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Theme: Lux Aeterna: Ignite

This event occurred on
April 6, 2016
Oceanside, California
United States

Eternal Light: Ignite. Our event’s theme is about seeing the world though a new light; to build a bright future for our younger generation. We will ask students, educators, district leaders, and community members to be a part of this and connect their ideas to what education can become in the future. Individuals can share what will ignite their passions to learn and grow and how this will create eternal light. New ideas flow through the world everyday, filled with passion and heart. Education and ideas are a light that shines forever inspiring others to do great things. No matter whether people accept the ideas or not, they still influence our lives changing the path we take to tomorrow. Our passions are what lighten our day and keep us going. Our main focus is getting students to realize the importance that education and school play in our lives. We are also tapping into the idea of passions and integrating them into our education.

1306 Melrose Drive
Oceanside, California, 92057
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Aaroh Mankad

Aaroh is a senior at Mission Vista High with a love for programming. His passion is not exclusive to him and he loves to share his knowledge with others. He found his change in education outlook with his introduction to CodeDay. Aaroh knows that education is in his own hands and rests upon his own shoulders and he rises to the task with charisma and spirit.

Gabrielle Jones

Gabrielle is a sophomore at Mission Vista who has a burning passion for the stars and the cosmos. She has spent hours staring at the night sky and has yet to tire of the view. Yet she is no deluded stargazer, she is a dedicated student who is well versed on the principles and particles that govern the universe.

George Smith

George Smith is a 10th grader at Mission Vista and a member of the MVHS Speech and Debate Team. He also has a love of Star Trek and Star Wars. He is a passionate orator who loves to talk and enjoys spreading ideas as well as listening to the input of his classmates.

Isabella Alvarez DeLa Campa

Isabella Alvarez DeLa Campa is a junior at Mission Vista High School.

Keri Scholte

Keri Scholte is a 12th grader at Mission Vista High School, and she is the ASB (Associated Student Body) President who refuses to catch any trace of senioritis. She is passionate about learning and empowering other people, as well as loving strawberry banana smoothies. This fall Keri will be studying civil engineering with a structural focus, at a university to be determined.

Matt Gilbert

Matt Gilbert is a talented self taught musician as well as senior at Mission Vista High School. He enjoys listening, performing and creating music for others to enjoy. He is completely enthralled by the power of music and how it can shape and affect our lives.

Nathan Mizell

Nathan Mizell is a sophomore student dedicated to his work, and he was the recipient of the Male Freshman of The Year award at Mission Vista High School for 2014. Known for his oratorical abilities, he has devoted much of his time to reaching a greater understanding of others. Through his work within his school’s ASB (Associated Student Body), he has come to learn how to find what is great in every person from their unique life experiences. He himself is greatly a product of his environment...his experiences.

Stephen Shoemaker

Stephen is a sophomore in high school who enjoys acting, among many other things. Most of his pastimes include watching things (not a very sporty person). He enjoys unloading sets, moving sets, and taking sets to the dump when required by his boss (many of his responsibilities include sets). The arts are a major part of his life, and he owes a lot to them. “Without the arts I wouldn’t be the person that I am today, for better or for worse.”

Organizing team


Oceanside, CA, United States