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Theme: Game Changer

This event occurred on
May 25, 2015
4:00pm - 10:30pm IDT
(UTC +3hrs)
Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv

Welcome to TEDxIDC community. TEDxIDC is an annual event held by the IDC Herzliya. We are a group of student volunteers searching for inspiration from different points of view and different areas of expertise. Our mission is to convey the change that we want to see in the world.
This year's theme is Game Changer! Coming May 25th, 2015. We will create our platform in a form of an event that will be a vessel to the most innovative people in Israel.

Tel Aviv Port
Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv
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Adi Barkan

Adi Barkan is an Israeli fashion photographer and a successful model agent who has been campaigning since 1999 to increase awareness to the effect of the fashion industry on self body and legislation banning the use of anorexic models and digital body shaping. Working with Member of Knesset Dr. Rachel Adato, he successfully submitted legislation to the Israeli Knesset in 2012, requiring all modeling agencies in Israel to use the BMI exam, making Israel the first country to pass such a law. The campaign has received backing by both the Ministry of Health and The Israeli Center for Eating Habits Reform, while additionally, more than 30 Israeli CEOs have agreed to only hire models who have passed the health exam for their advertisements. In 2013, to lead the global change, Adi launched the realunreal standard mark for the fashion and advertising industry.

Dr. Iris Reitzes

Dr. Iris Reitzes is an expert clinical psychologist and certified marriage and family therapist, working with couples for over 30 years. Dr. Reitzes received a special award from the United Stated government for being a young foreign leader while managing a women and couples center in the Midwest. These days, Dr. Reitzes is focusing on couples therapy, giving intriguing lectures about relationships, in marriage and in business leadership. Dr. Reitzes is also the psychologist of the morning news in channel 10 on Israeli t.v.

Keren Leibovitz

Miki Haimovich

Miki Haimovich is a journalist and an Israeli television presenter. For 18 years She was the leading anchorwoman for the nightly news in both Channels 2 and 10. She resigned her position In June 2011, Haimovich received five times the "Golden Screen" award as the "best current affairs presenter and the “Primor award” for her series of reports “ Israelim 10”. After leaving the news anchor role she began leading voluntarily the campaign "Meatless Monday" in Israel, A branch of the international project that encourages people to reduce meat consumption. The campaign was launched in Israel in November 2012. Since December 2013 Haimovich is back on Television, leading an investigating reporting show in channel 2 “ hamaarechet” that focuses on social and environmental issues. Miki Haimovich lives in Tel Aviv, married to the TV presenter, Eli Ildis and they have two children.

Rafi Eldor

Rafi Eldor is a professor of Economics and an expert in managing risk with, options and futures contracts. After studying in Tel Aviv University for the first degree eldor recieved his Master degree and Ph.D from Harvard University. When he returned to Israel he started teaching in Tel Aviv University. Between 1985 and 1988, he was a lecturer at both Colombia and Boston Universities. He was also one of the first lecturers of the interdisciplinary center in Herzeliya, as well as the head of the economics and the finance department.. At 2008, Eldor was diagnosed with Parkinson disease. In order to slow down the disease Elsdor started dancing . Eldor danced with famous dancers such as Anna Aronov and others, as well as competing in different competitions and appearing in various events. Eldor has been for the last 20 years the chairman of the investing committee of the Israel Cancer Association voluntaril

Sarit Kraus

Sarit Kraus (Ph.D. Computer Science, Hebrew University, 1989) is a Professor of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland. Her research is focused on intelligent agents and multi-agent systems (including people and robots). Kraus was awarded the IJCAI Computers and Thought Award, ACM SIGART Agents Research award, the EMET prize and was twice the winner of the IFAAMAS influential paper award. She is AAAI, ECCAI and ACM fellow and a recipient of the advanced ERC grant.

Sefi Attias

Shmulik goldbrener

Samuel Goldbrener (AKA Shmulik) is a lawyer by education but chose a different career. He turned his passion of dancing into his profession. Shmulik built his career in dance using warmth and humor which led him to success and prosperity. Shmulik is the proud owner of a successful dance company (Shmulikim) in event marketing. He has been performing worldwide for private and corporate events for the last twenty years. Shmulik's message is loud and clear: "Everybody likes to DANCE". Shmulik has turned unique interactive dance performances into a funny, bouncy, intriguing and sensible workshop which sweeps you off your feet. His perfomances redefine the connection between dancing as a group and identifying with the workplace. It connects between major elements in both professional and individual life and serves as an ice breaker, his workshop participants enjoy group dancing, bond with one another, loosen up with humor. The ability to break barriers between pepole amazes everyone!

Tzameret Fuerst

Yossi Vardi

Vardi began his entrepreneurial career in 1969, at the age of 26, as co-founder and first CEO of TEKEM, one of the first software houses in Israel (later sold to Tadiran and then absorbed into Ness Technologies). In 1970, he was appointed Director General of the Ministry of Development. He served as chairman of Israel Chemicals of Mifaley Tovala, of Harsit and Hol Zach, and a member of the board of Israel Electric Corporation, Dead Sea Works, Dead Sea Bromine, Dead Sea Periclase, Haifa Chemicals, Chemicals and Phosphates, and others. He also chaired the Oil Explorations Concessions Council and Fertilizers Development Council. He was sent to the U.S. to serve as the Director of the Investment Authority in North America, and Consul For Economic Affairs of the State of Israel in New York. In that capacity he took part in the creation of the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation (BIRD-F). He acted as an advisor to the Israeli mission to the U.N..

Yuval Ben Neriah

Yuval Ben Neriah is 33-year-old chef and owner of the famous restaurant Taizu. Ben-Neria opened the restaurant in March 2013 in Tel Aviv after a year and a half of serious planning and research. After his military service, at the IDF Orchestra, he worked for a year in Shalom Kadosh "sheraton" hotel in Jerusalem under the hands of Chef Shalom Kadosh. Later on, he worked for another year and a half at "Resto Bar" restaurant kitchen in Jerusalem as well as at "Raphael" restaurant. After 9 months, he moved to "Herbert Samuel” and worked there for over five years. Ben Neria completed internships at " Arzak " in San Sebastian, Spain as well as internships at Le Bernardin" in New York. Later on, he got his degree in philosophy and history at Tel Aviv University.

Organizing team


Ramot Hashavim, Israel
  • Guy Kellerman
  • Erez Dagan