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This event occurred on
October 5, 2015
7:30pm - 11:45pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Paris, Île-de-France

TEDxChampsElyséesED met en lumière des acteurs de terrain qui oeuvrent quotidiennement, à leur niveau, au renouveau de l'éducation.
Ces pionniers qui inventent une école où plusieurs voies d'excellence sont possibles, où l'erreur est permise et l'expérience valorisée.
Une éducation plus ouverte sur le monde, qui intègre la différence, valorise la diversité et cultive tous les talents. Un système qui encourage les élèves à devenir acteurs de leur apprentissage et de leur environnement et qui forme des élèves citoyens curieux, épanouis, créatifs et responsables.
C'est en valorisant ces pionniers que nous espérons contribuer à l'exploration de nouvelles voies pour l'éducation.

125, avenue de Suffren
Paris, Île-de-France, 75007
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Alan Coughlin

Associate professor of English and a priority education college in Britain
How to give students the power to take control of the course and give them the time to make mistakes? How to cultivate curiosity and fight boredom? Alan Coughlin is developing innovative pedagogies for students to become true actors of their learning.

Bruno Bouché

Dancer at the Paris Opera, choreographer
Bruno Bouché know how important it is to speak with his body. It highlights the power of arts education in personal development and living together.

Caroline Huron

Psychiatrist and researcher in cognitive science at INSERM
Caroline Huron is Chair of Satchel Fantastic, a winning combination of France agrees. This knowledge in neuroscience allow it to better understand the limitations of the brain of a child with disabilities and promote their learning.

Catherine Gueguen

Pediatrician and teacher
While neuroscience show that the emotional and social experiences of infants profoundly alter their brains, Catherine Gueguen, makes us aware of the benevolent education.

Gaele Regnault

Social entrepreneur
How to promote the educational and social integration of children with autism? While this handicap affects 1 in 100 children is this crucial question that has dedicated Gaele Regnault. It created in 1992 a social enterprise that democratizes access to the best educational strategies and fight against exclusion.

Gaëlle Gaëtane Chapelle

Professor at the University of Louvain in Belgium.
Gaëlle Gaëtane Chapelle is a doctor of psychology

Hippolyte Labourdette

15 year old, Hippolyte is gifted and yet out of school failure. It delivers its gross felt about the school, its hardness but also its support and sharing promises.

Hocine Youbi

Student in International Relations
Hocine Youbi is a journey that few would have predicted. His determination and beautiful meetings gave him the means to have a choice.

Pierre Lena

Member of the Academy of Sciences, Pierre Lena is a committed man who worked for over 20 years to give young people a taste for science. It is the origin, with Georges Charpak and Yves Quéré, of the educational program The hands-on, which is renovating science education in primary school through an investigative pedagogy that fosters creative and critical thinking students. And if science were used primarily to develop the spirit of citizenship?

Ramzi Harbi

Social entrepreneur
Ramzi Harbi makes the link between education, creativity and design. His association, "On track the artist!" Develops alternative pedagogies placing children at the center of learning and using the game to cultivate their curiosity.

Yann Algan

Economist expert and teacher
Yann Algan is interested in the impact of trust on growth and economic behavior. Listening to the French malaise, he advocates a school of cooperation, good manners and mutual trust. A school that puts the fun in the heart of learning and promotes the development of social skills.

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