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Theme: Future of the City

This event occurred on
March 25, 2016
6:00pm - 10:00pm JST
(UTC +9hrs)
Shibuya-ku, Tôkyô

With a theme of “Future of the City”, the third TEDxTokyoSalon will be held on March 25, 2016.
Needless to say, diversity of a city fuels creativity and brings out new cultures. Nowadays, it is said that City is the source of diversity, creation of demands, development of new products and services, as well as employment creation and it is “City” that leads the economy growth. During our session, we hope our participants bring out the “creative power of City”, and share their ideas of “What kind of society we want to live” and “What the future of our city will be”. As special guests, Elizaveta, a performer at TED Global, and Ting Kelly, Research Fellow of Long Now Foundation built by Stewart Brand, who is the daughter of the founding executive editor of WIRED magazine, will also show up in our sessions.
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2 Chome-21-1 Shibuya
Shibuya-ku, Tôkyô, 150-8510
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Salon (What is this?)
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Born in New York City to diplomat parents, Elizaveta grew up in Moscow. She's been playing piano since five years old. Elizaveta launched her own label ‘Flower Army Records’ in 2013. Since then, Elizaveta’s music has been featured in a cadre of films and television shows, such as “Pretty Little Liars,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” “Scandal” and “The Affair,”, she has also recently performed at the renowned TED Global Conference. Elizaveta’s new album ‘Messenger’ was out June 29, 2015. Her full length Russian language album was released late October 2015. Also look for her Japanese language EP and Chinese single late this summer. “2014 was a tumultuous year for many, and 2015 seems to pack a punch. My hope is that ‘Messenger’ can be a soundtrack to lift people’s hearts – make them smile, cry, dream and dance a little. A musical message in a bottle.”

Hiroyuki Fushitani


Teruo Kurosaki

1949年東京生まれ。「IDEE」創始者。オリジナル家具の企画販売・国内外のデザイナーのプロデュースを中心に『生活の探求』をテーマに生活文化を広くビジネスとして展開。,「東京デザイナーズブロック」「Rプロジェクト」などデザインをとりまく都市の状況をつくる。, 2005年流石創造集団株式会社を設立。廃校となった中学校校舎を再生した『世田谷ものづくり学校(IID)』内に、新しい学びの場『スクーリング・パッド/自由大学』を開校。Farmers Marketのコンセプト立案/運営の他、,「IKI-BA」「みどり荘」などの「場」を手がけ、 最近では“都市をキュレーションする”をテーマに 仕事や学び情報、食が入り交じる期間限定の解放区「COMMUNE 246」を表参道で展開中。

Ting Kelly

Ting is an experience designer, researcher and ecosystem builder. She is committed to bridging East x West cultures and generations. She co-founded Doorstep Studios in 2013 to help people and organizations with branding, product innovation and user research. On the side, she completed a 4-month research trip to map, catalogue and connect the leaders of 12 innovation ecosystems in Asia. She also spent 4 months on the ground in Detroit building spaces to cultivate community and connection, called Collision Works. She is currently working as Special Operations Associate with Burning Man HQ. She also serves as a Fellow of the Long Now Foundation, organizing monthly gatherings to bring together bright, young thinkers to share our most pressing challenges and brainstorm creative long-term solutions. Ting is currently based in San Francisco.

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