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Theme: Diversity

This event occurred on
May 13, 2016
New York, New York
United States

Our program is a half day event starting after lunch. Following an excursion to Central Park, the attendees will return to the Browning lobby where they will be greeted by the concierge staff. Our student volunteers welcome students and check in arrivals with a TEDxYouth custom schedule and detailed program with supplemental information. First, we plan to open strong with a whole group gathering in the lower gym. With the stage design set, audience members are welcomed by the committee and the program begins with an intro video and two of our headlining speakers.

Next, there are two activity blocks scheduled. These small groups will offer the community a diverse selection of hands-on, editorial, visual and interactive exhibits. Some sessions will invite conversation and question & answer time with some of our keynote speakers. In between the activity blocks we have designed transitional space and flex time for mingling. While moving from one interest to another, students will pass by and may choose to enjoy refreshments, spread the word to the world in the blogger’s alley or preview future tech in the innovation lab. Then, students will regroup for an extended transition in the cafe for light snacks and refreshments. The space and time give participants a free place for swapping inspired stories and inspiring friends with new knowledge discovered during the breakout sessions.

Last, the whole group gathers for a TED short talk from a local community leader and TED video which will bring everyone back to the whole reason we have gathered together. The final video will be a call to action, striking a heartfelt tone, charging each attendee to take great ideas from the day and take them a step further in reaching change for the whole community.

Prior to our event we will spark curiosity and activism with a hands on exploration of local biodiversity to expand our sense of community and awareness of all living things in New York City. Students, teachers and community members will regroup at the heart of our urban campus to hear presentations about connecting to our global community. Through discussions, art creations and interpretive conversations students will find their voice and take their place as an active, engaged member of the community. We’re going to kick off with some powerful keynote speakers from the fields of economics, science, engineering, design, technology, the arts and mathematics. We plan to backchannel our thinking through social media in the palm of our hands. Literally, hashtags will collect ideas worth spreading. Therefore, we’re not just thinking alone we are thinking and engaging the world around us. We are getting involved to change the world.

Following our keynotes’, student disperse to small groups, based on interest, and speakers connect with their audience through hands-on activities. Our community continues to spark conversations with respect to multiple perspectives. In fact, we hope the TEDxYouth@BrowningSchool event inspires others to think about biodiversity and things raised at the conference.

The Browning School
52 East 62nd Street
New York, New York, 10065
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Brogan Smith

I have been a student at the Browning school for about four years. Some of my greatest interests are music production and composition, software engineering, and Classical language.

Chelsea Carver

Student Scientist: Biodiversity scientist
Chelsea Carver is a tenth grader from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She discovered her passion for science in middle school. Ever since then she has been busy with field studies in the areas of biology and earth science. Chelsea enjoys sharing the accessibility of science with students since all it takes is an idea and access to a park in order to create an exciting experiment or project.

David Eisman

Video game lead designer + engineer
While finishing his 10th-grade year in high school, David was building an international team of specialists to develop a competitive, minimum viable product for serious gamers. Now he wants to share the idea he is most passionate about to inspire others collaborating for high-quality, digital experience.

Dylan Steck

CS Entrepreneur + Activist
A tech enthusiast all of his life, Dylan Steck started coding in fifth grade and has even replicated with his knowledge. Now, Steck runs his own company OpenINC, aspiring to make an open gateway to web usage for all by bringing together the web for a more connected future.

George Stavropoulos

As a student at The Browning School, George has always been passionate about current affairs, especially on matters of diversity, equity and social justice.

Teddy Florescu

Teddy currently attends the Browning school in New York City. Most of his childhood was spent outside of the U.S., living in various places around Europe. Growing up abroad Teddy was exposed to many different cultures. He played many varsity sports for Browning but excelled at skiing. Teddy speaks fluent English and French and has spent four years studying latin.

Thomas Lovejoy

Biodiversity scientist, Author, Environmentalist
Dr. Thomas Lovejoy ’59 is an innovative and accomplished conservation biologist and Browning alumnus who coined the term “biological diversity.” He serves as Senior Fellow at the United Nations Foundation. Spanning the political spectrum, Lovejoy has served on science and environmental councils under the Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations. At the core of these many influential positions are Lovejoy’s seminal ideas, which have formed and strengthened the field of conservation biology. In the 1980s, he brought international attention to the world’s tropical rainforests, and in particular, the Brazilian Amazon, where he has worked since 1965.

Organizing team


New York, NY, United States


New York, NY, United States
  • Betty Noel
  • Karen Blumberg