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Theme: Bang

This event occurred on
December 14, 2013
7:30pm - 9:30pm CST
(UTC +8hrs)

We invite people from various activity areas to talk about what they are doing and researching on in their field, and can bring explosive ideas and inspiration for us. Speakers are respectively from the arts, economy, engineering fields, the field of psychology, music and social fields.

ShanTou, 515063
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University (What is this?)
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Chen Cheng

a maker and the sponsor of Beijing Space c2d2 "makers" topic - sharing sessions.Working at DFROBOT company.The author of the first book in China for arduino《the arduino development in the Field Guide : AVR》The translator of the book《The analysis of the 3d : science and art of the 3d》.He has madethe first set of cross-platform, open source, zero base - wide wifi monitor car video tutorial

Jie Zhang

MD, psychiatrist, has long been engaged in psychiatric clinical and research work. Went to Yale University Department of Psychiatry of children's psychological studies on developmental neurobiology, main research interests include child relationship between psychological trauma and mental illness.

Ning Yang

a Danyang high school senior in Shantou, founder of the first gender equality action group in Chaoshan area, feminist activist, the gay movement workers. Concerns involved in the feminist movement, the gay movement for three years.

Muqiang Zheng

Business School Associate Professor, Doctor of Economics, Xiamen University, Nanyang Technological University College, visiting scholar, Master instructor,.Mainly engaged in enterprise clusters, international trade and investment, energy, environmental and economic research.

Nan Hao

2007 graduated from Academy of Groningen in the Netherlands ( Frank mohr instituut hanze University Groningen ) Department of Painting, master's degree in visual arts MFA schilderkunst.In 2006 as a visiting scholar at the University of New York City Hunter College's MFA Studio art department visits.Artistic creation and research related to : Art in Public Space, video art and mixed media to express. Major exhibition of recent works include : Not vital foundation collection exhibition, Switzerland, Canada exhibition " packaging " : Plug in-ica, solo exhibition : " view of heavy frame " Imagine art gallery and Exhibition in Beijing : " short " Beijing grass field photography and arles Photography Festival in France.

Fan zhang

Midi Music Festival founder, in 1990 graduated from the Beijing Institute of Finance and Trade ( now the Capital University of Economics and Business ). founded the first modern music school in 1993 -- Beijing MIDI School of Music, by the media as " the Whampoa Military Academy of Chinese Rock and roll music ".In 2000, founded the first original music festival -- Midi Music Festival to date have successful hosting of the 18 - ninth session,founded MIDI Performance Company in 2005, the main operation to hold Midi Music Festival, Midi MIDI rock awards, the children of China, and Beijing International Jazz Festival and a series of performances and communication activities.This year, won " ten characters in the network effects of cultural and creative industries in China " award.

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  • Karen Xie
  • Alice Gu