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This event occurred on
June 27, 2014
10:00am - 7:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Cairo, Al Qāhirah

“IDENTITY?" Our communities have a way of shaping us. At times, we try with all our strength to push away the limitations forced upon us by our surroundings; sometimes we forget the cause that we were struggling to attain in the first place because our surroundings disapprove of the way we trek it; other times, we thrive and shake off any antagonistic concept or vile disruption of our paths by sliding through the obstacles and as a result filling dents in the question mark that is our existence.

German University in Cairo
Cairo, Al Qāhirah
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University (What is this?)
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Ahmed Nabil

Ammar Abu Bakr

Ammar Is a world-renowned graffiti artist, He's famous for his pieces throughout Egypt, especially the ones during the Revolution located in Mohamed Mahmoud Street.

El Hassan Makled

Marwan Kattan

Omar Hisham

Omar Hisham, a 12 years old game developer. At first he did what other children his age were doing; playing games. But then he started wondering how this game he's playing got created and how are these characters moving. Motivation stricken and he started finding our and learning basics of game developing. Of course he didn't succeed at first; he tried a lot of game developing engines before he made anything. He felt at a time that working in a team would be efficient, but unfortunately it was not and he decided to work alone. But nevertheless, he was still motivated and started developing a game till it worked this time.

Rania Reda

Organizing team

Al Ashry

Cairo, Egypt