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Theme: 探寻真我DEEP INSIDE

This event occurred on
October 29, 2016
Suzhou, Jiangsu

2016年初,网络媒体上女性话题铺天盖地。然而舆论是否将女性身份、地位、权益摆在了一个正确的指导方向上,充满了讨论和争议。Deep Inside讨论的是女性内心深处的想法,天生对事物根本的求知欲望,我们知道却无处释放的情感,以及可能被蒙蔽的价值观。围绕女性身份角色、女性发展、女性领导力、女性权益、女性智慧多方面讨论中国以及国际上女性在人类发展过程中所需的突破与改变。

In the beginning of 2016, female topics are all over the internet, while it is quite controversial whether the public opinion has put female identity, status and rights at the right position. Deep Inside will talk about female’s innermost thoughts, the innate thirst for knowledge of the essentials, the emotions we are aware of but have no place to release as well as probably misled values. Talk about breaking thoughts and changes women in China and other countries need to achieve in human development from the perspectives of female identity and role, female development, female leadership, female rights, female wisdom.

SIP International Expo Centre
Suzhou, Jiangsu, 215000
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Cecilia Han

Cecilia Han is an actress, a singer and a film Producer in mainland China

Chingyi Wang

Chingyi comes from Taipei, Taiwan.She is originally from Hulu Island,Northeast China.She aims to be the busiest housewife.She likes to do business that helps others make money.

Hui Xu

Xu Hui has been a Lawyer for nearly ten years, during which Xu has demonstrated great willingness and passion to use her expertise in law to do public-spirited activities. Xu wants to convey the idea that the world could be known and life could be changed by juristic thought, and she is dedicated to inspire people to use the law as a shield to protect their rights

Kate Wen

It all started by an unexpected meeting at Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei when she was sixteen years old, Kate had been in love with Cloudgate for decades. Right now, the Cloud Gate Theater has been a place for dreams to come true; in this place, people learn to fall in love with their own dances.

Kena Song

Kena is the Co-Founder and service director of OBM baby & Maternity Health Life Center and she is honored to be the special promoter of 10 square maternal love program of UNCF

Pu Xu

Xu Pu is the founder of Puzhi Charity Center for children.She has achieved Bachelor's, Mater's and Doctor's Degree in Mathematics as well as Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology. In 2010, she resigned from her job as an R&D director from a US company becoming fully engaged in helping abandoned children.She is now studying the courses of Executive Management of Philanthropy in China Global Philanthropy Institute, in order to be more professional by learning from global experts in this field

Quin SQ Thong

ANA by KARMA 创始人
Quin is the Managing Director Asia of Wilmington PLC, a public listed corporation in U.K. providing bespoke financial, legal, risk & compliance training and knowledge.

Sam Hu

Founder of BaoHuDouDou 保护豆豆创始人
Sam Hu is the instructor of children sex education in Bao Hu Dou Dou. With five years of teenage sex education experience and three years of social entrepreneurship of children sex education, Sam is also the trainer of peer education in high schools in Jiangsu Province. He is the project manager of National Youth Health project in Wuxi. He provides TOT faculty training on sex education for over 50 high schools within Jiangsu Province.

Shanshan Yin

Yin Shanshan, one of China's top 10 fashion designers.She keeps searching endogenous strength from the traditional Chinese culture and creates her own brand——Yigongyuan (Fashion Park).

Wen Chen

Chen Wen was born in Suzhou, China in 1969.She stared her association with Kesi in designing artwork in designing artwork patterns in 1989 and over the years has not just mastered the Kesi waving technique but also the whole production process.Chen wen found the Zhencai Tang workshop in 2001 together with her team of over 50 Kesi weave work artisans,now she is an accredited Senior Artwork Artist and has been honored as a "Suzhou Fork Arts Artist"

Yinan Gu

Yinan is Co-Found and Chairwoman of ChinaNetCloud. Not everyone could grab a bite at cloud time! Yinan, a tech-lady, has infinite passion to better herself this also stems from the motivation of Yinan to evolve herself from a sales queen to the first lady on cloud.

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Suzhou, China


Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
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