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Theme: The Next Chapter

This event occurred on
October 10, 2015
9:00am - 12:00pm +08
(UTC +8hrs)
Lutong, Sarawak

We look to engage the community of today as well as the minds of tomorrow in shaping a better world around us. There is always a next chapter!

Jalan Curtin
Lutong, Sarawak
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University (What is this?)
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Alena Murang

Growing up in Borneo, Alena was surrounded by a rich natural environment, and cultures of many different indigenous cultures of the island. She is part Kelabit - one of the smallest ethnic groups on the island. Alena studied at La Salle College of the Arts, Singapore. Many of her works are currently privately commissioned. A large part of her artistic process begins with journalling, reflection and research. She then translates these into images, experimenting with paint combined with other media. Learning from her Kelabit elders, Alena sings, dances and plays the sape' (a traditional lute instrument). Her performances are a sharing of these dying art forms.

Daniel Devan

After completing his A-levels at HELP Academy, Kuala Lumpur, Daniel Devan decided to take a gap year before going into university. The 21 year old science major and sports enthusiast was eager to search for a job relating to the vast teaching and charitable programs that he was involved in throughout his high school and college years. Daniel ended up co-founding Project WHEE! in 2014. Project WHEE! is a rural community development project involving youth participants supported by eHomemakers, a Malaysian nonprofit social enterprise. This project entails a cultural exchange experience in Bario, Sarawak, where participants serve the rural community through meaningful efforts. Now on his second gap year, Daniel hopes to take Project WHEE! to greater heights.

Deborah Henry

A wholesome blend of East and West with Asian and Irish roots, Deborah Priya Henry spent much of her teenage years on a bullet train to stardom, journeying from modelville to university, to beauty pageants, charities and the media forefront, becoming the woman she is today - Miss World and Universet Malaysia, model, TV host, actress, humanitarian aide & ambassador, and co-founder of her own charity. For Deborah, the first things that come to mind when thinking of others are children and humanitarian work. She's a children's right advocate for World Vision and refugree rights advocate for UNCHR Malaysia. When working with these NGOs, she realised that many refugee children are deprived of education. Subsequently, she co-founded the Fugee School, a charity organisation that provides fundamental education to refugee youth.

Delwin Keasberry

A born and bred Bruneian who lived in Australia for over 10 years. In 2009 while living in Australia, he created an online persona, @BruneiTweet. He is passionate about community and uses digital media to connect with people - both on and offline. Delwin believes in the power of partnership and has worked alongside organisations such as BMW, Standard Chartered and KFC on various community projects. in 2014, he was selected to represent Brunei at the ASEAN Emerging Leaders Programme. In that same year, he was invited to speak at Brunei's inaugural TEDx event.

Dr Dominique Dodge-Wan

Dominique Dodge-Wan, or Dr Dominique as she is known to her students, is Associate Professor in Applied Geology at Curtin University, Miri, where she has been teaching full time since 2010. She graduated in Geology and Mineralogy at Brussels University (ULB) and then completed a PhD in Hydrogeology. She worked as a consultant hydrogeologist in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, for groundwater resource investigations, borehole test pumping and contamination studies. Dominique came to Sarawak to manage groundwater research for Malaysian Rural Water Supply Schemes for Antah Biwater/JKR. The work included identifying possible water sources for drought prone rural communities in the Kuching to Sibu coastal region. Having been a keen caver, her on-going research interest are centered on limestones and their karstification. More recently, she has identified and researched rare biologically influenced cave formations in various caves in Malaysia. Dominique is also an active member of the Malaysian Nature Society and was involved in raising public awareness for Piasau Nature Reserve.

Vinodh Menon

One thing you must know is that Vinodh hates talking about himself. After completing a commerce degree majoring in Marketing and Public Relations at Curtin University Sarawak, he went on to become a Brand Executive at Go Communications in Kuala Lumpur. He also founded Phoenix PR, an event management company in Kuala Lumpur. He believes in empowering people and creating platforms for the younger generation to realise their true potential. To do just that, he has also founded Borneo Youth Leadership Conference, an international and annual conference that occurs in Sarawak. The conference has been a stepping stone for many who went to create their own NGOs, Non-Profits, and assumed positions of leadership in their respective countries. Now based in Kuala Lumpur, Vinodh plans to continue his work and inspire more people to make his mark in the field of public relations.

Organizing team

Ahmad Mirza

Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
  • Vinnayag Ram Segaran
    Operations Chair
  • Yazid Maslani
    Finance Chair
  • Cynthia Lim
    Publicity Chair