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Theme: Stepping into the Knowledge Era

This event occurred on
May 13, 2016
2:00pm - 10:00pm +03
(UTC +3hrs)
Riyadh, Ar Riyāḑ
Saudi Arabia

Due to the observation that many students in the Middle East tend to complete their studies in a western country, we conclude that educational standards in the Middle East are fairly low. But what is the standard for a good education? Based on what do you tend to judge an institution's educational quality? May the educational institutions in the Middle East be unappreciated for false idea which most students adopt rather than a low quality education they offer? We're planning to discuss all these questions in our TEDx event and furthermore educate the audience about what an accepted standard is. In the speeches, after the speaker discusses the current issue, the idea is to be related to the theme, discussing how the current situation may affect the future of the issue. Which, in this idea, related to how will the educational institutions be affected later and how may the currently prevalent idea of studying abroad affect a student's personality and mentality in the future? Whether fleeing local institutions to study abroad is an issue to be solved or something normal that should be accepted. In a Nutshell most students' mentalities in the Middle East are prone to appreciating western education more. Whether this could be considered a stereotype or a fact, both points of view should be analyzed. Moreover, we will be discussing whether education in the Middle East is actually insufficient for the knowledge era we're stepping into and whether Middle Eastern educational institutions do hinder one's knowledge and mind growth into the unknown.

Oruba International School
Ahmed Bin Roshed Street, Fasil Bin Fahd Road, Near King Fahed Cultural Center
Al Rafeeah Zone Riyadh 23661
Riyadh, Ar Riyāḑ, Riyadh 11553 Saudi A
Saudi Arabia
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Youth (What is this?)
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Abdullah Al Jurf

Businessman, Influencer "Leadership Development Team Leader"
An experienced man who inspired our audience with his talk "Keep Questioning". Stepping into the knowledge Era, Abdullah taught us how a question could be our road to gleaning knowledge. His personal experience with his son proved even the most seemingly trivial question matters !

Adam Taha

Speaker/Trainer/Coach at The John Maxwell Team
Your future's history.

Ahmed Al Suwairy

Saudi Arabian media producer and presenter, in addition he's a human development coach.
A presenter and a human development coach , Ahmed Al Sweery , stunned our audience how Stepping into the Knowledge Era with no careful planning and consideration could be risky. His speech titled "Balanced Planning" enlightened us on how to prepare for our next step !

Ahmed Emam

Pharmacist and an Influencer.
A pharmacist who wishes to do a difference and help people avoid the mistakes he have done himself. Stepping into the knowledge Era, Ahmed Emam has now mastered the keys of What, How , and Why to learn. His speech "Continous Learning" gave our audience a subject to think of !

Ahmed Sami

Computer Science teacher, lecturer, and instructor.
A computer science expert , Ahmed Sami, knows all it takes to preserve our cyber security while Stepping into the Knowledge Era. Through his talk "Are we safe?" he displayed the most prominent dangers looming nowadays and didn't leave us without a solution to keep us protected.

Areej Abdullah

Reporter and a horsewoman.
علامية و فارسة تعلمت من تجربة في شبابها القدرات الشفائية لركوب الخيل فقررت أن تخطو إلى عصر المعرفة و تتعمق في البحث عن تجارب في بلدان مثل الولايات المتحدة و و المانيا و ثابرت حتى صارت أول شخص في الوطن العربي يعالج بهذه الطريقة. و من خلال العلاج ذاقت جمال العطاء و مساعدة الأخرين و بجهد مستمر أنشئت مؤسسة متخصصة للعلاج بالخيل بإسم صهوة أمل.

Mahdi Talal

Legal advisor & project coordinator
A man who lives with the purpose of helping his country develop, Mahdi Talal, holds the "Key to Knowledge Era". He kept our audience in their seats dwelling on how social entrepreneurship is one of the currently expanding fields that shall flourish more while we are Stepping to the knowledge Era. He knows it all including how this whole issue could go all bad!

Menna Galal

Stepping into the knowledge Era, we put no limits to our dependence on the networks and the internet and continuously unwittingly provide our personal information. We needed to know what occurs under the surface. A high school student, Menna Galal, helped our audience get more aware about that actual state through her talk "Big Data" : Just data but Bigger".

Mohamed El Tahnawy

Business adviser and Influencer
Stepping into the Knowledge Era, changes to the business world are increasing. More people are starting there own personal small businesses and work to help it get bigger. However, this process isn't as easy as it seems and some choices could be highly decisive. That's why Mohammed EL Tahnawy spoke to us on "How to choose your business idea? "

Shady Al Kassas

Physics lecturer
Stepping into the knowledge Era, we need to first revise our past and keep strong connections to the roots of the knowledge history. Only then can we fully understand the timeline of Knowedge and its evolving. Shady Al Kassas put all the events from past and present into his talk " The exponential growth of Knowledge".

Wael Taha

Biology lecturer.
We could hear forever about Stepping into the Knowledge Era. But what if a speaker can bring us a talk from the future. Wael Taha, a biology teacher, enlightened our audience on what exactly are the imaginations that will be realities in a matter of years. The beauty of what to come urges us to do all we can to get ready and take that step and witness the era when the "Impossible becomes Possible".

Organizing team


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia