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Theme: The Roads Not Taken

This event occurred on
May 30, 2015
2:00am - 10:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Courbevoie, Île-de-France

The « Institut Des Hautes Etudes De Paris », will host its 1st annual TEDxIHEParis event on Saturday, May 30, 2015 from 02 :00 pm to 08 :00 pm. Modeled after the world renound TED conference, TEDxIHEParis is dedicated to ideas worth spreading in the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design. The event will feature 8 remarkable speakers, each giving talks reflecting this year’s theme, “The Roads Not Taken.”

This subject aims at bringing to your attention interesting people who followed their instincts, mustered courage, listened to others and overcame many challenges to achieve their objectives to stand out to those around them.
Innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership and social impact will thus be the key words of the event. We strongly believe that a revolution of mentalities can stem from simple ideas and therefore guarantee the evolution of our society. TEDx is a worldwide vector of strong ideas. For this purpose, we are looking for enthusiastic, stirring and inspiring participants to come and share this experience. This event is meant to enable young and people of all ages to find a place for sharing, interacting and intellectual stimulation whose impact meets no limit in space nor in time.

IHE Paris School
20 rue de BEZONS
Courbevoie, Île-de-France, 92400
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University (What is this?)
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Alexandra Maratchi

Alexandra Maratchi is the co-founder and CEO of Homuork, a Barcelona-based Ed Tech company at the frontier of helping organizations scale and optimize their training programs through technology and innovation. Alexandra started her career in FMCG marketing but, disappointed by the lack of focus on continuous development, founded Homuork in order to support companies of all sizes in making knowledge widely accessible (and fun!) to their employees. Now, she has made a career out of how knowledge, experience and skills interact to improve our workplaces.

Arnold Denes

French, specialised in thinking out of the box, expert at leveraging technology to work smarter Yet to grasp what a career is, Arnold is an insatiable learner who loves to innovate by applying transverse concepts. He has worked in the military, finance, logistics, and has founded a company to help businesses fight Global Warming in a way that positively impacts their bottom lines. He is passionate about innovative technology and addicted to travel, having lived to date in 8 countries and 3 continents. The mileage explains his awareness concerning risks related to businesstrips and the reason why he joined International SOS in 2013. The fact that he is still among us is a testimony that prevention actually works (with a little help from Lady Luck too!).

Gabriella Kern

Erasmus Student Network Vice President Assas
My name is Gabriella Kern. I was born in 1995 in Bogotá , Colombia. I was adopted as a baby at the age of only 4 months , by a Franco colombian couple. I grew up in France , refusing to give up neither on my mother tongue - that I kept on practicing with my mom - , nor on my origins , looking for them during my family trips. I know how bad it can lack to adopted children , who have lost until the very link with the country they come from. I moved quite a lot around France : Paris, the countryside , the suburbs . I finally got my high school diploma, Litterature section , with a Art History speciality in Belfort. I then moved back to Paris , and enrolled in ASSAS university of Law, with the final objective to become an auctioneer , combining two passions : Law and Art History.Ever since I was young , cultural exchange and travels have been recurrent interest centers . Opening to the other, to their differences , have always been the water nourishing the tree of my evolution.

Leonid Goncharov

A big fan of entrepreneurship and physics who has started his first company at the age of 17. He has lived, worked and studied in 5 countries where tried himself in consulting, finance and industry but finally came back to start-ups. At the age of 23, he launched his third business, AntiCafé, which he’s currently running. He believes that even the hardest work should be done with pleasure, that the best way to collaborate is win-win and there exists no problem which would not have a solution.

Lofti Saibi

Mr. Saibi has become a reference in the MENA region in issues dealing with leadership development, strategic planning, communications, and all business issues facing 21st century organizations. He has spoken at the UNDP, various universities and international gatherings, and has been a consultant to many world leading organizations in the private sector and the nonprofit as well. Mr. Saibi sits on the board of many companies worldwide and serves as special advisor to political and civic leaders. Mr. Saibi has gained notoriety as he was a top graduate of his class at Harvard University and later as CEO, COO and VP of Sales and Business development in the software industry, hospitality industry, and financial services industry. A strong multi-faceted skill set developed through diverse positions have afforded him a comprehensive enterprise view of business. Having a passion for learning has led to a unique cross industry knowledge base in leadership and mentoring roles.

Petronela Zainuddin

Petronela Zainuddin is a Designer, Educator, Doodler and CEO at Good Morning Creativity, an award-winning learning and design company. Her work is all about discovering and developing the creative potential of people and organisations. Petronela’s journey started with facilitating innovation workshops for start-ups and NGOs, but very soon she decided to focus on companies and schools that systematically block our creativity. She designs learning programs, online courses, thinking tools and practical challenges that help leaders, facilitators, and educators to foster creativity in others. Currently she runs research and prototype projects on working and learning spaces such as “Innovation Playroom” and “LearnGym” that embrace creativity, play and collaboration, and help in developing a culture of innovation.

Ronan Diego De Oliveira

Brazilian, Dreamer, Mechanical Engineer, passionate about starting things from scratch and developing them. Crazy about superheroes and their stories. Started his path in leadership development through the organization AIESEC in 2009 and, years later, decided to leave his country to take this organization to Paraguay. He has been to more than 15 countries participating in conferences and speaking about leadership to young people from all around the world. Today he lives in Malaysia and works at Mindvalley, an international company with the mission of changing the educational system in the world

Vincenzo Gingale

Vincenzo Gangale as started his career in a worldwide NGO, AIESEC, where he covered the role of International Project Manager and lead a team of about ten people, mainly volunteers. At national and international level Vincenzo has also been leading working groups on different subjects, working since 1990 in multicultural environment. During then 11 years as Business Unit Manager and Director in a technological consulting company, he had the opportunity to apply the same kind of approach leading team in the profit sector, gaining important economic results through team work, associated to low employee turnover in a period of economic prosperity. After this experience Vincenzo started to work as International Consultant mainly in Business Development and Operations working for Companies' restructuring and transformation. He has also be a consultant in a French Busines School

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