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This event occurred on
October 13, 2013
12:00am - 12:00am CST
(UTC +8hrs)

Let there be light 要有光

"Let there be light"TED event was held at academic report hall in south campus of SCUT on Oct 13th, 2013. Six stunning talkers from different feilds including architecture, design, art and media shared with us the light of their lives'.
关于主题:Let there be light
About the theme: "Let there be light"
我们认为,无论身处何方,我们都坚持,要有光。光不是成就,不是名望, 更不是某种传奇性的色彩,而是一种源于人类心灵深处的美好。它或许是对理想的坚守, 对未知的好奇,对社会的责任感,对弱势群体的关爱......它们很难用单一的词汇去概括, 但它们照亮了讲者自己,也照亮了世界。
We believe that no matter where we are, we shall stick to light. It is not achievement , nor fame or legendary color, but something originates from the gloria incepted deeply in human heart, it may be perseverance to dreams, curiosity for the unknown,sense of social responsibility,or caring for the disadvantaged groups. It is hard to be defined by a single word, but it illuminates the world by lighting up speakers themselves.

• 中国科学院院士,建筑技术科学专家
• 华南理工大学教授,博士生导师
• 提倡文理治学
1.Wu Shuoxian
Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, experts of architecture
• Professor of South China University of Technology ,supervisor of Ph.D
• Advocating pursuing one's academic career by studying both liberal art and science

• 科创航天广州项目组组长
• 带领团队自制火箭并成功发射
Hu Zhenyu,
•Teenaged rocket scientist
• Leading his team successfully launched "solid sounding rocket with the biggest circles total impulse by amateur so far " in June 2013
Be a pure tech enthusiast
• 有米传媒创始人,CEO
• 华南理工大学85后毕业生
• 上榜于《福布斯》中文版中国30位30岁以下创业者”名单
Chen Di
•founder & CEO of Youmi Media
•SCUT alumnus after 85s
•Found on the list of "30 Chinese Entrepreneurs under 30" by Fobes
• 北京奥运、广州亚运火炬手
• 中国切尼斯纪录保持者
• 广州齐天下教育科技有限公司创始人
Wang Wei
• Torchbearer of Beijing Olympic and Guangzhou Asian Games
• Chenies record holder
•Founder of Going Global Education & Technology Group Ltd. Guangzhou
5. 林于蓝
• 华工播音主持专业学生
• 华工60周年校庆晚会唯一学生主持
• 戏剧表演者,独立文化人
Lin Yulan
• Exclusive student hostess in 60th anniversary gala of SCUT
• Drama performer, independent artist
•毕业于同济大学/德国HPI Design Thinking School
• 上海ID设计坊创始人
Liu Renjie
•Graduated from Tongji Unversity & HPI Design Thinking School
•Founder of ID Workshop. Shanghai

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