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This event occurred on
October 9, 2014
9:00pm - 11:55pm -03
(UTC -3hrs)
Blumenau, Santa Catarina

TEDGlobal is heading to Latin America. In October 2014, at the Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, join us to celebrate the outpouring of innovation, dynamism and creativity taking place all over South America and the global South. Fresh thinking can be found in every direction, in emerging geographies as well as in the western hemisphere. Prepare to have your world turned upside down.

Blumenau, Santa Catarina will host a live event for local atendees to watch TEDGlobal on October 8th.

Cinema Arcoplex
Via Expressa Paul Fritz Kuehnrich
Blumenau, Santa Catarina, 89052-381
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TEDGlobal2014 Simulcast (What is this?)
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Organizing team

Cardoso Filho

Blumenau, Sc, Brazil


Blumenau Sc, Brazil
  • Ana Carolina Alves
    TEDxBlumenau Organizing Team
  • Maria LuĂ­sa Lange
    TEDxBlumenau Organizing Team
  • Adriano Darosi
    TEDxBlumenau Organizing Team
  • Karina Borguesan
    TEDxBlumenau Organizing Team
  • Cynthia Hansen
    TEDxBlumenauLive Organizing Team
  • Guilherme Junkes
    TEDxBlumenauLive Organizing Team
  • Arnon Tillmann
    TEDxBlumenauLive Organizing Team
  • Ana Clara Sousa
    TEDxBlumenauLive Organizing Team