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Theme: Beyond Normality

This event occurred on
February 19, 2016
10:00am - 6:00pm +0330
(UTC +3.5hrs)
Tehran, Tehrān

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Farabi Hall
Tehran University of Arts, Valiasr St.
Tehran, Tehrān, 1417466191
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University (What is this?)
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Amirhoushang Bagheri

Dr. Amirhoushang Bagheri (March 17th, 1964) studied medicine at Tehran University of Medical Science in where he specialized in psychiatry. Currently Dr.Bagheri is the head of the Hypnotherapy Branch of Psychotherapy Committee of Psychiatric Association, and the head of the Committee of Therapy, Teacher and Member of Board of the Scientific Association of Clinical Hypnosis. "Therapy by Hypnosis" as a Basic Hypnotherapy Course and "Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Conversational Hypnosis" as an Advanced Hypnotherapy Course, in addition to several workshops and training courses in various fields,have been held by him. Dr. Bagheri is the official lecturer and main trainer of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and the Theory of Dissociation is one of the theories he presents at hypnosis therapies."Addiction" is one of the main medical and social issues that Dr.Bagheri has a wide interested in. He has worked with more than 14000 addicted patients in the last 20 years of his carrier.

Aydin Aghdashloo

Aydin Aghdashloo (October 30th, 1940, Rasht, Iran) is an Iranian painter, author, film critic and graphic designer. His work is known for reflecting death and gradual inexistence as well as a modern and surreal recreating of well-known classic renaissance paintings. His collections, "Memories of Destruction" and “Years of Ice and Fire” are considered two of the most important collections in Iran’s modern art. Aghdashloo started design, painting and graphic design when he was a teenager and he illustrated for Iranian school books, magazines and private institutes. He also helped establish Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and Reza Abbasi museum in which he was head of until 1979. After the revolution, Aghdashloo is considered one of the most famous and influential painting teachers of Iran’s third generation of modern artists. Other than numerous paintings, he has published hundreds of artistic and cinematic reviews, historical researches and itineraries.

Babak Safarnejad

Babak Safarnejad (June 5th, 1985, Tehran,Iran) entered the Music School at the age of 11 and selected Ghanoon (Iranian Instrument) as his professional instrument. He started to learn harmonica based on listening and watching harmonica’s world-class masters when he was 19 years old. The first Harmonica album in Iran (Old Friend) which is categorized in Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock, Gipsy Jazz and Irish folk, is published by him. Some famous international instrument players has contributed in this album. Safarnejad has been working with many Iranian singers, musicians and bands. He also performed pieces for some TV series and movies and composed the original score for the film “Haiti Is Alive”. He founded “Ahil Band” in 2012 based on harmonica working in jazz, blues, rock, funk and fusion genres.Babak Safarnejad started teaching harmonica in 2005 and has educated 1000 students since. He is now professionally teaching 140 students of different ages in his own Harmonica School.

Bozorgmehr Hosseinpour

Bozorgmehr Hosseinpour (4th December 1977) was born in Tehran. He has got familiar with painting world since his childhood through his father was painting. He studied calligraphy, painting, and miniature simultaneously. He created his first caricature when he did painting of his school driver’s face before he even knew anything about caricature. He begins his journey to success by browsing the magazines with his critical thinking and he published a comedy magazine just for his family and called it “Humor With Family” when he was 12. A year after when he was just 13, his works were published in 2 pages on a well-known cartoon magazine. After that he was invited to commence work as professional caricaturist by Kioumars Saberi Foumani, editors of Gol-Agha magazine. He was inspired by Lautrec, Gauguin, and Van Gogh paintings and being inspired by Impressionism got interested in painting and started to study Terhan Azad Univerity for academic education on the subject.

Farhad Ardalan

Farhad Ardalan, Ph.D (November 3rd, 1939) is a retired Sharif University and Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences Physics professor. He studied his MS (Master of Science) at Columbia University and his Ph.D at Pennsylvania State University. Most of his researches are about the bosonic strings theory and quantum symmetries. In 2009 he was announced as a Fellow of American Physical Society for his gauge and quantum physic theories. “His pioneer researches about geometry in string and para-string theory, Modular systems and also the expansion of Iranian scientists cooperation in Cern and Middle-eastern projects were the reasons of this decision.” Said APS .

Fariba Eghdami

Cultral Activist
Fariba Eghdami (March 15th, 1968) had been a book-reading promoter for 23 years. Proposing and performing various kinds of activities in many places ranging from school classes and among academic groups to companies and ministries, she encouraged people to read books. In 2012, she founded Jahak to publicize the culture of reading and communicating and now more than 1500 students participate in Jahak project of Reading Marathon.

Mohsen Hashemi

Dr. Seyyed Mohsen Hashemi, born in 1965 Sabzevar. In 1985 he entered the School of Cinema and since 1986 he is teaching photography. By the age of 27, he became a lecturer at TUA. Studying Masters of Arts in Tarbiat Modarres University and attending educating courses was a great help. In 2006 PhD degrees from the Tehran University of Art. He is a member of Cinema (Film) faculty of TUA since 1999. Dr. Hashemi is now the cultural and social deputy director of TUA but he prefers lecturing and educating to any other job. He believes that there are joint areas between "art" and "education" in Iranian culture that unfortunately have been neglected.

Organizing team

Javadi Nezhad

Tehran, Iran


Tehran, Iran
  • Iman K Aram
  • Shahrzad Jahan