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Theme: Levolution

This event occurred on
December 7, 2013
3:00pm - 6:00pm KST
(UTC +9hrs)
South Korea

An levolution is a mixed word using life and revolution, which means changes and innovations in life.
Remarkable development of technology changes our whole ways of life.
These development allow us to see the film in three-D and to communicate over messenger services.
Our lives are seriously affected by these technologies.
We are going to talk about changes and innovations in life and how they influence the future in TEDxSejongU 5th event "Levolution".

South Korea
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University (What is this?)
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Pil-jun Kang

"A true technology heads for the humanity." Because of rapid development of technology, some technologies are not suitable for our life. Every year, many expectations and reports about new technology pour in. However we are wondering what technology is needed and is a innovation in life. KangPil-jun is going to talk about directions of future technology through a NFC technology.

Hyeong-Teak Kim

new era needs a new marketing strategy. Paper advertisement was general in past days. However PPL(product placement advertisement) is formed because of media development and modern society sensitive to trend nowadays. In this way, marketing trend is changed in various ways depending on chronological change. Gamification is a new marketing trend attracted attention. Kim hyeong-teak is going to talk about how Gamification is applied to our society and how we can apply Gamification to our society in the future.

Jong-Yun Kim

Human beings are social animals. They live with forming groups and communicating each other whenever and wherever. However way of communication is different depending on the change of era. We mainly expressed our mind with a letter and a phone call. We are wondering what we can use to express our mind. Kim jong-yun is going to talk about how human relations are formed in digital era.

Jeong-Rok Yun

It was innovative to print pictures and texts once. Furthermore, printing technology took a major step forward with a laser printer. Now we can print a 3-dimensional object. "We can print everything that you imagine." Yun jeong-rok is going to talk about 3D printer and how we can use 3D printer in our future life.

Organizing team

Seung Keun

Seoul, South Korea
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