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Theme: Spark

This event occurred on
December 8, 2013
8:00am - 6:00pm UTC
(UTC +0hrs)

It begins with a spark. For some, the spark is an idea, a sudden flame of inspiration that ignites inside us and takes our lives in an entirely new direction. For others, the spark is an essence, the passion that burns at our core and that guides us in our choices, sometimes without us even knowing. And for more still, the spark is a purpose, one that we search for but haven’t yet been able to kindle within ourselves.

The spark is different for everyone, but it is something that we all at some point in our lives have encountered. At TEDxCarthageWomen 2013, we will track this spark’s journey in the lives of some of Tunisia’s most inspiring women. For one afternoon, we will bring together 12 Tunisian women from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and viewpoints to share their own unique experiences, and talk about the “spark” in their own lives. Ranging from academics to activism, and from business to art, together they will present a rare composite picture of all that can and is being achieved by women in Tunisia.

Joining us for this exciting edition will be 1000 new and returning members of our TEDxCarthage community, a group diverse in age, interests, and beliefs, but united by their enthusiasm, their optimism, and their hunger for new ideas. By exposing our participants to the powerful ideas and experiences of our all-star female panel, we aim to pass on the wisdom of their triumphs and their struggles so that our audience too can discover the spark in their own lives and have the courage to pursue their passion.

For TEDxCarthageWomen, we can trace our own spark back to the very first edition of TEDxCarthage back in 2010, an event that was the first of its kind in Tunisia, and that in turn sparked a whole new TEDx community in this country. Over the last three years, we have held four full editions, and with each new event we have seen our interest and our community continue to grow.

Now as we turn our focus to the women of Tunisia, our namesake could not be a more appropriate starting point. For the mighty Carthage Empire that once made Tunisia the center of the world, we can trace its spark back to one person: Queen Dido, a woman who founded an empire and changed the course of history.

This December, we will follow this chain of powerful Tunisia women forward to the empire-builders and aspiring history-changers of today. We will hear how it is that they keep their spark going, or indeed how they managed to rekindled their flame when all seemed lost. We will discover where this same power can spark next, and we will pass on the fire of each of these extraordinary women on to our participants, all eager for inspiration and ready to be the spark of a better future in Tunisia.

Palais des congrès
Avenue Habib bourguiba
Tunis, 1002
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Tunis, Tunisia


Tunis, Tunisia