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Theme: Evolve

This event occurred on
November 21, 2015
12:00am - 6:30pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Copenhagen K, Sjælland

As we race through the digital age that is the 21st century, the emerging generation is presented with endless possibilities. Innovation throughout the last 50 years exceeds that of the last four billion years of our existence. Knowledge is limitlessly connected and multiplied on a world scale in a matter of seconds. In 2015, we are creating more data every day than we have between the dawn of civilisation and the birth of the Internet. As a species and as a global community, we are evolving faster than ever before.

With this constant change, obstacles of epic proportions arise for the individual and society as a whole. Along with these challenges, we consistently create innovative solutions, driven by our capacity to adapt and evolve. With the explosion of knowledge at our fingertips, we must learn from the mistakes of the past, whilst letting daring ideas forge a brighter future.

TEDxKEA offers a perfect setting to unite generations of thought leaders in the fight for a better tomorrow, provoked and emboldened by young and hungry talents of Copenhagen. Join us as we celebrate ideas worth spreading.

The Black Diamond
Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1
Copenhagen K, Sjælland, 1221
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Anja Cetti Andersen

Anja C. Andersen is one of the world’s leading astrophysicists, who has dedicated her life to studying the universe. Anja’s work focuses primarily on cosmic dust, and how it plays a role in the formation of planets and stars. Her wide array of awards includes Danmarks Radio’s Rosenkjær Prize, which is given to a prominent scientist or cultural figure who has shown an exceptional ability to make a difficult subject understandable to the general public.

Christian Stadil

Entrepreneur, owner of over 120 companies, CSR thought leader
Christian Stadil is the owner of the THORNICO conglomerate, which spans over 120 companies across various industries. Christian runs his companies based on what he calls Company Karma, a kind of CSR version 3.0 - taking a 4 x win approach, where the companies, customers, partners and a cause all benefit. Company Karma is THORNICO’s business philosophy of “doing good” while doing business, as a way to create more value for society as well as the company itself.

Eske Willerslev

Evolutionary Biologist
Eske Willerslev is known worldwide for his groundbreaking research in ancient DNA, which has re-written history on multiple occasions. Drawing comparisons to Indiana Jones, Eske has travelled the most remote places imaginable, finding clues about out past in the hair of 15,000-year-old corpses. For his ability to communicate his complex findings in an understandable manner, Eske has been awarded the prestigious Danish Rosenkjær Prize.

Jan Gehl

Worldwide renowned architect, urban planning guru
Dubbed “the last living worldwide renowned guru in urbanism” legendary architect Jan Gehl has been rebuilding cities to accommodate the needs of modern societies throughout half a century. He has been involved in rebuilding most large cities imaginable, from Sao Paolo to New York, to Copenhagen, to Moscow, to Singapore.

Khaterah Parwani

Civil rights activist / Public debator
Khaterah Parwani is dedicating her career to fighting for civil rights and helping victims of physical violence, social control, bullying and radicalism. Khaterah’s work revolves around disrupting mechanisms of social control and cultural radicalisation in minority societies, by focusing not only the victim, but also the oppressor.

Mathias Lundø Nielsen

Serial entrepreneur, big data specialist
Mathias Lundø Nielsen is a 26-year-old serial entrepreneur, who has already enjoyed enormous success with several businesses across various industries, from fashion to hotel booking. He is currently using big data to revolutionize the way we book our holidays.

Rob Scotland

Modern cultural anthropologist, advertising guru
Rob Scotland is a cultural anthropologist who has been championing the understanding of modern culture in marketing communications over the past ten years, working with household brands such as Carlsberg, Nike and Procter & Gamble. Rob’s focus is on the power of the crowd and the tremendous opportunities presented to us for unity.

Selina Juul

Advocate against food waste, Dane of the Year 2014
Selina Juul is the founder of the Stop Wasting Food movement, a blogger at Huffington Post and Dane of the Year 2014. A loyal advocate for the cause, Selina has helped put Denmark on the world map in the fight against food waste.

Simon Prahm

Social empowerment entrepreneur, street sports instigator
Simon Prahm is a social entrepreneur and a street sports enthusiast, who has made it his mission to get the youth moving again. Having founded GAME (formerly Street Mekka) in 2002 to help marginalised kids stay out of trouble, the movement has grown exponentially and is now listed as a top 500 NGO in the world.

Sophie Trelles-Tvede

22-year old entrepreneur, inventor, CEO
At the age of 19, Sophie Trelles-Tvede made a fairly simple invention. Three years later, she is running a company of over 100 employees and is the youngest entry on the 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list in the category Retail & E-Commerce. It is from this position that she wishes to educate the young people of her generation.

Sune Urth

Alcohol connoisseur, writer, cocktail & akvavit expert
Sune Urth is one of Scandinavia’s finest bartenders and alcohol connoisseurs. Urth runs the bar at No. 2, a high-end restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark. Under the name ”Hr. Urth” (Mr. Urth) he also runs his own distillery, travels Norway to teach the theories behind brewing, and is publishing books such as Cocktails for Home Brewers, which was released last year. What ties these activities together is the most sold but also the most misunderstood alcohol in Denmark: the akvavit.

Vigga Svensson

Entrepreneur, thought leader & expert in sustainable consumption
Vigga Svensson is a prominent entrepreneur, who has spent the last 12 years on developing business models that foster sustainable consumption. Vigga has a firm belief that sustainability no longer entails compromises on price and quality, and is dedicating her career to spreading this message across the world.

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