x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Room for inspiration

This event occurred on
March 2, 2016
7:00pm - 10:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Bilthoven, Utrecht

We feel privileged to be able to organize a TEDxYouth event at our school 'Het Nieuwe Lyceum' in Bilthoven and to literally provide ROOM for INSPIRATION.
We are proud to have found an amazing set of young and inspiring people willing to give a TEDxtalk!
An enthusiastic team of HNLpupils is involved in organizing this unique event.
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For more information about the event please send an email to:

Het Nieuwe Lyceum
Jan Steenlaan 38
Bilthoven, Utrecht, 3723 BV
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Bali Bandits (Jordi & Jan)

DJs, musicians in the duo Bali Bandits
Jordi de Fluiter and Jan Postma have been actively playing instruments since they were in primary school. Back then Jordi started playing the guitar and Jan started playing the drums. They met in high school where they played in several bands learning the ins and outs of musical composition and performance. When they were 18 they found out about electronic music and switched their interest to this booming musical scene. In the spare time of their business and psychology studies they taught themselves the skill of (electronic) music production. After they finished their studies, they completely focused on their music project Bali Bandits and signed a publishing deal at one of the leading dance music publishers. Because of the attention and buzz record labels were gaining more and more interest in releasing their music, which resulted in releases on major dance labels such as Revealed (by Hardwell) and WOLV (by Dyro).

Epco Berger

Founder and CEO of DashTag
Epco has worked in international multinationals Airbus, Eurocopter and Philips where he built his experience in inspiring people and leading teams towards success. This he has proven in manufacturing, engineering and product management. He enjoys to build something from scratch in international and complex environments, to build the strategy and translate this into action. He takes ownership, is customer and goal oriented, has strong communication skills and loves sports. This valuable experience he uses for his new adventure: growing his startup DashTag towards a key player in the sports industry.

Jan Portheine

young entrepeneur, co-founder of KarTent
Jan Portheine Co-Founder of KarTent During his graduation at Architecture at the TU Delft, Jan designed, tested and implemented a solution for the thousands of tents that are left behind after a festival. With a history in cardboard constructions and a creative view he managed to make the KarTent to what it is now. (

Jeroen Hofs

founder, owner of multi-medial interactive musical project Eboman
Jeroen Hofs/Eboman is a pioneer in the field of interactive audiovisual experiences. He has won various prizes for his original and innovative (art)work. More information is to be found on the following websites:

Jip Samhoud

young entrepreneur and founder of &samhoud media, and
Website: Bio: Jip is a young entrepreneur and founder of &samhoud media, and . Jip is former Youth Prime Minister and founder of the Dutch Youth Cabinet. He interviewed HH the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu for &samhoud documentaries. With Jip is at the moment building up a community of Vlogging millenials and has just opened his first VRcinema(!

Jolijn Pelgrum

founder of the vegan foodblog and author of the inspirational cookbook Vegadutchie.
Jolijn Pelgrum is the founder of the vegan foodblog and author of the inspirational cookbook Vegadutchie. As a certified health coach she aims to inspire people to live a more conscious life. By giving workshops, sharing healthy recipes, performing in tv shows, giving speeches and organizing yoga & food retreats and online detox weeks she tries to reach as many people as possible. Her philosophy is that there is no one fits all diet because every human being is different.

Louis Wesseling

young entrepeneur and owner of Salsashop; freshly made quick Mexican meals
Louis Wesseling has been living in Amsterdam for 3 years now and he absolutely love Mexican food. His dream has always been to start a Mexican restaurant in Amsterdam that serves fresh, simple and most important delicious food.

Mei Nelissen Eline Jagtenberg Lotte van der Velde

Developers of the Blue Battery
Eline Jagtenberg, student Health Sciences at Maastricht University, Lotte van der Velde, student Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University, Mei Nelissen, student Biology at Utrecht University. In cooperation with Wetsus we are the developers of the Blue Battery. The Blue Battery: a battery that enables us to store and to generate electrical energy safely and sustainable. The worldwide wish to produce more renewable energy can be fulfilled with the use of this battery. For more information:

Monica van Rijn

artist, creator of the interactive artistic project 'A monument of stories'
COLORED BY WAR art exhibit is an interactive, visual monument of remembrance for postwar generations by visual artist Monica van Rijn containing stories that you choose to pass on to future generations. The purpose: Tell the stories before they disappear. By promoting a better understanding og the long term effect of hatred and war, we promote a better appreciation of tolerance and peace. This installation is composed of portraits on diaries, and film interviews with people who can best teach us: survivors and their families.

Organizing team


Bilthoven, Netherlands
  • Anne-Laure Zweep
  • Bram Nunnikhoven
  • Casper Feitz
  • Charlotte van Wijngaarden
  • Emmie Bessems
  • Eva Eringaard
  • Fabian Lucas Luijckx
  • Femke Hoopman
  • Florine Kits van Heijningen
  • Floris Zevenbergen
  • Guusje Kersten
  • Imke Sonnemans
  • Inez van Miltenburg
  • Janneke Kieviet
  • Lisa Brandenburg
  • Marjolein Mullens
  • Merlijn Barkema
  • Mininhã Lägers
  • Noor Geelen
  • Quinten Bark
  • Rebecca Hietink
  • Sophie Sturkenboom
  • Sophie Roelofs
  • Sterre Olthof
  • Suzanne van Baarle
  • Ties Hoedt
  • Valerie van Wijck