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Theme: Innovation

This event occurred on
November 5, 2016
11:00am - 3:00pm +04
(UTC +4hrs)
Sharjah, Ash Shāriqah
United Arab Emirates

Innovation in perspectives and worldviews is what we are looking for this year. How can we look at our old and familiar problems through the glasses of innovation? The world will change if we adopt a slightly different perspective and a slightly different attitude. Dogmas and glass ceilings need to be broken by us. For a better tomorrow, INNOVATION is the key, innovation in thoughts and actions, innovation in any discipline conceivable to the human mind. We are looking forward to some extraordinary sparkling ideas converging to this line of thought.
We are looking for individuals who can share their story with a multifarious audience. We aim to keep our talk as multidisciplinary as possible, innovative ideas will be focused upon.

Our Own English High School Boys' Branch
Sharjah, Ash Shāriqah, 150807
United Arab Emirates
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Youth (What is this?)
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Aaditya Singh

A thirteen year old student of Grade 8 at Delhi Private School Sharjah, UAE. His foremost wish in life is to be a good human being, one whose presence and absence, both make a difference to the world. He is passionate about Fine Arts and Table Tennis. For a prospective career, he is inclined towards Social work and politics, hoping to bring about a positive change in the world.

Aditya Rajgopal

A 17 year old Music Producer studying in OOB. He makes electronic music non genre specific. His music has been appreciated by many and he wants to spread a love for EDM.

Aman Ibrahim

Amaan Iqbal Ibrahim. A 15 years old from Our Own English High School, Sharjah, BOYS'. He loves public speaking, photography, reading, writing poetry and a lot of other fun stuff.

Amorita George

Age: 15 School: The Millennium School, Dubai Amorita is a massive debate enthusiast with an inclination towards all forms of public speaking. She is extremely fond of dancing as well and every once in a while can be found decorating cakes.

Ann Jacob

AGE : 15 years SCHOOL : Our Own English High School Sharjah Girls She is passionate about music, reading and public speaking. The one thing she enjoys almost any time of the day is swimming.

Chinmay Naik

16 Our Own English High School, Sharjah, Boys Branch. Chinmay is a great actor and also dances well. He wishes to become a successful entrepreneur who contributes to the welfare of the society.

Harshith Belagur

A final year high school student of the OOEHS,Sharjah- Boys' and a science enthusiast, humanitarian worker and an environmentalist. He believes in the power of the common good.

Jessica Mathew

14 The Millennium School ,Dubai Enjoys collaboration to create a change. A keen observer of global, political and economic developments. Believes in the preservation of the environment for a sustainable future. She is also fond of editing and writing articles for the newspaper. Her interests ranges from golfing to tending to pets.

Manas Kandimalla

Manas a 14 year old studying at OOB, is keenly interested in Agricultural Sciences and plans to devote himself to research, problem solving and innovation in this sphere.

Michael Leo

Age: 15 School: Delhi Private School, Dubai He loves reading Eoin Colfer, debating, building robots and lip-syncing to Disney music. Not necessarily in that order. He enjoys telling stories.

Nikhil Shobu Varghese

Age:17 years School: OOB, Sharjah A passionate debater, guitarist, amateur vocalist with a deep interest in technology and journalism. He doesn't believe in being the best, but strongly believes in being the best of what he can be, out of the strong conviction that , it will be more than what the world needs him to be.

Sourjo Guha

A final year student at OOB, Sourjo aims to inspire. He believes magic is omnipresent for those who are looking for it. A magician he wants people to do the unconventional.

Organizing team


Sharjah , United Arab Emirates
  • Gautham Sathiakumar
  • Rikesh Makwana
  • Safwan Hosain