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Theme: The Confluence of Influence

This event occurred on
April 18, 2015
5:00pm - 8:00pm -03
(UTC -3hrs)
Buenos Aires, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

This is TEDxAsociaciónEscuelasLincoln's first event. The purpose of the event is to provide a platform for youth at the American International School in Buenos Aires and the local community to share ideas worth spreading. All youth that will speak at the event are required to join the TED-Ed Club on campus, which helps to identify their passions and transform them into talks.

Asociación Escuelas Lincoln, Aula Magna
Andres Ferreyra 4073
Buenos Aires, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, B1637
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Analia Wu

Analia Wu (@wuanalia) is an Argentine-born Chinese girl who lived half of her life in Argentina and the other half in China. She speaks Chinese Mandarin, English and Spanish.

Caio Rodrigues Faria Brighenti

Caio Brighenti (@caiobrighenti) was born in the city of São Paulo, in Brazil. However, at the age of 7 he moved to Michigan, in the United States, with his family. It was there he learned how to speak English, and now considers himself fully fluent in it. About 3 years later, he moved back to Brazil, but to the beach city of Santos. After 4 years in Santos, he moved yet again, this time to Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been there ever since, and it was there he learned to speak Spanish. He considers himself to be fluent in Spanish, but believes his Spanish is not as good as his English or Portuguese.

Cyrena Drusine

Cyrena Drusine is a professional tango dancer and instructor from NYC. She is also the owner and co-founder of Narrative Tango Tours, a full service tango business offering an array of tango activities to visitors of Buenos Aires. Cyrena grew up in NYC where she studied at the School of American Ballet. She completed her BA in Critical Social Thought and French at Mount Holyoke College. She also studied at La Sorbonne in Paris. Cyrena completed her MA in Performance Studies at NYU in May 2008, where she wrote her thesis, “Una Emocion: A Tango of Memories, Nostalgia and History,” focusing on the sensual experience of tango. Cyrena has been teaching and performing tango in Buenos Aires for the past 6 years. In 2007, Cyrena won the first US Tango Championship in Tango Salon and competed in the finals at the World Championship. In 2008-2009 she performed with Tango Pasión. She has performed in some of the most famous tango houses in Buenos Aires such as Tango Porteño.

Florencia Petrikovich

Florencia Petrikovich (@Florpetri1) has lived most of her life traveling through the world. Even though she was born in Argentina, at an early age she moved to the US. Her father's job relocated her family at Ecuador. She was only 10 when she had to leave behind friends for the third time to move to Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. Finally she has moved back to her home country, Argentina, were she plans on finishing school. In this jumble of different memories and experiences, only a few things stayed the same, and that was her shyness. This is where her talk originates, which is about standing up and speaking up for oneself, something she wishes she would have done in her life. Through her talk, she will try to influence the audience to do so, but also that the audience, too influences others in the process. She believes people tend to not stand up because of negative influences in their environment, so she hopes to make her audience the positive influence.

Francisco Seambelar

Francisco Seambelar (@fseambelar) was born in Caracas, Venezuela; however his family is Argentine. He was raised speaking Spanish and English as he has lived in Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Uganda, and Malaysia. Francisco will talk about what art means to him and which artists inspire him, before proceeding to create a piece of artwork for the audience. He encourages others to use creativity as a form to learn about one’s self and to create a healthy way to deal with conflict.

Ming Lei Santiago Sun

Ming Lei Santiago Sun (@sun_santiago) best known as “The Sun” by his friends, was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina. He lived there most of his life but he has also lived in the United States for some years. His first language is Spanish but he is also currently learning Chinese, English, Italian and French. Being first generation Chinese, he has gone through many adaptations to the society. Therefore, Santiago is going to talk about his life experience and the many solutions we can have to a problem that has not only affected him but many children around the world as well.

Niklas Christensen

Niklas Christensen (@niklas12371) has lived all of his life in a small country called Denmark until recently. When not in school, he enjoys playing video games. Niklas is really affected by video games and spends his time appreciating the games he play. Most of the time he plays multiplayer games but he also appreciates a story rich Role Playing Game (RPG).

Siel Hoornaert

Siel Hoornaert (@siel_hoornaert) was born in Leuven, Belgium. She has lived in five countries, including Belgium, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Argentina. Although she has learned many languages throughout her life, she currently speaks three fluently: English, Dutch, and Spanish. She enjoys learning new languages from the countries she has lived in; she has learned (but does not speak) Chinese, Arabic and Latin, among some others. She will be presenting a talk about cognitive neuroscience: the differences between the brains of girls and boys, and the effects that these might have on their respective personalities. Dr. Leonard Sax’s work has been a major contributor and influence to her talk.

Sonia Ruseler

Sonia is Argentine. She studied her B.A. at Cambridge University in England, in Social and Political Sciences and has an MBA from Bordeaux Ecole de Management. She is now on her third career. As a TV journalist, she anchored for CNN International for eight years from Washington D.C. and Atlanta, and worked for BBC and ITN, based in London and Tokyo, as producer, foreign correspondent and news presenter. Her favorite assignment was the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now, Sonia leads Communications at Arcos Dorados since August 2013, based in Buenos Aires, where her challenge is protecting the McDonald’s brand in twenty countries across Latin America and the Caribbean. Before moving back to South America, she worked in crisis communications for Fortune 500 clients in Washington D.C. She and her husband own a vineyard in Mendoza. She is a Certified Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers, and is training to run her third marathon.

Tomas Gonzalez Cueto

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tomas Gonzalez Cueto (@tigc_cueto) has spent all his life attending Lincoln International School, and as a result, is fluent in both Spanish and English. His talk refers to the concept of art, what it is, and where it may go in the future. Specifically talking about his interest in modern art, even though it may not even be art in itself. His influence for this talk is based on his interest in art history, and as a potential major in college.

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