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Theme: How We Think About Food

This event occurred on
February 11, 2016
7:00pm - 8:45pm CST
(UTC -6hrs)
Northbrook, Illinois
United States

Join us as we screen three prerecorded TED Talks and have a discussion afterwards. Refreshments will be served.

Post Event Recap:

After a brief introductory TEDx video, three TED Talks were screened:

Video presenters include:

-Food Writer Mark Bittman, "What's Wrong with What We Eat"
-Chef/Activist Jamie Oliver, "Teach Every Child About Food"
-Author/Activist Tristram Stuart, "The Global Food Waste Scandal"

What surprised you the most about the TED Talks we watched?

- Learning just how much food goes to waste(someone added the image of the bread crusts going into huge dumpster…if those were slices from the middle of the loaf “no one would stand for it”)
- The amount of sugar in the milk schools serve to children
- An audience member wondered about pesticides and sprays used on produce in grocery stores (someone later mentioned a farmer’s market is a great place to go when it is available because they will be able to give you direct answers on these concerns)
- How the state of school cafeteria food reminded someone of hospital cafeteria food…we need better options for everyone

What are some of your takeaways:

- Mark Bittman’s linear history lesson of the Western diet was relatable for many audience members, and definitely put the state of food into perspective
- When you purchase certain foods you are voting for them…the way you spend money in and of itself is making a stand
- We should have dietitians in schools deciding the menus…not accountants like Jamie Oliver’s talk suggests
- Even the term organic can be misleading(e.g. in regard to salmon farming), but someone mentioned organic produce (when affordable) is a good start to buying conscientiously
- Fortified foods are often markets as healthy but aren’t really
- Food that is healthy for us is often healthy for the planet
- Labeling is extremely important…if you don’t understand it, don’t buy it
- Shop around the perimeter of the store
- When you buy things in bulk you can reduce packaging waste

Anything you learned tonight you will put into practice:

- Eat less meat
- Cook more
- Bake homemade bread
- Use reusable bags when shopping
- Plan meals effectively…don’t wait till the last minute which is what gets everybody sometimes
- It is possible to make healthy food fast
- Read more about these issues - keep learning when it comes to food, cooking, and health

Other thoughts?

- Someone mentioned the Zero Waste movement e.g. taking wasted food to pantries; composting instead of trashing
- We talked briefly about gluten and food allergy issues – which have increased in part to the way food processing has changed in the past few decades
- Another participant mentioned a Shark Tank episode where a person made an agreement with factories use what would otherwise become food waste to create a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
- Someone mentioned taking and really enjoying a nutrition/cooking class through the North Shore Hospital System. Information on classes there offer is available here
- Shop at the farmers’ market whenever you can
- When you begin to eat different, cook different, find kindred spirits – you will also start to think different when it comes to food

Further Watching/Reading:

- TED Playlist: What's Wrong With What We Eat?
- TED Playlist: "Talks for Foodies"
- Graham Hill, "Why I'm a Weekday Vegetarian"
- Tristram Stuart's book Waste
- Tristram Stuart's Recommended List of Resources
- Mark Bittman's books
- Jamie Oliver's books
- Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

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Northbrook Public Library
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