x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Bridges

This event occurred on
December 11, 2016
10:00am - 6:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Kyiv, Kyïv

You can go round in circles, remaining in your own dimension, without moving forward … and towards disunity. Radical mood, heartrending shout, combustion of prisms through which worlds might have been built correctly. The feeling that we all are together, but separately.

We are at loggerheads because of differences of opinions, attitudes to personalities, events, instead of finding uniqueness in our distinctions and use it skillfully. All our differences together form the unique experience that has to be accumulated, analyzed and passed to next generations.

Since we all have one and the same goal.

To breathe the air of something incredible, to catch the notes of unknown in the air, to look for perfect ideals to follow through the thorns to the stars, to reach inaccessible breath of space that gently falls down to Earth in the arms of our bold dreams.

Turn over the page, start your story again. There is another territory ahead, another scale of responsibility, ability to be open to the world and present yourself.

Yes, you have zero knowledge in an unfamiliar environment, but it is also your world. So move forward to new boundaries, broaden your horizons, look for and get lost.

Let’s work together for common goals, ideas and values that are important for us as a society. Let’s move towards tolerance, healthy debate and awareness that we all are one organism. So we invite you to join the group of associates and build common bridges.

Do you already have your own one?

CEC Parkovy
Parkova road 16a
Kyiv, Kyïv, 01021
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Graduate and teacher of Ivan Pooh Percussion School. Session musician of many metropolitan bands, host of drum clubs and fields at various events.

Eero Epner

Eero — dramaturge, a member of the Estonian state theater troupe NO99 , curator of "Unified Estonia". Creative activities of this theater is not limited with usual theater performances. In particular, this theater is known for its project "Unified Estonia", held during the election campaign to the Estonian Parliament in 2010. In fact troupe created a fake political party, which provocative methods of agitation made it's rating reached by polls up to 25%.

Ulana Suprun

Born in Ukrainian family in Detroit, the USA. Got medical education, became professional doctor, and after moving to New York City was actively engaged in social activity. Director of humanitarian initiatives of Ukrainian World Congress, one of the founders of the NGO "Patriot Defence" director of the School of rehabilitation medicine at Ukrainian Catholic University. In 2015 received Ukrainian citizenship, and in August 2016 was appointed as Minister of Health of Ukraine ad interim.

Андрій Андрушків

Civil activist
Graduate of Ukrainian Catholic University, Master of Theology. In 2006 taught intercultural Bible reading at the Free University of Amsterdam. In 2014-2015 headed the communication team of the secretariat of the Reanimation Package of Reforms. Works as project manager of "Chitko" in the NGO "Center UA". Andrew will offer to think about what role in the positive changes in Ukraine the churches may play if armed with "Gospel for hoodlums."

Андрій Баумейстер

Ph.D., assistant professor of the department of theoretical and practical philosophy of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Author of books "Philosophy of Law"(2007), "At the root of thinking and being"(2012), "Thomas Aquinas"(2012), "Being and weal" (2014), "Introduction to Philosophy Studies" (2016 - forthcoming). Field of interests: metaphysics, philosophy of mind, political philosophy and philosophy of law.

Ваче Давтян

In 1993, came from Armenia to Ukraine and soon after set up companies "PROMKABEL-Electricity" and "Pan Electro". His main role in the companies he is working in - the keeper of happiness. Personal mission: Ukraine - successful country of happy people.

Галина Алмазова

Volunteer and driver reanimation car in the area of the crew ATO emergency medical care paramedics. Known by the call sign "Viterets".

Данило Вдовенко

Works in RnD department of educational online platform EdEra. Now student of the first in Ukraine program Unit Factory, which works by the standards of well-known French school 42. Also for more than 6 years he has been practicing micromagic because loves giving positive emotions to people around.

Дмитро Щебетюк

Born in Kamyanets-Podilsky. His father was a military officer, so the family moved about till finally got to Kiev in 2008. He tried himself in music (played in a band), science (wrote articles, was going to get a postgraduate degree, but was injured in 2011) and in sports (swimming - master of sports of Ukraine, archery - member of Paralympic team reserve). Co-founder of public initiative DostupnoUA, which is created to make public space available for all and motivate people with disabilities to lead active lifestyle.

Євгенія Закревська

Evgeniya – lawyer of the Heavenly hundred families, Euromaidan events, and protests of 2013-2014, among which - documentation of the cases of kidnapping of Oleg Syentsov and Olexander Kolchenko. Born in Moscow, grew up in Poltava, studied in Kharkiv, living and practicing in Kyiv. One of the first who during the Revolution of Dignity pushed into the background law practice and began volunteering. Evgeniya is helping forward the investigation of kidnapping of victims of Russian aggression in Crimea and in the East, protecting the interests of journalists and activists who have suffered from the previous government, and trying to rescue people from captivity in eastern Ukraine.

Павло Пресняков

Although architect by profession, amateur astronomy has become almost his lifework. Coordinator of the Kyiv amateur astronomy club "Astropolis" as well as meteor and bolide network Meteors UA, active observer of space objects, astrophotographer specializing in solar system objects.

Світлана Герасименко

World-class academic, astronomer and discoverer of the comet named Churyumov-Gerasymenko, to which in 2004 the European Space Agency (ESA) launched Rosetta spacecraft. In 1973 Svitlana worked at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, where she observed the activity of comets next 40 years. In 1975 Svetlana was awarded the medal "For the discovery of new astronomical objects." The asteroid №3945 is named after her.

Ярослав Пілунський

Director, cameraman
Started career of cameraman in 1997. As a cinematographer he created more than 600 works, as a director - 20, including famous Ukrainian feature films. One of the founders of Babylon 13, founder and head of NGO "HERO.UA". Together with Yaroslav and "Yellow Bus" we'll travel to the flashpoints of Ukraine and learn how to live.

Organizing team


Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Alexandra Onyshchenko
    Team member
  • Mariia Kriuchok
  • Roman Zinchenko
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  • Vsevolod Dyomkin
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