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This event occurred on
March 7, 2015
1:00pm - 4:30pm EST
(UTC -5hrs)
Oakton, Virginia
United States

Our event was part of the 2014-15 YouthDay theme of "Worlds Imagined."

3320 Jermantown Road
Oakton, Virginia, 22124
United States
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Arnav Boppudi

Arnav Boppudi is a freshman at Flint Hill who imagines a perfect world where children, both male and female, can receive an education and are given equal opportunity to have a successful life. In his own life, he loves playing tennis and belongs to the Asian Student Union, Young Democrats Club, Programming Club. This fall, he impressively won the MVP award for the Boy’s Varsity Tennis team as a freshman. Arnav will discuss why it is important to provide children around the world with an education.

Avishka Boppudi

Avishka Boppudi is in seventh grade and has attended Flint Hill since kindergarten. She has been dancing Indian classical dance, Kuchipudi, since she was six years old. She has been dancing for Kuchipudi Kalanidhi since age ten and hopes to have her graduation, Arangetram, soon. Avishka also plays violin with Mrs. Mcglone. In her talk, Avishka will raise awareness about the importance of access to food in underdeveloped countries.

Brendan Metz

Brendan Metz came to Flint Hill his freshman year of high school and is currently a senior. He’s a musical man who loves rock n’ roll and wishes to pursue writing and recording music. Brendan launched Flint Hill’s monthly open mic which instantly became a huge hit within the upper school community. In Brendan’s talk, he will help us understand autism. Following the Worlds Imagined theme, he will present the world from the perspective of someone with autism.

Daniel Lamont

Daniel Lamont has taken every opportunity available to him in 5th grade: he has done SCA, the talent show, and now a TED talk! Daniel enjoys being a weird, funny, and curious child. He wants to be a hydrologist when he grows up. Daniel’s talk is about the power of music; he feels this power in his own life. His record in listening to Ed Sheeran’s “A Team” is 1,547 times. Daniel is thrilled to share his TED talk with you today.

Danielle Wallace

Danielle Wallace is a senior at Flint Hill. She is a peer counselor, pianist, and developing artist whose life goal is to combine her passion for people with a passion for art. Her talk will analyze the simple yet powerful phrase: “follow through,” which is the fundamental concept of acting on one’s vision for the world. To those who are waiting for something or someone else to change first, her message to you is that you need to wake up and start acting on those hopes and dreams. It starts with you.

David Rosen

David Rosen is a 9th grade student at Flint Hill School. He enjoys everything Lego. David has learned a lot about himself and is eager to share his discoveries. In his talk he will discuss the difference between excuses and understandings when it comes to ADHD. David wants people to remember that people with ADHD still can accomplish amazing things.

Gabrielle Turner

Gabrielle Turner is a 12th grade student at Flint Hill. Gabrielle is currently a member of the SCA, FCA, and The View staff. Gabrielle has a keen interest in track and field, and she is involved both in and outside of school. She has been running track since she was in the seventh grade, and she has been to three national club meets. In her talk, Gabrielle hopes to inspire people to notice small things or injustices that they know are occurring and to stand up against them. Gabrielle imagines a world filled with less complacency, with people willing to take the initiative to create positive change.

Morgan Starnes

Morgan Starnes is a 6th grade student with a passion for the arts. She loves to act, write, and share her work with the world through her blog. She loves horseback riding, especially at her four-week summer camp. Morgan’s talk is about achieving your goals, not just dreaming about them. Her talk features some famous dreams...and a goal of her own.

Nala Duma

Nala Duma, a sophomore, has already made an impact at Flint Hill through his involvement. Nala has participated in Poetry Out Loud, is a peer counselor, and is in the Black Student Union. Outside of school, he loves spending time dancing and at his church. His talk discusses true freedom, and he hopes to teach his audience how our society hinders achieving true freedom by creating “monsters.”

Neeta Singh

Neeta Singh is a 12th grade student at Flint Hill. She is involved in Environment Club, Classics Club, and Certamen. Outside of school, she plays tennis, volunteers at the Wounded Warrior Regiment, and loves to bake in her free time. After graduation, she hopes to to major in biomedical engineering at college and then go to med school. In her talk, she will explore the intersection between technology and sports.

Roshini Balan

Roshini Balan, a 7th grader, has been at Flint Hill for the last 8 years and is looking forward to more to come. Roshini has played the piano since the age of three and is a voracious reader and writer. Roshini realizes that both these hobbies, and many others out there, would be impossible to participate in without the skill of literacy. In her talk, Roshini discusses how literacy is not just the one dimensional aspect of learning to read and write, but a complex quest that spans multiple dimensions, and provides a kaleidoscope of experiences as one progresses through life.

Sabra McBride

Sabra McBride is a freshman “lifer” at Flint Hill. Sabra is a freshman representative in the SCA, a member of the softball team, and in the percussion ensemble. Outside of school, she volunteers at the Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program, as she dreams to pursue a career as a veterinarian. In her talk, Sabra highlights those who demonstrate acts of kindness rather than acts of selfishness. A member of the 2015 Executive Team, Sabra shares her aspirations to change who we look up to in order to make the world a better place.

Organizing team


  • Rachel Marrion
  • Lisa Williams