x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Made in the Future

This event occurred on
November 14, 2015
Santa Barbara, California
United States

This was such an amazing event. Overseen by two adult producers but really organized and ran by high school students.

​They met daily, organized assignments, obtained sponsors, sent out press releases, updated the website, etc.​ This was truly a students organized for students event. As such, they invited interesting food trucks to come to the parking lot during the lunch break, came up with great prizes for interactive games (ipad, speakers, restaurant gift cards, etc.).

The whole community was really involved. There were flyers and posters everywhere (all over all the schools in the district plus at many of the local places kids hang out, such as local smoothie shops).

The kids created and ran a number of really interactive activities for the breaks. Some examples are:

TEDx built all with Legos. We put a poll on the website where they can enter their guess of how many legos it took to build it.

Digital raffle where all the tickets numbers will be digitally shuffled for door prizes.

Interesting photos projected on the screen and people guess what it is. The answers were collected via "Poll Everywhere" and audience members texted their responses and all responses were shown on the big screen.

"Conversation Starters" - each participant was put into a group and then volunteer conversation starters went around to get the group talking about what they just heard in the TED Talks.

All the ticketing was done digitally. Each participant had their phone scanned upon entry and these scanned numbers were use to become entered into raffles.

The idea of the organization of this event was to match the theme "Made in the Future" so, as such, it was really a paperless event. All tickets, games, etc. were done electronically - responding to polls, getting tickets, etc. Yet we still engaged in face to face conversations to create engagement in a topic and to come up with synergistic ideation.

La Cumbre Junior High School
2255 Modoc Rd
Santa Barbara, California, 93101
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Santa Barbara, CA, United States


Santa Barbara, CA, United States