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Theme: Tiny Ripples

This event occurred on
May 29, 2015
9:00am - 5:00pm EDT
(UTC -4hrs)
Ottawa, Ontario

Small changes can make a big difference; one person can have an impact beyond their immediate environment. By focusing on this, the intention is to ignite the audience, and the speakers, to focus on their own empowerment and on the ways in which they can be the change they wish to see in the world, to have the effect be larger than the butterfly who flapped its wings and created a Tsunami.

TEDxTheGlebeWomen will feature a simulcast session from TEDxWomen Momentum taking place in Monterey California, as well as carefully curated TED and TEDx talks and a selection of live speakers and performances.

Our team:

Pamela Bickerton - Director of Programming
Alyssa Comstock - Director of Marketing and Communications
Leah Boon - Director of Logistics
Elena McGill - Volunteer Coordinator
Tara Dentry - Co-Founder

Canadian Museum of Nature
240 McLeod Street
Ottawa, Ontario
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TEDxWomen (What is this?)
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Andrea Hogue Reynolds

A woman, a feminist, a parent, and a partner; Andrea is also an amateur baker, a slow runner, and an eternal student. Andrea hopes to bring positive energy, fodder for authentic conversations between folks, and to lend her enthusiasm to these important conversations to receive some wonderful inspiration in return. Andrea loves the idea of having a space for woman identified folks and those who love them to talk about issues and ideas that are real to them. Inspired by her headstrong, determined, funny and bright daughters Leah and Charlotte to have faith in herself and in others, just as they do.

Mailyne Briggs

A full-time single Mompreneur of one with an arts-based social enterprise called Dream Love Grow, Mailyne (aka Mai) is our special surprise! What started off as a passion project in 2007, has now become a full-time business where Mailyne performs Love Projects and helps others to give back to the community and charitable causes through her creative services. A self-taught, multidisciplinary, visual artist born in the Philippines, adopted at age 4 and raised in Canada, Mailyne has been creating since her childhood but began painting as a form of self-expression and a way to overcome trauma and depression from child abuse.

Manjit Basi

An entrepreneur at heart, a passionate woman who has learned her skills quickly and with grace, Manjit is a dynamic professional with 26 years of diverse business and community building experience. Manjit supports businesses and not for profits in aligning values, people and vision. Manjit believes our values at work, at home, and in community can be synchronized so people can be inspired, motivated, and productive for themselves and the world. The complexity issues our communities face can only be solved through deep multi-sector collaboration. People working together in the spirit of curiosity and generosity can create powerful and sustainable change.

Pamela Henry

Pamela Henry came to Canada in 2000 with an aspiration and a dedication to walk her journey with her family. With the infectious combination of environment and space for movement that encapsulated the forward momentum of her career, she has lived in Canada ever since. Thus led to her setting up in private practice, using creativity within the scope of her insight and skills she established her diverse roles as consultant and facilitator to encapsulate her ever-evolving engagement. Her zest for life, her passion for humanity has grown and formulated itself into ever-reaching roles in the communities of North America. One of her biggest inspirations is the late Maya Angelou, her guiding spirit through the history of women of colour.

Peggy Taillon

A courageous and powerful voice who exemplifies a belief that when we are moving in unison, with shared purpose, nothing is insurmountable. Peggy brings her passion to her many philanthropic pursuits leading two charities and two private companies all grounded in giving back and doing good. She pushes boundaries and believes deeply that inequality is not a natural state and that we can build strong resilient nations and a better world for those who come after us. Peggy believes we can create a strong, resilient and caring nation that values the well-being and contributions of all of its citizens.

Sarika Mathur

A Grade 11 student at Trafalgar Castle School in Whitby, Ontario, Sarika is an avid debater, studies classical piano, and has a keen interest in all things science – especially astrophysics, cryogenics, and chemistry. She brings to TEDxTheGlebeWomen the unique and passionate perspective of a student at an all-girls school, and of a young and full-of-spirit feminist. She believes that all social change can begin with a single discussion, and it was that and her love of debate that sparked an interest in public speaking. One of her biggest inspirations is Italian particle physicist, Fabiola Gianotti. Fabiola is a powerful force in the STEM world, and models exactly what women in STEM are capable of.

Organizing team


Ottawa, Canada
  • Pamela Henry
    Director of Programming
  • Alyssa Comstock
    Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Leah Boon
    Director of Logistics
  • Elena McGill
    Volunteer Coordinator