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Theme: The Visonary , The Hero , The Adventurer

This event occurred on
May 30, 2015
9:00am - 7:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Cairo, Al Qāhirah

TEDxCairoWomen is a one day event about the power of women and girls to be creators and change-makers. The program of speakers, workshops, events and daring discussions has sparked call for action not only for women empowerment but also community development . This year we will have a combination of 15 speakers and performers of different backgrounds.

Greek Campus
28 Falaki St., Bab El Louk, Cairo
Cairo, Al Qāhirah, 114751
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TEDxWomen (What is this?)
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Amani El Tounsi

Amani studied Computer Science and worked as an art director for years. While working as a journalist in a youth magazine she discovered that most of the girls working around her were just looking to get married because they felt pressure from their parents and society to do so. She also learned that media could be very effective in mind setting. She was concerned about the young women’s situation in Egypt and also in the middle east and talked a lot to them about how to be successful and thinking about the future and stop looking for a husband and restrict their existence to just being a good wife.

Bakri Khaled

Bakri Khaled Kabakibi is a Syrian/Egyptian Radio host, actor, script writer and VO for various radio ads and jingles. Now appearing in the hit show Asaad Allah Masaokm on MBC masr and also participating in writing the script, he also hosted an entertainment show that airs on Diab FM. Prior to that he hosted the first online talent show for Amr Diab Academy, alongside the Egyptian Superstar Amr Diab himself. He also appeared in several Ramadan comic shows such as Shika Bika (2012), Aawdet Alebn Aldar on Negoum FM (2013) and Waseem Hodhod (2013) while also participating in its script writing workshop. He aspires to become a successful TV host in the field of comedy and entertainment, offering amusing and not to mention useful material.

Carol Maher Test

This is just a demo. عايز اشوف بتقبل عربي ولا لاء

Caroline Maher

Caroline Maher in an early age, chose to enter a combative sport crossing gender and cultural boundaries She put thousands of hours training, faced several injuries and went through harsh diets. Through the years of her athletic career, she represented Egypt in global contests gaining more than 130 trophies in 38 countries for various Regional, Arab, African, International and Francophone World Cup Championships. According to the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), Maher ranked third in 2009, sixth in 2010 and eleventh in 2011 as worldwide champion. She is also the first African female to be inducted in the Hall of Fame . Caroline also won several awards, such as outstanding academic and athletic achievement in school and University.In addition she was selected among Egypt’s top 10 athletes for three successive years by the Ministry of Sports. Earlier last year she has been chosen in the UN global campaign “Women of Achievement” highlighting achievements of outstanding women worldwide.

Eman Ezzat

Eman Ezzat is a graduate of the Faculty of Specific Education, Cairo university. In 1997 she became a teacher at the same faculty. She completed her masters and PhD in Education Philosophy with excellent grade. And is now teaching methodology at Cairo university. She invented an educational program specially for children that raises their awareness against sexual harassment through music, drawing and games, In 2013 she established an awareness campaign for children about the dangers of sexual harassment, In a year and half she was able to bring awareness to more than 40,000 child including children with special needs and disabilities In more than 12 governorates in Egypt. She wrote and composed an album and named it “Protection in a song" to raise children's awareness and another album named “Children who love Egypt " to implant the values of homeland in the child and the sense of belonging to their country. Eman writes poems, her hobbies are reading and music.

Gilan Alaa

Gilan Alaa is a graduate of Mass Communication - Radio and Television - Misr International University in 2010. She has realized her passion for media since she was 4 years old when she used to act and sing at school and she decided to follow her dreams to college and daily life. In October 2011 Gilan started as a presenter to a daily show in an online station called "Diab FM”, owned by the superstar Amr Diab. She then joined the popular TV show “Assaad Allah Masaakom” as a content producer and actress in 2014. At the same time, she participated in “Sahebat El Saada" show presented by the famous actress “Esaad Younis” in its first season.

Hend Sabry

A Cairo-based Tunisian actress and lawyer. She was born in Tunis on 20th November and received her license in law at the Faculty of Law of Tunis in 2001. Later she completed her masters in law intellectual property and copyright in 2004. Her acting debut was at the age of fourteen in a Tunisian production . After starring a number of Tunisian productions,she was introduced her to the Egyptian cinema . Her role in the film gave her immediate stardom across the Arab world and in a short span of time she became one of the most prominent Tunisian actresses in Egypt and the Arab world. Sabry is active in social and humanitarian work; since 2009, she has been working closely with the UN World Food Programme on raising awareness about hunger in the region. In 2010, Sabry had officially become a WFP Regional Ambassador against Hunger.

Ibtisam Abaza

Ibtesam Abaza graduated from Cairo University Philosophy and Psychological studies department and conducted post graduate studies and got a diploma in mental and psychological health. She joined the Ministry of Social Affairs as a Specialist psychological practitioner and ranged in positions till she reached the position of director general. In 1990 she has co-founded with her colleagues the House of Audio Books to serve blind underprivileged students . Ibtesam is married and has two daughters and grandchildren .

Loay El Sergany

Loay is 24 years old. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Commerce, English Section. He is the Founder and CEO of Fitiology Fitness and is certified in CFT, CPR and Jumping Fitness.

Mona Arishi

Mona Arishi is currently IBM Egypt & Middle East Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs Manager, responsible for the company’s social responsibilities and relationships. She also holds an honorary position as the Women Leadership Council since 2005, leading the 400+ ladies within IBM Egypt, supporting them to manage their possible concerns, work life balance, motivation and career progress activities. On another dimension, Mona is the Director of Heya Hayah “L’Eve Institute – LEI”, a social enterprise focused on improving the quality of life for the family in general and the feminine entity in specific. As part of LEI’s community mission, Mona provides volunteer Development Training for various NGOs and Associations on Body, Mind, Heart and Soul topics.

Nahla El Nemr

Nahla El Nemr was raised in an orphanage since she was two years old. When she was 23 years old, she had to leave the orphanage she was raised in to start facing life independently. She graduated from The Higher Institute of Social Work, and worked in the same orphanage she was raised in for two years. In 2012, hoping to make a positive change in orphans living conditions in Egypt, Nahla joined an Egyptian NGO, Wataneya Society for the Development of Orphanages, that works on developing and applying the Quality Standards for Care within institutional homes for children without parental care. To upgrade her career, Nahla acquired an international vocational qualification in promoting childcare, which made her part of Wataneya's assessors who conduct assessments for orphanages and institutional homes. Nahla believes that children and youth without parental care are capable of realizing their dreams, if only they were given the right chance.

Noha Kato

Noha Kato was born and raised in Cairo Egypt, started comedy in 2009 opposite comedian Ronnie Khalil and George Azmy. She had shows with other comedians Ali Quandil, Waleed AboElmad and Ola roshdy. She had shows in different cities such as Frankfurt and AbuDahbi. Was featured on Nile Fm and ezz elhabab program on TV.

Rania Refaat

رانيا رفعت شاهين.. إمرأة مصرية.. عرفت مبكرا أن الحياه ليست الا مسرحية عبثية، فقررت أن تختار دورها بنفسها اشتغلت بالمحاماه ثم درست الفن، مثلت وأخرجت وصممت رقصات وكتبت المسرحية والقصة والمقال، وحصلت على العديد من الجوائز.. أسست مسرح البرجولا للعرائس وملتقى البرجولا الثقافى.. اعتبرت الحرفة شرف فتعلمت النقاشة والنجارة.. .فحصلت على جائزة (ستات اوورد) .. الشخصية النسائية الاكثر تاثيرا فى مصر... إنها مجرد انسانة قررت ان تحيا بطريقتها الخاصة فى عالم يحكمه فكر القطيع

Shymaa Adel

شيماء عادل من مواليد 1987 .. تخرجت في كلية اﻵداب قسم الاعلام وعلوم الاتصال عام 2008 ، وحاصلة على دبلومة التشريعات الإعلامية من جامعة القاهرة 2010 ، عملت في المصري اليوم في الفترة ما بين 2007 حتى أبريل 2012 ثم انتقلت للعمل في جريدة الوطن من 2012 حتى هذه اللحظة . وتخصصت في تغطية الأماكن التي تشهد حروبا ًونزاعات مسلحة في غزة وليبيا وسوريا والسودان، وتقوم بجانب بعملها الصحفي بعقد مجموعة من الدورات التدريبية في مجال السلامة المهنية للصحفيين في مناطق الصراع والنزاعات المسلحة ، ولها كتاب بعنوان " الكيزان .. مذكرات صحفية في معتقلات سودانية " يحكي عن مذاكراتها أثناء فترة اعتقالها في السودان .

Sondos Shabayek

Mona is a psychotherapist (MA Counseling AUC 14', BSc. Psychology UCL 07') and actress. Drama and Psychology have always been her two biggest passions, allowing her to pursue her calling for exploring the human psyche, and practicing the nourishing gift of empathy. Finding a project that integrates all these elements in one, has meant love at first sight. By putting true stories on stage the Bussy project has given Mona a great opportunity to enjoy an experience of personal healing, as well as witness the healing of others as they told or heard stories coming from the heart.It has been five years now since Mona joined Bussy, and is still an active member and storyteller. Mona has also taken part in some short and feature films most notably; Decor 2014, Rags and Tatters 2013, and Asham 2012. Acting aside, Mona practices individual psychotherapy by day, and on occasion has facilitated self-development trainings and workshops in different fields and contexts

Yasmine Ibrahim

Yasmine Ibrahim is a graduate of the Faculty of Law Cairo University. She obtained a Post graduate Diploma on the status of women and women's rights in the MENA region from Lund University, Sweden and a Diploma in Written translation from the American University in Cairo. While she was a university student she attended an event in a feminist NGO. She started to read more about feminism and gender issues in Egypt and other countries and liked to join those who want to develop the status of Egyptian women. She chose research and information as her field of work. Yasmine founded the Digital Museum of Women to research, highlight and preserve women's history along with providing women with knowledge and tools to be empowered in Egypt and Arab speaking countries.

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Cairo Maadi, Egypt
  • Basem Salah
    Director of IT & Social Media
  • Aliaa Abaza
    Event Producer
  • Mohamed Safwat
    Director- Post Event Production