14 countries in the last 6 years and doesn’t plan on stopping. “Giving back is part of living on this earth.” She has volunteered her time feeding the homeless in Denver, Boulder Floor Relief and Round Up River Ranch. In 2014, she quit her job to be of service around the world completing 6 projects in 6 months. She went on the road with a purpose (R)evolution, returned home to Vail to report she'd found herself along the way. More than a personal story, Yesmeen guides us to jump, because the thing about jumping is that people notice. She has a zest for life unlike any other and her attitude is infectious.

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Vail, CO, United States
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