x = independently organized TED event

This event occurred on
September 17, 2016
9:30am - 5:00pm CST
(UTC +8hrs)
ningbo, Zhejiang

π is infinite, representing irregular repetition.
It is also finite, since it consists of ten figures.
The existence of contradiction creates a unique sense of beauty for π, then harmonious unification comes
into being.
The image of π shapes a near-at –hand but out-of- reach world for us, which echoes the unknown that we
are exploring.
Extend π from a mathematical symbol to an exploratory proposition.
Sublimate a Greek letter to a mode of thinking.
This time we endeavor to hold an attitude of π towards all the new possibilities of the era.

Ningbo Cultural Plaza Theater
NO.1900 Ningchuan Road, Jiangdong District
ningbo, Zhejiang, 315000
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Pinocchio Vocal Band

The first A Cappella Group in Ningbo
Pinocchio Vocal Band consists of six young people with different backgrounds and life experiences. They formed a band of A Cappella, which is a musical form started from 20th century. With each endeavor, they wish to bring the best single performance to the audience, as well as continue to improve themselves as the band member. Working together as a young and powerful whole, they learn and create with their simple wish— to bring the best vocal chorus to Ningbo.

Bacon Benjamin

Co-founder of Dogma Lab, musician from New York
Benjamin Bacon is a musician, creative technologist, designer and educator from New York. He is the co-founder of Dogma Lab, a cross-discipline media and design studio based in Shanghai, China. He was the co-founder of RAWR!, a design incubator and rapid prototyping collaboration lab located in Caochangdi Beijing, China. RAWR! Labs was the event and production partner for Beijing Design Week Caochangdi (BJDWCCD) in 2012. Between 2011 and 2013, Benjamin was invited to be a visiting researcher at Nokia Research Center (NRC) in Beijing and Shenzhen, creating an international design education program for NRC. He is formerly an Assistant Professor of Computational and Media Design at Parsons the New School for 10 years, was director of the BFA Design + Technology program, and has held professorships at a number of other international top ranking schools. He has over 10 years of experience as a musician and DJ performing across the US, Europe and China, and has exhibited and lect

Binggen Wang

Contemporary lacquerware artist
One of the founders of IGDB ( Ningbo International Design Biennale ), winner of Chinese International Design Competition award and medal, an artist who makes lacquerware with modern aesthetics. As an inheritor of traditional lacquerware art, he created the craft of making “Paper tire Zhu lacquer” and resurrected “lacquer-sand inkstone”, which have been lost for 300 years. Having been working on lacquerware production for more than 20 years, he firmly believes that modern aesthetics should be chimed in while inheriting traditional crafts. Based on the traditional lacquer art language, his creation focuses on enriching lacquerware artworks’ expressional language, style and imagery to enhance traditional lacquer art’s modern form.

Congcong Wu

National player of yo-yo
Born in 1998, Wu Congcong is currently a colleague student in Ningbo. He has won the champion of 2016 Central China Yoyo Contest. Since yo-yo has long been considered by most people to be a child’s toy, Wu hopes to break the stereotype of yo-yo through his own action and let more people have a comprehensive understanding of the sport of yo-yo.

Guocong Lin

Underwater archaeologist / vice-director of National Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage Ningbo Base
Lin mainly engages in underwater archaeology and underwater cultural heritage protection and plays an active role in promoting to normalize and scientize underwater archaeology, as well as making underwater archaeology known to the public. Underwater archaeology is an emerging interdisciplinary science. Lin, who is full of pioneering spirits, dives into the mysterious ocean world, devotes himself to the exploring of “blue civilization” and becomes one of six “underwater archaeology diving instructors” of our country. He leads a team to implement the program of “Finding Treasure Underwater” in the coastal region of Zhejiang Province creatively and draws the “treasure map” of Zhejiang undersea world initially. This action composes a new chapter of underwater archaeology of Zhejiang. He leads Ningbo “No. 1 little white reef” to explore the sunk boat of Qing dynasty. This innovative project set a new benchmark of underwater archaeology in China.

Haixian Chen

A famous Zhihu user named Dongji Zai Hangzhou/ a psychological counselor
Chen has an Ph.D. in Applied Psychology who used to work at Mental Health Education and Counseling Center, Zhejiang University. He is a verified Zhihu user who has more than 425,000 followers. Also he is a registered psychologist of China Clinical Psychologists Association. After his resign from Zhejiang University, he realized that during the process of transition, losing is not just a loss, but also a chance of rebirth, which helps one to understand the difficulty of transition and the profound significance of personal growth. He is now writing a book on transition, as well as setting up a studio which is committed to helping people accomplish career, identity and relationship transitions.

Kuo Danny

Designer and creator of practical art
Danny Kuo is a Dutch designer currently based in Shanghai. As a designer he wants to address the issue of our changing reality as a result of technological progress. This is why flexibility and adaptability are the key words with regard to both his work and his life. By creating effective products he wants to improve our lives and offer something we can enjoy. When Danny Kuo designs his objects, he is not only concerned about playful flexibility but also about enhanced usability.

Larry Zhang

China Investment Corporation managing director / Equity strategy investment directo
Dr. Larry Zhang, Managing Director, Head of Public Equity Dept., China Investment Corporation (CIC), He received his PHD from State University of New York at Stony Brook, Dr. Zhang is a member of "National 1000 Top Talent's Programs". Before joining CIC, he served as senior global investment advisor at National Social Security Fund Council. Previously, he was a partner for a London-based hedge fund, GSA Capital, where he served as head of global public equity strategy. Prior to that he was a hedge fund manager at Barclays Global Investors. He believes that the disruptive technology innovation will bring not only great progress to society, but also a huge impact socially and economically. Both the societies and the individuals should be well-prepared in order to stay at the winning side of the tide.

Meng Su

Pappalardo / Einstein Fellow at MIT Physics / Associate Professor in Department of Physics of HKU / PhD of Astronomy of Harvard University Session 2 Infinitude
Su is the youngest awardee of the Bruno Rossi Prize and the discoverer of Fermi Bubbles which was selected one of the ten major advances both in Physics and Astronomy. His main research interests are high energy astrophysics and cosmology. He is engaged in the probe experiment and theoretical investigation of the cosmic microwave background (CMB), the search for dark matter and so on. Now, he is working on the first Chinese cosmology-detection program-the experiment of primordial gravitational waves in Ali, Tibet-as the project manager.

Si'en Lin

Co-founder of Talking Brain / Chief scientist consultant of Brain Intelligence
As a professor in cognitive neuroscience, Lin is devoted to developing interpersonal and man-machine communication with the use of complex Internet, the theory of cognitive neuroscience and intelligent wearable hardware. Meanwhile, Lin is good at mining enterprise customer demand and exploring enterprise customer service. She conducted her team member to develop neurological game experience, neurological film experience theory and its evaluation system independently. Lin has led her team to cooperate with big companies such as P&G, IBM, Unilever, Vivaki, Giant, Foton, Youku, Soho, Yoyi with neurological customer experience theory and technology system to help those top companies improve their competitiveness and market share. Lin is also familiar with toB business demand and service exploration. She has earned many paper prizes of P&G with her team.

Warner David

Professor of law, sociology and theater / Licensed lawyer
David is currently a performing member of the People's Republic of Comedy improv group,the Executive Director of Shanghai's first Chinese-language improv group, Yuzhoujiyuetuan and the Artistic Director of Shanghai's largest Chinese-language improv group, Feilaijixing. He also teaches improv at the Shanghai Theater Academy and for the theater group Kaixinmahua. Originally from New York City, David Warner has been performing and teaching improv, sketch comedy and theater since 1993. David moved to China in 2006 and has been teaching and performing theater in Chinese ever since. David believes the interesting thing about improv is that its basic philosophies could help people to prepare for the unexpected situations that life throws at us.

Wei Zhao

Parallel Computing Expert in Silicon Valley / AI Chief Scientist (CS) of Almost Human Tech Media Session 2 Infinitude
Zhao Wei has a solid grounding in mathematics. He used to design parallel and distributed computing system for Intel, Xerox, Intuit and other famous companies in his more-than-ten-year life abroad. Now, Zhao Wei is working with CAS and USTC to achieve the understanding of languages by machine learning. He is the Technical Advisor of Xiao I Robot and other front-line AI companies and investment intuitions in China. In addition, he is also working on applying quantum computing to machine learning algorithm as well as spreading the value and significance of AI to the public. Zhao Wei is one of many who are very curious about the nature of thinking, eager to know if there is a way he can adopt to achieve another kind of powerful machine intelligence that is complementary to human intelligence by computing. Curiosity of this kind leads him to explore mathematics, theoretical physics and computer science. Now, besides involving himself in some interesting AI technology researches,

Xiaoli Wu

This innovative project set a new benchmark of underwater archaeology in China.
The cross-discipline background guarantees his capacity of handling problems with the cross knowledge. He demonstrates a great passion for providing information science solutions to different problems, and devotes himself to information transformation and algorithms and application development with the purpose of making scientific reports more understandable to the public. Wu and his team are committed to making every Chinese understand their genome and benefit from it. They have now completed the detection and analysis of more than 7,500 copies of personal genome data to provide users with ancestral source analysis, interpretation of genetic diseases, health risks, sports nutrition, and so on. Moreover, they have helped users to participate in the interpretation and application of genomic data through an open platform. The next agenda of him and his team is to build a consumer genomic data of applied ecology.

Yin Gu

Co-Founder of expert of blockchain and digital assets
As a senior expert of blockchain and digital assets, he has experienced the explosive growth of domestic Bitcoin exchanges and the mining industry. Since 2013, he has participated in the Bitcoin Blockchain community, both at home and abroad. He also takes part in various domestic and overseas Blockchain Conferences and some early foreign projects (associated with blockchain), writing and translating blockchain-related articles and books. Working and living in Toronto for over a decade, he was involved in some important IT projects funded by the foreign top 500 world corporations and the government of Ontario. In 2014, he formed ViewFIN and introduced the project of Metaverse in 2016. He believes that what Bitcoins can bring to us are not only the peer-to-peer (P2P) electronic cash system and distributed accounting technology, but more importantly the confidence that asset digitization is certain to be realized.

Zhenyu Han

A local host in Ningbo/ the last and best student of Ningbo Pinghua master Zhang Shaoce
Host of Laifa’ Talk Show in Ningbo Dialect and Natural Stage in NBTV/former host of Xiangcundashijie in CCTV Channel 7. Ten years’ experience of evening host in Ningbo made him become aware of the lives of local Ningbo people and realize their cultural needs. The experience of hosting in CCTV for nearly 10 years is more like a process of accumulation and precipitation, which let him know the difference between “stage” and “screen”, and realize what he can do and should do. Meanwhile, it also helped him realize that he is deeply rooted in Ningbo. Now, he is back to the homeland, broadcasting news in an original Pinghua style, which made him more popular by the locals.

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Ningbo , China